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25 September 2009


Cincinnati NAMjA

You go with your bad self Sen Duane!

Nathan James

Consider Mayor Bloomberg's recent track record on LGBT issues: He refused to end the highly questionable arrests of gay men at gay video stores, even after Speaker Quinn, Sen. Duane, and other LGBT leaders publicly called him and the NYPD out on it, made no comments at all regarding the rash of "gay-bashings" around NYC this past year, (he spoke on the Sucuzhanay murder because it was politically "safe" for him to do so--neither brother was actually gay) nor has he voiced any support at all for LGBT events (the many Prides held here each year), LGBT issues such as ENDA or DADT, and he has been conspicuously absent at marches and rallies against gay-bashing attacks.

Bloomberg's sudden johnny-come-lately overtures to the gay community, in this election year, then, should surprise no one. During Sen. Duane's tenure in the New York City Council, Bloomberg routinely vetoed pro-gay legislation authored by Duane. The GOP does not entertain any thought of furthering gay-marriage (or any other gay-rights legislation) at the city OR the state level. Recall that the GOP fractured our State Senate last summer, and gay marriage was one of the precipitators of their parliamentary coup.

Bloomberg even went so far as to deny a venue-change permit application for Heritage Of Pride a couple of years ago. His opponent in this year's Mayoral race, Controller William Thompson, vigorously opposed the Mayor's rebuff of Gay Pride, to no avail. Because of Bloomberg's intransigence, and in spite of widespread community and Council support for the venue change, the planned annual Pridefest was cancelled, to the detriment of the NYC-area LGBT community.

But even with these facts on the record, Bloomberg wishes to cast himself as a friend of NYC's gays and lesbians. Sorry, Mr. Mayor, too little, too late.


On queer issues that Bloomberg actually has control over as mayor, he has been viciously homophobic.

Anyone But Bloomberg!!!

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