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23 September 2009


Aaron Parker

And who said Nene doesnt "love the gays" [giggle]




Someone needs to text message Nene and Dwight and tell them they are really LOW BUDGET you know whats. ghetto, isnt that what she called Kandi?


Oh so it's like that huh?
Maybe Mrs Leakes was playing around a little for the cameras. She has no choice, they follow her everywhere! How would you like it if paparazzi intruded on a lunch you were having with friends? Huh??

Nene Leakes is a true friend to the gays and has hired several gay men as assistants, stylists, designers, etc. She has an entourage of black gay men in Atlanta.

Typical elitist NYC snark. let me ask you this Rod: How many black gay man has your precious Bethenny from RHONY hired????

NeNe has never been mentioned on this blog before. And if hiring gays to do your hair or makeup means being a "true friend" to our community, then all the black church women are the best friends gays could ever have. One more thing: Never get personal with me. -RM


KI@ anyone who thinks Nene loves the gays. She is a fag hag; a celebrity fag hag. She has an entourage of gay Black men because they are the only ones who can stomach her fake persona and lack of manners. Some gay men are fascinated by the B***TCH, the diva; I understand why they flock to her.

YUCK@ Greg being pulled into the act. LOOL! Swinger party, down.


Cry me a river. The paparazzi "follow" Nene because she is on a a "reality" show and the Bravo publicists call. And they weren't following her before Bravo.

Oh and is "hiring" a queen to do your hair, makeup or pick out an outfit considered being an LGBT ally? Wow. Then almost every man, woman and many so-called Christian must support gay rights!

And if you HIRE someone, that means you are paying them. Or vice versa. They're not your TRUE FRIENDS. They are employees, hangers on or an entourage. smh


I have a genuine question. What exactly has Nene done to denounce the Gays or make people think she doesn't support gay people? Has she publicly condemned them or said negative things about the life style? I personally have not seen anything that would suggest she doesn't support gay people.


@ Darnell:

Really? Another black gay man who throws Rod under the bus for a "low budget" diva. Honey, it is Miss Nene who is the attention h0e and calling tv shows and cameras to follow her around. She wants to record her drama, anyone is free to talk about it.

I had no idea that Gretchen and Nene were "friends. i guess all celebs (esp C and D listers) say they are all "friends' with each other. I guess since they have
'reality' shows on the same network they are 'friends'?

And rofl @ the Bethenny reference. Bethenny and the RHONY women don't need ENTOURAGES. That is some ghetto *ish. I saw Bethenny last week on 5th Avenue by walking by Coach, by herself, I have seen Ramona hailing cabs. Unless you are a rapper or ghetto fab celeb, real New Yorkers don't need entourages.


What snark? Saying 'how dreadful'? Dwight says that! Or putting Classy in quotes? So you're saying she isn't?

Obviously the RHOA queens have not read MTO, Necole Bitchie, Sandra Rose, or TMZ, bc those blogs called her a DRUNKEN MESS etc etc. This woman is on tv calling people b!tches and h_es. I dont think Rod was snarky enough about this.

@ Isis: Nene does not like the gays. She is laughing at them, not with them. I have seen her in Atlanta. And Dwight, like many old queens with a coin or two, could care less about gay rihhts or black gay men. He's all racing after blonde boys helping some to accessorize his clientele of aging divas.


@ATL KID: You ain't never lied.

Please. This is the same Cajiva who called Caster Semenya a 'bulldagger' several times after s/he was asked not to. Now s/he is trying to get brand new with Rod over Nene's FIRST appearance on this blog.

What a FAIL. Rod, please, move on, baby. You and your brilliant blog are beyond this.


@ ATL Kid! What did you SEE her do? Has she said anything derogatory in interviews? Has anyone even asked how she feels about the gays? One more question, If she doesn't like the Gays, why would she allow them to interact with her children? Dwight and others have been to her home. Dwight even gave her oldest son fashion advice, LOL! So her sons are not being taught to dislike gays or at least it would seem. Maybe Nene is NOT out here painting NoH8 on her face, but that doesn't mean she dislikes gays people.. does it? And we still don't know why she wasn't at that event with the other housewives.

Kevin Perez

Isis = Failed

"Has she publicly condemned them or said negative things about the life style?"

