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10 September 2009



Wow! I don't really know how I feel. I am sad that she might be stripped of her medals, but at the same time there needs to be a level playing field. I also can't imagine what it must be like for her having to deal with this so publicly. But..... she chose to participate in professional sports that are televised. I'm thinking that it is TOTALLY possible that she didn't know what she was. If she has a vagina, then she and her parents might not have known. I truly wish her the BEST!


Wow. This is tragic on so many levels, especially because this personal and private information is being shared with the world. While I do not doubt that Caster was unaware of this, wouldn't this also mean she never menstruated? That should have raised at least some concerns with her family.

And how sad that South African track apparently knew this and do not share the information with her.

Bravo to Caster Semenya for competing and being a helluva sprinter!


so very sad. prayers to semenya if this story is true.


"Basically they (ASA) have known for months, for years, that she's not normal."

Rod, I think this statement, above all else struck the strongest cord with me. It's horrible that Caster has had to endure this public humiliation. All the while I was thinking about how we have HIPPA here in the States, should that situation ever occur here, oh to think of the lawsuits...

Just when I think we've made progress, yet another situation comes around to remind me how far we haven't.

Thank you for keeping us all up to speed on her controversy. I pray she can keep her medals. Like Caster said, "God made me the way I am and I accept myself." so why can't we????

alicia banks


thanks for breaking this as always!

i knew it!...


Celia Ruiz

This is outrageous. Is the IAAF allowed to release this information?


I really think that awareness about intersex individuals needs to be raised. I don't think the fact that she's intersex is "shocking" per say, it's completely normal, even if not common.


I'm so ashamed at the vitriol and lack of understanding that gay men GAY men have hurled at this women. If anyone can sympathize with and understand her situation it should be gay men who themselves already are subject to queer cruelty and questioning. These alleged gender test have done NOTHING and I mean NOTHING to prove Caster's gender. You cannot test a persons gender because gender is how a person Self Identifies. If she thinks she is a woman she is a woman. Now her sex may very well be male but even that is not the case since she is intersex. This article and the test results should not be an indictment of Caster a girl who is guilty of doing nothing but living her life, but better yet show us all just how fickle GENDER is in society. What does it mean to be a woman, what does it mean to be a man? So what she doesn't have ovaries big whoop. That doesn't mean that she is a woman.

This entire situation is despicable and my heart goes out to Caster a girl who isn't even out of her teens yet and is being subject to all of this.


Baltimore Femme

I surely hope to God they cannot and do not strip the medals rightfully earned by this young woman. She competed as a woman because that is what she believe she is. It is shameful if her coaches knew all along and never told her.

I also wonder about her periods and menstruation. Wouldn't that be a clue that older female family members would spot right away? I would think at some point in her life she would have visited an ob/gyn.

As always, thanks for the updates Rod. And thanks for exhibiting more sensitivity than those awful newspapers that used the "H" word.That was disgusting beyond belief.


It's sad that such personal business is on display for everyone. If she didn't get enough discrimination before...




so sad really... i hope she stays strong no matter what... the Indian woman athlete that was exposed as a man later committed suicide...

I hope Semanyas family and people rally around her and keep her positive

Sex and gender are difficult things to deal with even without the complexities of anatomy and genetics.



I hope her family sues the holy hell out of the Daily Telegraph for releasing this story before it was even discussed with Semenya. To expose an 18 year old's complicated life bare to the world like that is inexcusable, regardless of how long anybody knew!! My heart goes out to her and her family.

Derrick from Philly


Thank you. I agree. Some folks sure can make you weary--gay ones too.


I don't know what to say about this situation.


Seems the CAJIVA knows a whole lot more than the rest of us. Based on all the information That I have read and watched there is no indication that this young woman knew of her condition so I dont know how you can call her a cheater.

