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11 September 2009



Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


More,more, more. I love it. We need more men like this.

James M

There is so much to say about this Artist. I think its amazing that he is aware that he is gay and not trying to hide like Donnie and Terrell. Thank you Tonex and keep spreading your message to the community. Please tell everyone the truth in the next album!


Meh. Like we didn't know already.
And why can't he just come out and say it? That is adding more shame!

Oh and this isnt why he divorced his wife? smh

Former COGIC

This is a beautiful thing. It will be very interesting to watch the way the black church and gospel community will spin this. My guess is that they will try to ignore it or downplay it because so many of them are gay. They like to 'cover for each other'. I can recall many a church choir brotha who I used to cover for and lie and he would do the same for me. Sadly, many of those men are still in the church.



Georgia Peach

This is a great post, Rod, and this makes my day. I am glad that Tonex is building his confidence and taking the first steps. I wonder what will this mean to his career?

Darian always does a good job on posts about black gays and the black church, seeing he was in the church for a very long time.

Mel Smith

Tonex is a powerful man.


We stand by you Brother Tonex! You are helping so many people with your testimony! Preach, brother, preach!

malik m.l. williams

part 3. 5:38.

"if you died right now, would you go to heaven?"

"yes. because i told the truth."


Shane Moseley



Like COGIC said, I want to know how the black church and the black media in general is gonna deal with this. Because this is monumental. Not surprising, but still monumental.


I'm so glad he took this step, good for him. Hope he lands on his feet, he could always do mainstream music work if gospel turns on him.-QH

U Street

Why all this congratulation? Tonex did not have to do this!

What we do behind closed doors is our business!!

What will this mean to other closeted bros in churches who like to keep their business discrete?

Tonex was flaming but most of us DL bros are masculine. I belong to Apostolic Church and phones are already ringing off the hook!


I congratulate Tonex for taking a big step. He may not have said the words, "I am gay," but he didn't run away from the issue of homosexuality. This is a far cry from those like McClurkin and Terrell Carter. More power to him and keep on keeping on.

And to U Street, I see you finally decided to show your cowardly self again. I remember the horrible comments you made about the two transsexuals who were attacked in DC just a few short weeks ago. You still haven't apologized for casting dispersions on them by calling them prostitutes and accusing them of showing the straight world what gay folks do behind closed doors. What you said couldn't have been further from the truth. Please do all of us a favor and stay in the closet and keep your narrow-minded opinions to yourself. You aren't a help to anyone unless you get help for yourself first. I get it. You want to remain discrete but cast stones at anyone who dares not to live a lie and to be themselves. That's right. I'm calling you out as the liar you really are.

Greg G

--->What will this mean to other closeted bros in churches who like to keep their business discrete?

Hopefully it means many more of you will be exposed for the hypocrits you are. Look, if you want to stay closeted, that is your choice. But this is about more people than you...Too many people (like Tonex before) condemned homosexuality but were practicing it in the dark and after church hours. Now he is saying he wants to be honest. And he wants people to come out of the shadows in the church.

You need to break free from the shackles in your mind, my brotha.

Former COGIC

This is fantastic and amazing testimony. Thank you Tonex and may His light shine on you. You have a beautiful spirit, my man. We need more role models like yourself!

@ U Street: I see you, Mr Self Hating Closeted "Church Queen". I was once in your position, thinking I was too clever by half and living a lie. I was fooling no one but myself. What is done in the dark always comes to light!

Baltimore Femme

Thank you Tonex!
You are loved for the man who you ARE!


hopefully miss mcclurkin and miss terrell carter are listening to this ..


This is amazing! For all of those who already knew, you are missing the point. His admission pulls away the "don't ask, don't tell" front that so many "discreet" men hide behind. As I have said before, the church folk are talking about you and will continue to do so. You are only fooling yourself.

Also, he doesn't play the "molestation" game that many men do. He was open and honest. Given the craziness of the church, this was akin to busting the closet door down. He had no shame and no fear. I love it.

Sadly, the tired church queens will be the first to attack him because he isn't living their lies, fear, and shame. It shows so much about who they are and why their lying lives and so sad and full of self deception. I hope more will get courage from Tonex to live in freedom, thurth, and self respect.


God bless you Tonex.

No fear, no shame, no regrets. Adn he doesn't hide his sexuality behind molestation and tells others not too! We need more unashamedly black gay Christian men like this in the church! We ALL need to come out of our glass closets, and they are glass closets (hellloo U Street!) because everyone in the church knows about you. They just want you to be quiet about what you call "your business."

Mark Norris

I have and I always will love and admire Tonex.


this will be very liberating for many people. and it is a small piece of history. I really love this man.


I'm glad he's comfortable saying more about now. He barely scraped the surface of it during an "Out the Box with Tim Dillinger" interview in 2008. Now with the air clear, more music please, Mr. Williams.


@ U Street:

Come out of the closet. The air is nice and clean out here.

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