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05 September 2009



These are the last two paragraphs from the Advocate article:

“After the loss of Proposition 8 in California, I’ve sensed a little confusion and maybe stunned reaction from a lot of the advocates [of marriage equality],” he said. Legalizing same-sex marriage in New York, he added, could help “reignite” the marriage spark that tore through the Northeastern states earlier this year.

“I think New York can play an immense role in terms of the national discussion about marriage equality and getting that train right back on the track,” Paterson said.

I would say it is very unusual for us to have an advocate in such a high position who is not only willing to vote for us when the time comes, but actually thinks about how he can move the cause forward ahead of time.

I am impressed.


Considering how little got done while the state senators were fighting for power, I think they should have to be in session year around until the end of 2010.

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