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14 September 2009



"Kanye West ... once again wins Best Drama Queen at VMAs."

"Just when you thought he was butching up, too."



Kunt?yeah! Pest.

nuff said.



Actually, D, I need Kanye West's support. And he is in a far better position to help me than vice versa.


He might learn that some people still believe that wealth and fame do not give him a license to do anything he has the impulse to do.

Cindy Birdsong the Good Supreme

He needs a good bath and shower in the rehab of his choice. Ignorant and insulting move.


kanye may think he is the voice of the millenium but he is really the buffoon of the new millenium. and its really sad because he is very talented and has raise awareness around gays too but he is very egomaniacal.

and "d" sorry but rod has nothing to do with this, stop blaming him. kanye is a drama queen and of he is reading this blog, it is only a fraction of what they say on other blogs...maybe he will learn to get some sense!


ooh and always love to see you in comments cindy! she was my favorite supreme too!


@ Sasha Not so Fierce

Beyonce had NOTHING to do with Kanye's foolery! He is obsessed with Beyonce and mentions her ALL THE TIME in interviews! If Beyonce ever gave Kanye the time of day, he would be the most whipped man in the history of the World! I bet he secretly HATES Jay Z!

But again this was NOT staged by he and Beyonce.... NOT A CHANCE!! Beyonce showed such class last night and Kanye earned Taylor Swift a few more fans!

Lang B

Thank you Ravenback. Drama queens come in all sexualities.
KW is truly bi-polar and truly displays signs of emotional issues. I am not excusing his behaviour- we must realize that it is not a drunken tirade - he truly is disturbed yet talented.

Honut SInti

If Kanye's momma was here, she would probably say:

"Boy, get that flash light and shovel and start looking because you've lost your damn mind!"


Sasha might be on to something. Why did Miss Swift change dresses before "her moment"? How did Kayne get on stage so easily? Why was Perez Hilton ( or someone that looks like him ) applauding "her moment"
This is tons of publicity for all concerned. Kayne doesn't seem to mind acting like a fool if it gets him in the spotlight.

alicia banks

shame pn kanye!!!

on all of chi-town and the world!!!

she and bey are class acts

Christian Lebeija

was it a "coincidence" that when beyonce umm "invited" taylor swift on stage ... she also was wearing a red dress?? i think not!


Yall need to stop!! LOL! Beyonce only did what she did to distance herself from Kanye's foolery. If she hadn't done anything or said anything, everyone would be jumping on her for it. She decided to show some CLASS and RESPECT! Beyonce has won several VMA's and made plenty of speeches, so it was OK for her to share the moment with Taylor who had just won her 1st! Kanya was drunk and had a bottle of Henny on the red carpet and also in the auditorium. I know many of you don't like Beyonce and that is fine, but SERIOUSLY! The dress Taylor was wearing was the dress she performed in if I'm not mistaken. I think it was a simple coincidence.


Miss Swift wore a silver dress when she had her duet with Kayne. Miss Swift wore a (shorter) red dress when Beyonce' invited her to "have her moment".


NO!! When she arrived on the Red carpet she wore the silver gown, she had the same gown on when she went to accept her award. Then later she performed in the subway in the RED dress and had the same RED dress on when Beyonce called her out to finish her speech. It was nothing more than a coincidence.

Sasha Not So Fierce

Thank you Chamblee!!

Beyonce did not have a sudden moment of "class"....she showed no such kindness when Jennifer Hudson's family was killed! I guess she could never call Jennifer and say "I'm sorry" or "How are you" because there were no cameras around. But last night at VMA she suddenly had "class"? Oh yeah because millions of people were watching!

Nope, Kanye planned this and Beyonce knew in advance what Taylor would wear, she plaanned to wear red dress together. Who else wore red dress? No one but Beyonce you know what they say about ladies in red (smh)


@ Sasha

1st of all, Beyonce made a statement saying she was praying for Jennifer. Has it gotten to the point where praying for someone is no longer acceptable? You have no way of knowing what Beyonce has done privately for Jennifer, but I do know that she was very kind to Jennifers sister and gave her tickets and backstage passes to her concert (Julia Hudson is a HUGE Beyonce fan).

Beyonce showed a Great deal of Class at the VMA's!

As far it being planned... thats just SILLY! Kanye has a very well documented history of being an ASS! Add liquor to the equation and you get an toxic combination. Beyonce is already a STAR! She doesn't need to make some elaborate hoax to boost her image. She just won video of the year.. HELLO! LOL! I guess some folks are just blinded by their hatred that they come up with these nonsensical scenarios that they have no way of proving.

Lets also discuss the fact that Kanye has NOT properly mourned his mothers death. He has said many times how close he was with his Mother. The way she died was so tragic and unexpected that he has not found solace as of yet. This man is clearly still dealing with some very complex issues and has not addressed them.

Ok and about the dress. Beyonce wore her red dress on the red carpet and Taylor wore a very elegant silver gown on the red carpet. If you watched the show, you would have seen that Taylor performed in the subway in a red dress. She had the same dress on when she was summoned to take to the stage with Beyonce. The fact the their dresses were Red was nothing more than a coincidence. If this was planned Kanye wouldn't have been asked to leave, because the producers would have known about the hoax. Kanye was scheduled to perform, so this WAS NOT PLANNED! Sorry it just wasn't!

But anyway, I know nothing I say will truly convince the Beyonce haters, but MOST people I have heard from have given Beyonce nothing but praise for her Gracious display. So please continue to HATE her, because you are truly making her GREATER! Bravo to Beyonce and Taylor!


I just got finished watchin' the 11:00pm news & they showed Kanye on Jay Leno's new show tonite. Jay asked him what his mother would think about his "rant" & the boy just looked like he was bout to cry & breakdown on stage. I seriously think he has emotional issues that he needs to get help for. Nothing wrong with being a little "off" especially after losing your mother, but it doesn't give you the right to go around and make A COMPLETE ASS of yourself Ms. West!!! What you did to Taylor was out of order. Now no one likes you...smh

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