FYI there are humans that are born with mixed genitalia, some born with ambiguous genitalia and many other permutations. Decisions are made by doctors/parents at or near birth that determine how that person is brought up ( i.e. male or female). In this womans case she was brought up female since her external genitalia is apparently female or at least not male. She sees herself as a woman.

If that is good enough for her its good enough for me.


Lets be Clear! While it is sad what has happened, it is not fair for her to race against other females who don't have the same advantage as her. Unless it is proven that her being a hermaphrodite had no impact on her performance, then I think it is fair to not allow her to run.


I hope that Caster can figuratively grow some balls, b/c that is what it is gonna take to handle the media sharks and the close-minded world here on out.

BTW didn't they say Lady Gaga is a hermaphrodite as well?


No issue if she has an unfair advantage BUT it is unfair for her to be treated in this way AND they have set a precedent. Any athletic woman that looks manly is now open for ridicule, innuendo and suspicion. Will the authorities also investigate them publicly!


What is "normal" anyway? I love it when someone messes with the binary gender system that doesn't really exist the way we think it does!


"God made me the way I am and I accept myself. I am who I am and I'm proud of myself."
Hold on to this Semanya!!!


I agree with Mr. FAMU. It is sad that there are people out there who will try to make Caster the villain in this whole affair. Did she or didn't she already know? Who knows and who cares. The way this whole affair went down is appalling, and it should shatter anyone's notion that you have a right to privacy. Just imagine if any of your personal medical information is released to the public for anyone to read about and discuss. You would be screaming bloody murder. So why shouldn't she have the right to do the same?

So what if she competed against women? Did the world come to an end? At this point, the gold medal is insignificant compared to Caster's well-being. I hope she can find peace in her life. She will have to undergo medical treatment for her condition. And how fulfilling will her sex life be? And all of this will be going on under the sneering public's eyes. I wouldn't wish that upon anybody.

I hope her family and friends sustain her during these difficult times. People should dwell on showing compassion for her and forget about condemnation. What exactly are you condemning? In the grand scheme of life, is winning a medal inappropriately such a big deal? I don't think so. No matter how brave of a front Caster may show the public, I'm sure life hasn't been easy for her. Most of us take for granted our sexual identities -- even if we are homosexual. Despite my attraction and desire for other men, I have never questioned that I am a man. I can only imagine what Caster has gone through, and I don't envy what she still has to endure.


I am saddened by the tone of some of the commentators. The outright hate by calling her a he/she. Regardless of your position, that type of language is the same language the oppressors use on you, and I am sure YOU wouldn't like being called a he/she (which is what society still calls a lot of use).

If a girl doesn't get her period she may or may not question it, depending on how her family deals with such matters. there are females who don't know what to do when they get their period because their mothers don't want to, or know how to deal with these matters.

Also her OB/GYN may not have taken extensive tests because most OB/GYNs wouldn't even know where to begin with a matter such as this, mainly because it is not something they would usually expect. Her OB/GYN maybe saw her vagina, said yes she's female, then assumed she was a lesbian because of the butch aspect. Then just left it at that.

I pray that she doesn't hurt herself because of all this, because if there's hateful comments ,like some above, coming from the gay world, God can only imagine the hate coming from the straight world.


This is heart breaking. No one should be subjected to such public scrutiny, let alone an 18 year old child.

I'm not sure if some of these comments were made out of mean spiritedness or not. Some could be made out of ignorance. None of us knows which gender Caster truly identifies with. Caster was designated female by society because they don't have a penis. I know the lack of a penis doesn't automatically make one female. I hope Caster Semenya, will share with us how they self identify. I'm purposely going to try not use any gender specific pronouns until I hear how Caster wants to be referred to.

Let us keep Caster in our prayers. This is going to be a very difficult time and I hope they have the strength, love, and support to make it through.


Inter-sex people are NORMAL. I think the uproar simply reveals the horrible prejudices around differently gendered/sexed bodies. She's still an amazing athlete and if she chooses the female gender, it is her choice!!

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