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23 September 2009



LMAO@"he of the nipple rings"...I needed that...


We need more guys like this on our team!

Derrick from Philly

Oh, I'm in love. BEEF! and a brain? Oh, honey, I'm in loooooove.


We need more guys like this IN THE WORLD.

I am so proud to know so many straight brothers who are loving and supportive and who attend my church and my events BECAUSE we DO have guys like this already. We can spend so much energy on guys who are hateful and conflicted and confused and ugly and we don't shine enough light on guys like this AND guys like this in OUR LIVES!


Jason Johns
Cheppell Chase
Doug Forbes
D. Brad
John Wesby
Wesley Mallette
AJ Calloway
Earl Jordan
Don Simms
Darius Morgan
and so many other brothers at BET and SHOOT 'EM UP FILM MEDIA who come to church and support my events and just continue to show such major love, I SAY THANK YOU!


Love, love, love this man!
And have you noticed all the gay athletes that support gay rights are HOT! They are truly confident in their manhood and sexuality!


Wonderful! I look forward to the day when statements and attitudes like his don't startle us, and are the standards for professional athletes (as well as for the rest of straight society) instead of the exception. I also look forward to the day when many gays stop looking at a person's profession and physical build and assume a person's political positions. Not all straight, brawny athletes are bullies, not all are stupid, and not all are homophobes.

Mel Smith

It is always positive to learn about progressive thinking brothers such as Brendon Ayanbadejo.

He is a real man with clss


These heterosexuals only say they are for gay rights to gay people. They never do it in a room full of heterosexuals. Heterosexuals are the ones oppressing us so this speech was pointless.


DeShawn said: These heterosexuals only say they are for gay rights to gay people. They never do it in a room full of heterosexuals. Heterosexuals are the ones oppressing us so this speech was pointless.

Uh, last time I took a look, Huffington Post is not a gay Web site, and that is where Ayanbadejo posted his editorial. Plus, if you did the least amount of clicking, you would have discovered that the Baltimore Sun did a story about all of this as well, and I don't believe the Sun's readership is all gay. And more, his support of gay marriage is even noted in his Wikipedia entry.

All of which makes me think you are either lazy and a poor reader, or have an axe to grind.

Now, if only Mr. Ayanbadejo could take that wonderful message of his and spread it around Nigeria, where he lived for a part of his childhood. He must be something of a celebrity there, even if they're not much familiar with American football, and his speaking out for gay rights there would do more good than anywhere!

And, last but not least, that picture of him makes it look like he has the cutest dimples on the planet.


So what. It was in the Huffington Post and Baltimore Sun, big deal. How many people read newspapers let alone one about homosexuality? Remember almost every newspaper in California endorsed NO on Prop 8 and we still lost. Heterosexuals are fine as long as gay people are of a lower status than them. These heterosexuals pretending they are an authority or know anything about homosexuality subjugates gay people and therefore retains the status quo. It subjugates gay people because it says that even with heterosexuals limited or no experience they are equivalent or greater to your own gay experience which in reality is vastly more complex. That's another reason why his "big" speech doesn't matter. The only way gay people will overcome the oppression we face is if we speak out boldly and demand equality.


DeShawn writes: "So what. It was in the Huffington Post and Baltimore Sun, big deal. How many people read newspapers let alone one about homosexuality?"

First of all, the Huffington Post is not even a newspaper, it’s a blog. Does anyone read blogs? Well, you apparently do. Maybe you’re not the only one.

Guess how many people read the Huffington Post? Out of the top 100 blogs in the world, guess what the ranking of the Huffington Post is.

It’s number one. Of all blogs. Of any type. In the entire world.

Would you care for a medium of greater reach?

You also say: "The only way gay people will overcome the oppression we face is if we speak out boldly and demand equality."

I agree with that. But I see no reason to demean Mr. Ayanbadejo for what he has done. (And, yes, you were certainly demeaning Mr. Ayanbadejo by saying he was among “heterosexuals [who] only say they are for gay rights to gay people,” when that was far from true.)


Jim, you took the words out of my my mouth. I saw this story earlier and thought, "A thinking, writing, progressive athlete? Yum! And sexy? Double yum!"

DeShawn, two things. First, as Jim said, you obviously are unaware. HuffPo is a web blog with millions of visitors per week. And its where all the celebrities, politicians, writers and top bloggers post.

Second, I don't get your anger. In the John Lewis post the other day, your tore to shreds another straight ally. What have you done? Besides criticized people who are doing something?

We need all the help we can get, gay, straight, black, white, whatever. I'm flattered we have a black straight pro football player who supports gay rights and marriage. He can influence millions of fans. We need straiht people to vote for our issues, support our candidates, hire us at work, and welcome us in our families. And we need straight black people.

Do you read this blog? I mean seriously read it? I don't think you do. Every day there are stories about murders, gaybashings, assaults, countries where gays are killed,churches that scorn us and persecute us...and it is so much harder for black LGBGTs. You must skip over those stories and think it's easy out here. It's not. So please stop throwing darts at everyone who tries to make this world a better place.

Jamel Smith

Reshawn has a good point, and you guys have a good point.

You guys should understand Reshawn's point.

But Ayanbadejo influence is definitely strong.


I know the Huffington Post is a blog. I knew you would try to invalidate my arguments because I only mentioned the Baltimore Sun being a newspaper.

Giving a speech about gay people to gay people doesn't matter.

I know life for gay people is very difficult (because of heterosexuals). I live it every day. I will never let heterosexuals off the hook for what they caused. Many gay people want to do that. Heterosexuals do not deserve privileged positions at gay events when they have done nothing or very little for gay people. The only reason they get these privileged positions is because they are heterosexuals and gay people believe (just like heterosexuals) that they are more valuable. And don't you know that is the reason Hunter's killer only got 180 days in prison for his death. The heterosexuals involved in the case believed just like the killer that Hunter's life was worthless and the killer's life is too valuable to spend too much time in prison for killing a gay person.


DeShawn, I’m trying to reflect to see if I’m pleased that Mr. Ayanbadejo is talking in favor of giving rights to gay people because I believe he is superior to me.

I believe that the real reason I’m pleased is that he might have some sway among other straight people, especially young ones, by disassociating homophobia from masculinity and admirableness.

Your point concerning Hunter’s killer is hard to argue. Many straight people think gay people’s lives are worth less than their own. Just like many white people and how they view the lives of black people. Some straight people even think we should be exterminated.

But do I think my own life is inferior to Ayanbadejo’s, and that’s why I want him to be my spokesman? No, I just think he might have some effect and help to neutralize the psychological benefits of homophobia. Also, he could just as easily have said nothing at all about gay rights and paid no price for it, so his outspokenness is admirable.

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