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14 September 2009



So, has Hannah made a decision whether or not to take the plea bargain? If he has, then the case is over. But if he hasn't, then the US Attorney's Office should revoke the plea deal. Let Hannah plead guilt to a more serious charge of murder or he can choose to go to trial. It seems to me that the prosecution is more interested in a path of least resistance rather than being interested in seeking justice. I'm tired of political expediency when it comes to people being harmed or murdered. Their actions perpetuate the opinion that LGBT folks are expendable people.

Former COGIC

If Hanna has accepted the plea yet, there isn't much they can do. But even if they haven't, you can't force someone to go to trial if they choose to plea down. But bravo to Mendelsohn for at least making some noise. Meanwhile, crickets from the thousands of brothas in Washington DC's black gay community.


Even if he accepts the deal, he MUST tell the truth surrounding the events and IF the prosecuting office feels he is not telling the truth, it can be revoked. Of course, he may tell the truth to get the light sentence and then deny it (i.e. using the Gay panic defense) later to save face. If he gets away with such a short sentence, it'll be a damn shame. The Prosecutor did a horrible job, IMMO.

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