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14 September 2009



OMG! Drama queen is right, That girl is certified beoytch. What grown man what do that to a young lady?

I didnt think that Kanye was gay before but that was the most sissified snap queen move ever.


sorry, but I consider myself a "queen" in the best sense of the word and I would never do such a thing. ever. that kanye is a publicity whre.


Kanye is such a dumbazz. He obviously thinks that since he has stank azz Amber Rose and some people think he is straight, he can say and do anything he wants. He ruined that poor girl’s moment. Not very manly at all, Ye.


kanye is a azz

Sean Beasley

This was just tragic on so many levels, I am sure kanye was drunk or high or something.

Or maybe just drunk or high on himself but this was awful.


Single Ladies was a huge video, yes, but I’m pretty sure Bey isn’t too hurt about losing best female. It was only 1 out of her 9 nominations.

Taylor Swift makes very positive music for young girls and deserved her award, and Kanye only proved himself to be less of a man by doing what he did. Being rude and egotistical does not make you real, “gangsta” , or any of the above, it just makes you a Grade A, Certifiable ASS.


Oh Kanye. My love for you grows more and more everyday.

Chris Cruz

Gary, I'm assuming that's a joke. I don't see how any grown, normal socially adjusted person condones that type of behavior. Regardless of who you think should win. There is a reason so many people think black people act hood and ghetto. Because many of us act hood and ghetto.


I’m sure his mom is turning over in her grave the way he acted. They need to hit him below the belt and his pocket book. That is a young lady he disrespected. She will never forget that moment.


There’s a thin line between being real and just plain damn disrepectful..that poor girl ain’t did S**t to Ye. She looked like she was about to cry. White people already think rappers and black people in general are ghetto, ignorant, rude and disrepectful..and then you gonna show ur azz in a room full of them?? Way to go Yeezy.


What he did was SHAMEFUL!! Beyonce can't win em ALL! Taylor Swift is VERY popular and has sold just as many records this year as Beyonce or more (I think). There are a lot of people out there that listen to Country Music. I'm just glad Beyonce was so Gracious and allowed Taylor to come out and finish her acceptance speech. BRAVO TO BEYONCE AND TAYLOR!! Kanye needs to join Chris Brown in Virginia for a therapy session.


@ FQ

Give it a rest. His behavior has nothing to do with his questionable sexuality. Since a big chunk of your entertainers are a part of the LGBT family, his performance is still considered abnormal and shocking. Most people act civilized especially when the award had absolutely nothing to do with himself. Beyonce didn't ask him to act a fool on her behalf. As a matter of fact, I read that when Beyonce went up to accept another award, she invited Taylor Swift to come on stage and finish her acceptance speech uninterrupted.

Dwyane Wayne

I am not a Bey stan but she was a class act tonight by giving Taylor Swift her moment. Thank you Beyonce! And Kanye you can go to hell, that was a disrespectful publicity stunt to hijack the stage. Silly rabbit.


He has officially jumped the shark. Kanye needs to check himself into, rehab, AA or a sanitorium by Monday afternoon. In an entertainment world of base vulgarity, he hit bottom and kept on digging. His behavior is beyond appalling. What on earth was he thinking?! They would be booking me tonight for murder if I was Taylor Swift's father.


no surprise kanyetta belongs to the church of beysus christ but was he too drunk to know he just quweened out in front of the public?

CC d'Afrique du Sud

i'm sure B did not mind losing out in that category... she won that category 2 yrs in a row for Crazy in Love in '03 and Naughty Girl in '04. i'm just happy she finally won tha BIGGGGGGGGGGGG one, congrats for grabbing Vid Of The Year beyOnce'

besides, she's gonna rule the grammy ceremony in Jan 2010 - just you watch.

Face and Waist

Kanye, you are drunken fool who tea was spilled all over international television.



This is what happens when mommie is no longer there to keep his black azz in line. What a momma's boy.


Only the most devote, Beyonce worshipping vogue gay would hop on stage to defend their queen.

That's all I have to say. Miss Kanye needs to just come out and be done with it.


the less said about this minstrel Kanye the better. I personally hope he is 100% straight!... and I would haope that his 15 mins are up


Kanye was obviously drunk. He was on the red carpet with a bottle of Hennessy.

Now based on carrying a bottle to the show and his actions last night, the question should now be if this man is an alcoholic? And that's real.

PHOTO: http://www.mtv.com/photos/vma-2009-full-fashion-recap/1620615/4251343/photo.jhtml


Well it truly has been a crazy week with all these outbursts by people in the spotlight. The congressman lost his good sense during our president's speech, Serena suffered from temporary insanity on the court, and now Kanye acting a complete fool at the VMAs. I'm scared of what may happen next. And on a side note, Single Ladies is not that great of a video. I mean honestly it's just Beyonce and two other girls dancing pretty much like she does in every other video. Not saying she isn't a great performer but really the video is not all that fantastic.

Sasha Not So Fierce

Beyonce and Kanye planned all this. Trust and beleive. She didnt fool anyone with that look of "hooror" and then "inviting" Taylor to the stage to finish her speech.. Yet another fine example of Beyone worship by crazy queens.


Kanye West is a narcissistic, ignorant celeb with no perspective and little intellect. Let's face it, he has said that if the Bible were written today he would be in it and has also said that he is THE VOICE of the new millenium (try checking that one out at the 7-Eleven). These are not the words of someone in touch with any reality but his own self delusion. Bizarre


Rod, see that is why I didn't say a thing about your Kanye "Liberation" post last week because he is a royal ass not worth the time. He is a sitcom or reality show material but not worth the worship or accolades anything outside his talent regardless of how his body looks...

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