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15 September 2009



Nope, not buying it. But the faux tearing is a nice touch.


i disagree, kanye seems very sincere and prob realizes how much of fool he made himself. he seems about to tear up...someone with that much ego is prob crying that ppl boo him...


I agree with Dagwan, this man is in pain.

DW Jazzlover

Naw,this one went a little too far,but I agree something is wrong.

Dallas Goodbar

The man is a ____. He's old enough to know better. Do you see Jay-Z doing that? NO! This man has too much ego and not enough sense. He's going to be taken down a peg or three before this year is over. Either that or he'll be staying in the Spears wing of the same hospital Britney stayed. Mark my words, he'll be having a well-publicized meltdown in the pages of the National Enquirer.

No profanity. Thanks. -RM

Ryan Canty

let's agree something is wrong with him and he's going through it..fine.

but let's ALSO be real that he had NO RIGHT disrespecting taylor swift on the air like that...

KanGHEY is a bully and this is just another example of him being a bully...

i refuse to give this man a pass..why because he's a "broken and vulnerable" black man...many brothas are but they don't act out like he did on international television...

and dont say it was because he was drunk...he knows better.

this interview just proves to me he didn't have the balls to get right and apologize to taylor swift like a GROWN MAN WOULD..in public and to her face..not via some ghetto blog post or on the Jay Leno show giving best supporting actress theatrics for idiocy....


I'm with Ryan. Kanye's apology might be somewhat sincere only because he sees that he is being roundly condemned. He was totally out of line and came across as bully. mean spirited and like a bully and very unmanly


Rod, I know you don’t have much control over the ads on your Web site, but Joe Wilson Is Under Attack. You Can Help”???

Yeah, I’d like to help. There’s a particular bar on Two Notch Road in Columbia I’d like to send him to. Perhaps it would be a good place to look for votes...

Jim: We've discussed this before. I do have considerable control over ads except for some excess inventory. I saw the Wilson ad and flagged it. Obviously I don't want ads like that. It would help if you click on the ad and get the URL or email me. Comments don't usually help because people in different parts of the country see different ads. -RM


I agree he has to face the music on this one! I don't think anyone has excused him. He's an ASS! Maybe he become less of ASS in the future.


After reading this HILARIOUS recap/breakdown of the awards show:


I have to say that there were some great points made against Taylor Swift, as well as Kanye. The Beyonce gifs alone are comedy gold!

Joseph Reaves

I don't see what the big deal is and I love how white people will find any thing they can to use as an ulterior motive for their racism. You should see how many folks got on Twitter and called Kanye a nigger. But no one wants to talk about that.


Whatever happened to the belief that saying you are sorry meant never having done it in the first place. Apologizing has become so matter-of-fact today that it no longer has much meaning. Joe Wilson apologizes for saying something he planned on saying from the very beginning, and Kanye apologizes for actively going out on stage while another person is accepting an award and grandstanding during her moment. Frankly, it would be refreshing if these people just admitted that they meant every word of it and call it a day. Actually you could have more respect for them because they were being honest. However, apologizing means everything about them is a lie so how can you trust when they say they are sorry.

The rudeness displayed by these people and others just represents the decay of politeness and manners in this country. So many people have gone bat**** crazy that rude behavior has become the accepted norm. No one pays attention to you unless you tell outlandish lies or shout everyone else down. The people who are goodhearted and have something meaningful to say are drowned out by the drama queens of the world. Until we get a media that finally comes to its senses and ignores this boorish behavior, be prepared to see more of it. That's why many people miss those like Tim Russert and Walter Cronkite. I could never imagine them playing up these jerks.


Oh we talk about it here! We were just talking about the racist comments being thrown at Serena Williams and her sister Venus (who had NOTHING to do with Serena's outburst). I'm sure Rod will get to or maybe he wont. But we are ALL well aware of the foolishness that is posted. I call it internet courage. The anonymity of the internet allows people to express their TRUE inner feeling without worrying about being judged. Its Sad!


@ Joseph:
Oh please. This is a (primarily) black gay blog. There is no reason to bring the race angle into this discussion. Of course people saying crazy things about Kanye. As Isis said, we are well aware of it were just talking about it re Serena Williams.

