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20 September 2009



good to see tyson gay can still give them a run for their money. you go boy!

go usa!


His booty is always bangin.


It’s sad for Tyson Gay that if it weren’t for Usain Bolt, he would be called the greatest sprinter of all time and nearly every American would know his name. Even in Berlin, where Bolt set the world record, Gay ran faster than any American sprinter in history, but hardly anyone even noticed.

So as it stands, instead of the Wheaties box, only a relatively few Americans even know who Gay is. Sad and very financially costly for him.


Tyson Gay is a great sprinter and compenitor. But he has the personality of a brick. T&F is about personality and showmanship.

Have you ever heard him talk? He is hard to understand and its painful to watch him being interviewed.

Look at those who came before him. Even when they did not win or were the fastest they still were known as the personality was dynamic. Take Shawn Crawford for instance. Not the fastest but he made himself be known for his personality and showmanship.

Tyson Gay is making much money. Maybe not from any major endorsements that we can see but when you run the European races as he is doing now they pay you to attend and you also get money when you come in 1, 2 or 3. He can easily make $250,000 + for 1 race alone.


"Tyson Gay is a great sprinter and compenitor. But he has the personality of a brick."

Wow. It sounds like your personality is more or less the same, Donna.

I totally agree with Jim. Tyson Gay is an outstanding runner, he's not a great showman but he is a fierce competitor. He's set a number of records and has served Asafa Powell several times like Sunday in Shanghai.

Rod, I'm new to this website and totally love the international sports and track and field coverage. And thanks for the Tyson Gay post. As Jim mentioned, Tyson sets a record and no one notices.


Yes and that body, the booty and those legs are bangin!

Carter G

SMH @ Donald.

Did Tyson Gay turn you down or do you have something personally against him? 'Cause you're really going there. Needlessly so imho.

Tyson doesn't have flashy personality but runs like the wind. And he won this event and set a world record. I would think now would be the time to say congratulations.

What's really stupid about your "analysis" is that even if Tyson gay had a "showmanship" personality ... he still would be the second fastest man in the world and Usain Bolt would still get all the attention. smh


My comment was based on what I read on multiple messages boards for track and field from people who quote his friends.

True or not. People can decide for themself. I will make that clear in the future since that is not my personal thought about him.

The petty comments of some on this board is sad.

But its all good.

Carter G

"The petty comments of some on this board is sad."




He's a great sprinter. And, it is refreshing to see someone who isn't so self-aggrandizing. He get's the job done! No trash talking, no show-boating, no chest thumping! The brother is using his talent. BTW, The body is out of this world.


Very happy for Tyson! And Asafa Powell just can't catch a break...


First of all, if you knew where Tyson Gay came from you would understand why he is 'humble.' Until recently, T&F has always been considered the silent sport of champions. The newer generation yes they can run like the wind, but they have somehow forgotten the beauty of our sport...the sportmanship. T&F is a brother/sisterhood; yes, we compete but in the end we hug and congratulate one another. I know Tyson's HS coach personally and he's an old-school runner...very fast and humble. Tyson runs with the same demeanor and grace. Bolt and a few others' are trying to market themselves...congratulations. But, the others' must remember the media blitz is about Usain and Tyson not who came in third. I'm never in my life seen so many runners excited about being in a race versus trying to win the darn thing. Tyson is the only one showing up to win versus just showing up. When he breaks the world record you better recognize the heart of a warrior not a guy trying to market himself.


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