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29 September 2009


Dallas Cowboy

Yall better stand back.
Shawn Sutton is perfect and he is MINE., He don't know it yet lol


Calm down Dallas!

But those eyes are just stunning. DO YOUR THING MISTER!

Ten in My Timbz

pretty azz MFer

Face and Waist

Shawn Sutton is getting major bookings, baby! He is one the new stars.

I needed this at the end of a long day. And ohmygoodness Shawn's eyes are sooo inviting. *swoon*


he's sweet like sugar


ok, i like nice draws on a dude as much as the next guy but those look like underoos or something..lol


I am LIVING for Shawn Sutton ever since I saw him in Flaunt magazine. He can rock couture, hip or casual. And I'm not even upset that he is prettier than me! ;0


OK, FREELEO, your “underoos” remark made me research.

Ed Hardy, the designer, has a thing for tattoo-inspired clothing. Those are tattoo-like dragons on the side of Shawn’s drawers, and the label over his crotch reads, “LOVE KILLS.”

Is anyone here afraid of dying in the arms of Shawn Sutton?


dragons or scooby doo. i don't like them and i don't like that slogan. "love kills" what is that? with that logic i guess "hate heals"? yuck....

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