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20 September 2009


Steven Starr

"Too bad they can't do the same for a public health insurance option or to repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell."

Well, if Obama wanted a public option or DADT repeal, he would make calls for it. Just like he did on Paterson. He isnt lobbying for it, he doesn't want it. Ta-da!


It’s amazing, Steven Starr, but that “Ta-da!” of yours seems very hard for a lot of people to get. They keep wanting to talk about 11-dimensional chess instead.

Anyway, my impression of Paterson—and I don’t live in New York, so it’s just an impression—is quite favorable. He seems a lot more honest and forthright than the average politician, which is probably why his approval rating is so low.

What does it say about the voters of New York that a pure unalloyed unadulterated scumbag like Giuliani could be seen as a likely winner against a man like Paterson?

Whatever it says, it isn’t good.


Dems are already planning on huge losses in the next round of elections. The fact that they are trying to stop the bleeding now is a big sign of trouble ahead...

Repubs have actually gained traction as the party of "no" and we're in for even more hell if they manage to gain seats in the house and senate, or control more staehouses.

Why, oh why!!


While I admire Paterson's honesty, he needs to shut the hell up sometimes. And his support for marriage equality was tepid, ill-prepared and probably has doomed it for another year or two, if not more.

Gooniani won't win as too many Republicans hate him. I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't even run. Paterson will somehow exit, Cuomo will get the Dem nod and barring some extremely embarrassing item, will be the next elected Governor of NYS. The Dems should be able to hold on to at least half of the legislature.


lol @ "tepid support"
where you talking about the president's support for gay rights? that's a very good phrase

if you call paterson's campaigning and introduction of marriage "tepid", that kool aid must be mighty strong lol


"And his support for marriage equality was tepid, ill-prepared and probably has doomed it for another year or two, if not more."

TEPID? Paterson and Spitzer ran on an a PRO MARRIAGE PLATFORM. They were the first governor's campaign to do so in this country. Paterson also has kept his campaign promises and submitted the bill (unlike the president) and has spoken out for gay rights and marriage in front of black and gay audiences.

As far as the timing...when is the timing good, Ronn? When the recession is over? When ... the state budget is fixed? The House voted (again) for the marriage bill. It was going to always have problems in the senate.

The only thing Paterson is guilty of is being inept and not a skilled manager. And yes, he'll prob lose the primray and that's fine. But in true Obama style, this is nothing more than payback for not appointing CAROLINE Kennedy, who is soooooo qualified, as senator. And as always, Obama throws people under the bus and gives all of his supporters permission to run them over.

I'll be hella glad when the "fierce advocate" in the White House has time to keep his campaign promises and make some calls and work on our rights. Paterson may have fcked some things up and won't get re-elected, but at least he is willing to show leadership and try to make some. Obama just talks about it.

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