WTF?! What life style are you talking about? God, I LOATH people who use that term discussing LGBT matters. There's nothing more irriating than people making generalizations about our alleged "lifestyles". People like that really need to STFU and keep that type of sh*t to themselves.

Older LGBT may use the term, including "alternative lifestyles" but it's becoming a weapon for bigots and homophobes to use against us.


Kevin you need to JUMP BACK with the quickness! My use of that term was NOT meant to OFFEND! I was unaware that gay people find the term offensive and I will try not to use it in the future. But NEVER ever call me a BIGOT! EVER! I voted for Gay marriage in the State and I have many gay friends and I speak out every chance I get about homophobia. YOU DON'T KNOW ME!! I WILL NOT STFU!! Your comment was TOTALLY UNCALLED FOR AND ARROGANT!!!


Isis: I don't know anything about her. She seems like a character and fun to be around. I like the show and watch it all the time and can say she seems like a handful tho. Honestly, I'm not one of those type of gay men who like to be around hags but many (black) gay men do. I hav e heard things about Dwight but do not know for a fact as I have only seen him and never met him. But I admire that Nene is raising her son well and having a good time.

FWIW, Darnell, your reaction is very disapointing. Nene asked to be on this reality show. Nene (or her producers or publicists, whoever) invited the cameras and she pretended she was tongue kissing Gretchen. Then she kissed her husband Greg, lol. I have no idea why you object to that being pointed out with a small bit of humor. The other blogs are viciously calling her a drunk and an attention-you-know what.

I'm actually surprised to see RHOA on this blog. I've only seen it here twice before (No H8 and muscle boys?). I just got the impression Rod didnt care for most reality shows. Thats fine bc the other blogs give me my RHOA life! I disagree with some of Mahlo and ATL but agree it is quite amusing to see how quickly these queens get bent out of shape over their divas and straight male crushes. Too bad they show no such fire over gay rights, health care or gay men being beaten and killed.

Kevin Perez


Sorry, I didn't call you a bigot, so nice try. I was refering to the fact that many homophobes and BIGOTS from the right wing are using those exact words against LGBT people. You were unaware about the useage of the word "lifestyle" and yet, you claim the support to LGBT, have many gay friends and etc...???

Yeah, seems to me YOU need to jump back, my comment was this:

"Older LGBT may use the term, including "alternative lifestyles" but it's becoming a weapon for bigots and homophobes to use against us."


Your post was directed at ME! Why wouldn't I think your statement was to me! If you weren't calling me a Bigot then OK I will take that. I don't use the term lifestyle often, but I don't ever remember anyone saying it was offensive. I never claimed to KNOW IT ALL! I can still learn more about LGBT as it is a very diverse community of people. Your post was still negative and UNCALLED for!

One more thing I don't need you to validate how I feel about the LGBT community. I know how I feel and you can believe what you wish.


...i like nene...that is all...


@ Kevin

Listen I don't want to have issues with you, I really don't. I truly was unaware that the term was offensive, probably because I don't use it often. You know that I have been posting on this blog for awhile and have NEVER shown anything but support to the LGBT community. I am NOT perfect and will make mistakes. However, instead of being negative and insulting, you could have made it a teachable moment. You could have said "Isis are you aware that the term Lifestyle is no longer acceptable and is offensive" or something along the lines of that. There is no need for the negativity, just because we don't agree on something. Come ON! At the end of the day we were just talking about NENE! Seriously! She is NOT worth all that! You don't think she likes Gay people and I disagree! Lets MOVE ON!! I hope in the future if I say anything that is offensive that you will let me know in a respectful manner and you can expect the same from me.


@ Kevin: Look, I hear what you are saying, and I am not a fan of the House of Leakes or that dreadful Miss Dwight. But Isis is a friend to Rod 2.0. She has been at this blog for years. Please show her some respect.

@Isis: I know more about Dwight than Nene. Dwight is very cutty and rude to black gay men in Atlanta, especially younger ones. He publicly says he could care less about gay rights and does not see himself as a role model. I don't either. There are personal things too, not worthe getting into here. He was very ugly to one of my friends.


SMDH, you guys are too catty for me...


Wow.. what is this blog coming to

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