But KANYE is the one who went on stage and grabbed someone else's microphone. If he hadn't, they wouldn't be saying these things, get it? People are going to talk out of pocket about Kanye. But he started the conversation.

No offense, but aren't you the same one few weeks ago who kept demanding we stop "talking" about Chris Brown? Starting to see a pattern here...


Will do, Rod. Thanks.


I wish he got LESS publicity as a result but sadly this wont be the case

Nathan Seven Scott

Kanye is the King of Publicity stunts, I mean really, what else would we have talked about if not this? Some other stunt pulled by someone else. Don't drink the Kool-Aid people. Some of you guys had 2 cups.


Kanye was DRUNK chile....he didn't think before acting...we all know what happens if too much alcohol is involved...THAT"S what was wrong with him, c'mon why are so many missing the obvious here? Step away from the hennesy fool, especially if you are going to be on a global telecast..A lot of people can get away with a lot of things, but unfortunately, right or wrong, Kanye and Serena for that matter, are NOT among them because of their celebrity status and other reasons of which we all know of and that don't need to be stated here...I don't condone their behavior, but realize they are HUMAN, most certainly EMPATHIZE with them, and hate that this happened to either one...

Lang B

Told you guys he is deeply disturbed.Regardless of age and the "should know better" comments, peeps with emotional issues do not act rationally so let's get off of the he's gay- he's a queen blah blah. HE HAS MAJOR ISSUES and needs to hibernate for a good while.

Chitown Kev

@joseph Reaves

Just because white folks are on twitter and in other places being racist doesn't mean that I cosign Kanye acting like a hoodrat and an ass*ole. I get so TIRED of black people that defend the most obscene behaviors just because some white people are racist; after all, they would have been racist if Kanye had did nothing.

Joseph Reaves

In the end all Kanye did was be Kanye. Am I saying it's right no but this is who and how Kanye has been ever since 'The College Dropout' let's not be surprised. Also let's take time to think about how and why was it possible for Kanye or anyone for that matter to have such easy access to the stage there should've been security to stop him but there wasn't because this is the type of thing MTV VMA's were built upon and live for this is how they get ratings! MTV VMA is an old, archaic, obosolete, lame, boring, irrelevant dinosaur. Also in the midst of your 'criticisms' of Mr. West's behavior have any of you taken out the time to consider that there may be some serious mental illness going on - possibly bipolar. And by serious consideration I don't mean 'That niggas crazy and needs to be put in the nuthouse and put on meds". And Ryan you referring to Kanye as KanGHEY on this blog with this audience is truly saddening and disheartening. You sound just like some homophobic shock jock on some hip hop station. SMFH and walking away

Chris Cruz

@ Joseph: "In the end all Kanye did was be Kanye. Am I saying it's right no but this is who and how Kanye has been ever since 'The College Dropout' let's not be surprised. "

Oh, okay. Gotcha. Kanye is just being Kanye. smh

BTW, do you ever comment in any post besides defending ignorant celebrities? Any thoughts on gay rights or homophobia? Any thoughts on anti gay churches and politicians? Cuz I've only seen you defending Chris Brown the woman beater and biter other day. Now you're defending Kanye's ghetto and ignorant publicity stunts. Sad. smh

alicia banks


kanye needs to take time off to grieve and regain his sanity!

i would never accept his apology

bey is a class act!

see more at OUTLOOK

Chitown Kev


I was talking with my Mom about Kanye last night an we almost said it at the same time; a lot of this IS about the death of his Mom.

It seems as though all he's done since is work, work, work and certainly work can help for a time but...it does seem like there's a damn breaking, so to speak, and with the money he has, maybe it's time to chill and grieve.

Cindy Birdsong the Good Supreme

Kanye ruined that young women's moment for life! He is ego- maniacal. He ranted once about losing an award that he thinks he should have won. Hello, Kanye, despite what the voices in your head are telling you it's not all about you!
As as far as what white people are saying: So what? We think about what some white folk are blogging, saying, etc., too much. Kanye acted like a big ol' arrogant fool. I felt embarrassed for him because he made such a loon of himself. He raised Taylor Swift's fame points 1,000%.

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