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13 September 2009



not to excuse serena's behavior (because it was very unsportsmanlike) but didnt mcenroe threaten line judges?


Well, the problem is that it was a very bizarre and unsportsmanlike meltdown. Players shouldn't approach or threaten judges like that. It was double standard because Serena is black and a female. McEnroe said some worst things in his career, he was ejected too.

I think the issue here, with Serena, was that she double faulted and the penalty was at match point. Imho she unfortunately was losing anyway. Just wasn't her day, she lost it.


There are always tons of racist comments on YouTube. If there is a more retarded place on the web than the YT comments, don't tell me.

Dallas Cowboy

@ Said:

I agree but that makes it better how? Serena's behavior was clearly inappropriate and over the line, but she has become a pinanta and the incident is used as an excuse to vent racist stereotypes. FWIW, Serena's "ghetto" behavior was not much different than McEnroe in his heyday. Both were wrong but society tends to favor outbursts by white men as opposed to black people.

Jim J.

Re: pigs on YT: Just another (semi-daily) moment when I'm embarrased to be white.


@ Harper:

Serena was called for a Foot Fault, NOT a Double Fault. The Foot Fault was proven to be wrong based on the replay, but NONE of that excuses Serena's behavior. It is clearly stated in the rules that players are to respect and not intimidate the linesmen and women. Sure Serena should have definitely been upset about a BAD call, but she took it too far. I live for the Williams sisters and rarely miss a match that they are playing, but RULES ARE RULES! Just like Joe Wilson was admonished for his inappropriate outburst, Serena has to face the music about hers.


The sad part is that it's not hard to imagine her actually stuffing the ball down that woman's throat.


@ Isis

I agreed with you pretty much up until your last sentence. Joe Wilson has not been admonished for his outburst. He gave President Obama a half-hearted apology. Then he goes on to say that the Republican leadership forced him to apologize. And today he goes on Fox News and says he will not apologize on the House floor. Nancy Pelosi has refused to censure him for his outburst. I think you are off-base on that last sentence of your comment.

If people are offended by the YouTube comments, you should read Huff Po. There are over 4000 comments over there and many of them are not pretty. They are calling her "Mike Tyson in a dress." They are accusing black people of using the race card. They are saying her and Venus lack class. They are saying they are a disgrace to tennis. And I haven't even checked out ESPN.com. They are notorious for racially charged comments. So no matter where you go, offensive comments are being made about Serena and Venus. That's the state of American public discourse.


Serena was unsportsmanlike. Period. But the way this is being blown up, you would think that she shot the lineswoman with an Uzi! The media can barely be bothered to report the wins of the Williams Sisters anymore because these two strong Black women have dominated women's tennis for years now. But let them do or wear something provocative and they have turned the tennis world upside down! And further, let some little blonde chick win one game and she becomes "The Dragonslayer" with endorsements up the behind.

And as for that lineswoman, she not only made an erroneous call, but she LIED to the officials about what Serena said to her! What is THAT about? Are linespeople not monitored by any rules of protocol? A murderous threat is a serious accusation. She should apologize to Serena for that crap.


@ Ravenback...I agree, the Joe Wilson incident, IMO is way more of a deal than this, but those very same people on YouTube, HuffPro message boards calling the Williams sisters out of their names ... (and I dont know why Venus' name even got in this) ... are the same people defending Joe Wilson. We are in a sad state in America. Many white people are scared and with fear comes anger and hatred. During the Federer semi-final match, commentator Mary Carrillo made it sound as though Serena should be hung in the town square.

David A

I laugh at the report of the over aggressive line judge. Are we being a little bias at this report. Why are you being so supportive of Serena and making it seem like she has done nothing. First of all regardless of the point or not, she was being out played by the unseeded and unranked Kim Clijster as you reported. Ms. Clijster was a former number one player who has won the US Open before, so before you belittle her, get your facts right. Second Serena showed no class. She said what she said and still has not apologized. Always finding excuses for her loses and antics instead of taking responsibilities for her action

Sigh. I was quoting ABC News, LAT, NYDN etc. on the line judge. The foot fault was incorrect call or did you see the video? But none of that "excuses" Serena's outrageous behavior and I never said it did. I've never made an "excuse" for Serena Williams because she has NEVER been mentioned here before. Oh and you really need to take your meds. -RM

Carter G

"Always finding excuses for her loses and antics instead of taking responsibilities for her action"

Who? Who is "always" finding excuses for Serena Williams? I've never seen the Williams sisters on this blog and Rod's post is actually kinda harsh on Serena. Or are you making a generic racist statement? Cuz no one on this blog is defending Serena Williams.

