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18 September 2009



Rod, did you read David Brooks' "No, it's not about race" at NYT? A peaceful celebration of diversity and... WTF?

I read it but hardly consider Brooks my assignment editor. This post was about the public option, not the teabaggers. But if Brooks believes there is absolutely no racial animosity toward Obama, and the African imagery, Confederate flags and racist rhetoric is just "something else", okay. -RM

Greg G

Glad to see Obama mention public option.


Good, if Bacus' plan makes it, which thank goodness it won't, the only ones who will benefit are the rich and the insurance companies, not the so called average American citizen.



Sadly, I think Obama will dissapoint yet again. I pray I am wrong.

I suspect the final decision about health insurance reform was made months ago when the President met with ALL of the major health insurance CEOs. A deal was made at that time between Obama and the Rich Lords of Dis-ease that the profits of their companies would not decrease but increase.

We must pray that Obama flip-flops and breaks the backroom deal he made with the Rich. Even a "public option" could turn out to enrich the pockets of these grossly wicked and cruel CEOs, especially if the health insurance reform bill continues to throw billions at them in subsidies.

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