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19 September 2009



good gawd that mayweather is sexy

Shane Moseley

The photos are hot,
I love seeing boxers weigh in.

Haha, you read Panache Repport too? I immediately thought Mayweather was boxer, very weird how he instantly started dissing Eddie Murphy.


What a stunning brother. If only he had weight in wearing a jock strap.. hmm


I guess Rick Ross' diss record about floyd being on the dl, makes him want to crawl out of his skin.


What an idiot.

Sasha Not So Fierce

Floyd is trying to butch it up ever since he and Fiddy broke up. Sorry girl, we know all about it.


I guess Rick Ross' diss record about floyd being on the dl makes him want to crawl out of his skin.


That's an interview of a man with some serious insecurities.

Jamel Smith

On responding to gay rumors about Floyd Mayweather, a person on another website commented that "no gay can fight like that."

Now as BLACK and GAY folks, don't those words look similar to language racists have used against us???

I'm so tired of these scumbags gay baiting.


What's sexy (handsome, hot, etc.) about a homophobe who never misses an opportunity to "diss" gay men or anyone he thinks is gay? I hope he loses.

alicia banks


why are vertically challenged little macho men so insecure??

i love fm anyway
even when i have to reverse his initials sometimes...

go fm!

Leonard A, LeBlanc

Mayweather is a cool brother. I don't think he gets the credit he deserves. He is dedicated to his craft and is a lot smarter then people think. I met him one time in a barber shop. He has a nice demeanor about himself. And was very laid back. I enjoyed talking to him. Good luck with your upcoming bout. L. LeBlanc LV,NV

The Truth

After seeing him on Chelsea Lately, I could care less about him...what an idiot.


Oh my goodness he's beautiful. Well, when he decides to come out he can call me...lol.


Is this the same dude who just got his Maybach repossessed for non-payment? And a 16% loan on it? Sorry, maybe he should get a gay accountant to help him out and figure out not all gay men want him or even find him hot!

Where does this fear of sexuality come from?? If you are straight, you can be cool with anyone, that is of course if you are secure with who you are.


Oh my GOd he stuttered on the Eddie Murphy question. Watch his eyes too. I bet Eddie was at home thinking that negro just threw me under the bus twice! From what I got from this interview, Eddie & Floyd hooked up, but the sex wasn't all that.

I've ALWAYS thought he was gay. Floyd tries to hard. The over the top machismo.


Ugh. I watched his interview with Chelsea on youtube and he seems extremely ignorant. I know 3 year olds who can sound more intelligent.


Mayweather's performance on "Dancing With the Stars" is what first tipped me off on the possibility of him being on the DL. He seemed very uncomfortable with any move that gave him close contact with his female partner. I would imagine sex with him to be punishing (and not in a good way!).

He's a millennial update on Emile Griffith.


The entire thing is hideous at best!


Griffith might have killed Benny Paret in the ring because he called him gay in spanish in and outside of the ring. There was a movie called Ring of Fire that showed him reconciling with the son of Mr. Paret. Mr Griffith was assaulted outside of a gay bar in New York and might have suffered some permanent brain damage because of the assault. Comparing Mr Griffith to Mr Mayweather is an insult to Mr Griffith who seems genuinely conflicted about his sexuality


What a tool!He's about as intelligent as an egg.

order fioricet

He's Gay alright he keeps docking fighters that he knows that can beat him..

The Champ

I agree that Mayweather tries too hard about the gay rumors. I would just ignore them. I notice too that Mayweather always wear boxer shorts when weighing in. Most if not all boxers wear tight shorts when weighing in, but Mayweather always has on boxer shorts. He apparently does not want anyone to see anything

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