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29 September 2009



Well, Senator Rockerfeller's public option admendment just lost 8-15. Democratic Sens. Baucus (MT), Lincoln (AR), Conrad (ND), Carper (DE), and Nelson (FL) voted with all the Republicans against it. We officially know where these idiots stand.

Derrick from Philly

Thanks for the update, RAVENBACK. I'm sorry these Democrats don't have the integrity(or guts) to stand for what their party stands for--the party that FDR re-created.

Well, it's no wonder that the President is wobbly on certain issues. He's standing on a shakey foundation made defective by too many pseudo-Democrats. And the days of LBJ twisting arms and making secret threats to get members of Congress to "do right" are over--that aint gonna' happen.

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