BTW, love how you call Williams "Serena" but call Kim "Ms. Clijster". That speaks for itself.


Carter G

"Williams approached the line judge, shouting and cursing and pointed a racket in her face..."

"Witnesses say the reigning champion of women's tennis told the judge: "You better f------ be right" and "I swear to God I’m f----g taking this ball and shoving it down your f-----g throat."

Yep, that sure sounds like making excuses for Serena Williams.

Oh and David: You're a tool.

David A

The problem I have is why can't Serena apologize for her actions. Was it a foot fault or not we can never tell but there is no excuse for her actions. She did something wrong, why is everybody jumping against the lines judge, the chair umpire or the US Open organization. I saw the video and it doesn't look like a foot fault to me but you know what in sports there are always bad calls, she should have continued the match and played like she did her prior service game, three straight aces and won the game. No she behaved like a brat and yelled and threatened the lines judge. She is so much better than that.


@ David A

Poor child. Perhaps you need to refresh your reading comprehension course in grade school. Everyone here has said that Ms. Williams was wrong in her reaction to the foot fault call. But just as much as her reaction was over the line, we over here point out how over the line people's reactions have been to this incident. The comments have often been borderline racist to "wearing a white sheet" racist. The fact that you fail to mention that tells me all I need to know about where you are coming from. I don't know what ethnicity you are, but I resent anyone trying to tell me that I falsely perceive a racist reaction when it is staring me in the face. I've had plenty of training in recognizing racism when I see it. Just calling a spade a spade.

But I guess it's nice living in a world with rose colored glasses on like you do. Sorry, I can't afford to wear those type of glasses. Those glasses are beyond my pay grade.


>> She did something wrong, why is everybody jumping against the lines judge, the chair umpire or the US Open organization.<<

No one is doing that! No one on this board is "jumping" down the throats of the officials. It was a bad call. A bad call. But a bad call doesn't excuse Serena's ugly behavior and no one here has excused it.

David, specifically who is "excusing" Serena's behavior in this blog? Not one single person. Rod, Carter and Ravenback are right. Your white hood and trailer park are showing, and it's a little too late too try to clean it up.

Oh and an apology? Who are you, the line judge? She was penalized and ousted from the game. She will not win the Open, and has embarassed herself. Maybe there will be a fine too or a loss endorsement. Who the hell are you and how very white of YOU to demand an apology?


@ Ravenback

I chose a POOR term! I was being much to kind. What I should have said is that Joe Wilson is being Denounced for his outburst and Serena will have to face the music on what she did. I agree about his HALF ASS apology, I should have chosen a better term to convey what I meant... MY BAD!!


Wrong call ... on two fronts ...


2) Even it was close ... and even a shadow of a doubt that it might not have been a fault ... it should NOT have been called ... probably not in a grand slam event ... most definitely not in a semi-final .. and ABSOLUTELY NOT WHEN THE WORDS MATCH-POINT are being used on the play ....

And even with all that said ... SERENA WAS WRONG ... understandable that she could have lost her cool .. but she did go off the deep end ... but then didn't the white guys do the same thing ... aint one a dem even kicked and broke a camera

the line judge was overzealous and only looking to make a name ....

Warning: Do not use profanity in comments. -RM


Serenawas wrong for her outburst. We can all agree on that. But why must some posters use this occurence to condemn not only the Williams but a whole race of people.

Venus has shown so much poise over the yeras that I dont see how anyone can include her in their criticism of Serena.

Serena is an intense player indeed she is like the female McEnroe( except she is black and female) in her zeal to win and that is what makes her such a champion. As someone who has watched her play for many years I do not agree that she would have lost the match anyway.SShe is known for her abilty to fight out of these situations. She has such confidence in her ability that I could see her taking thematch into a 3rd set and possibly winning so I can totally undertsand why this call was so pivotal. The line judge was just nasty.

But overall reactions to this incident exemplify the tight rope that high profile and successful blacks have to walk. They must be NICE and not tooo 'BLACK' at all times.

Serena Williams Outburst

Watch Serena Williams Outburst non-public version of this video

Gee Gee

I just saw Roger Federer curse out a line judge. And the profanity was loud and laced. I wonder will they measure him with the same stick. I think not! Tennis is so racist, the only reason I watch that garbage is because of the William sister's.

They are the reason Tennis is so popular amongst some American's. Before them, no one could save this boring sport. Just like Golf. Before Tiger Woods, it was garbage, and no one took a "real" interest. White folks need to be greatful.

alicia banks

she is human rod...

she had a bad day

but she redeemed herself!

see more at outlook

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