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29 September 2009



So Baucus and Nelson's rationale is there aren't enough votes on the floor? So they kill it in committee. If they really wanted to be logical, they could vote for the amendment in committee and vote their conscience on the senate floor.

Of course there is the matter of the deal they cut w. PhRMA and the White House.


Well, Senator Rockerfeller's public option admendment just lost 8-15. Democratic Sens. Baucus (MT), Lincoln (AR), Conrad (ND), Carper (DE), and Nelson (FL) voted with all the Republicans against it. We officially know where these idiots stand.


Yeah, like Baucus and Lincoln haven't been shouting this down all year.

man, i am sooo pissed right now...

Derrick from Philly

Thanks for the update, RAVENBACK. I'm sorry these Democrats don't have the integrity(or guts) to stand for what their party stands for--the party that FDR re-created.

Well, it's no wonder that the President is wobbly on certain issues. He's standing on a shakey foundation made defective by too many pseudo-Democrats. And the days of LBJ twisting arms and making secret threats to get members of Congress to "do right" are over--that aint gonna' happen.


If things don't change we should vote these jerks out but do not make the mistake of voting republicans in instead. We need to get some new blood involved, other parties besides the old stand by parties that are both owned by corporations now.


All four of those so-called Dems should be defeated. And what was up with Biden's 'placeholder' in DE? He's not even going to run, so it would have cost him nothing to be in favor of the amendment?!?


ReggieH: He's not even going to run, so it would have cost him nothing to be in favor of the amendment?!?

Maybe he’s looking for a nice cushy job in the insurance industry afterwards. Or, for all we know, he might be afraid of mysterious black cars following his kids to school.

When there are billions and billions of dollars at stake, what kind of rules are in play?


Well, I don't know why you guys are surprised by the outcome of this. This clowns have made their stance known for awhile now by telling the folks back home that they are for a "public option". That's why we need more like Senator Saunders (I-VT) that are Independents because they hold not allegience to any political party.

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