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26 September 2009


D Town's Finest

ROFLMBAO @ "If you were that way? If you say so, hon."

Oh nooooooo. lol

The Truth

Ok...I guess. As for the comment I think its disrespectful to the president and first lady. A simple "I don't know" or "____ is an attractive man" would have been a sufficent answer.


Sorry but I don't see Tyson topping anyone besides some Chelsea queen or maybe Andy Cohen who was quite drooling at the xxx convo. Yeah girl, you keep telling yourself that lol

Dallas Cowboy

Wow, almost TMI but not really.

They were joking around and its fair in politics. Tyson was a huge supporter for Obama a year before everyone else jumped on the O Train. He's entitled to it.

Although I also really don't see him topping anyone besides someone like Andy or Taye Diggs lol


hmmm hot sex with obama and tyson?




Tyson is sodamsexy
But sorry if POTUS were going to sex it with a dude, I see Obama definitely on top. Would never give it up to some metrosexual muscle model. smh

Face and Waist

That was real funny Tyson haha
So very str8 i am soooo sure lol


Its so odd to have a president who's sexy - somebody do-able compared to the crusty lizards who've always been in the White House.


Well at least he didn't dodge the question and has a sense of humor about it. And it is cool to have a sexy president. With swagger!


LMAO @ Magnifique's and seahawk's comments.

And, I second the seahawk's opinion concerning the undesirable aspect--the utterly unsexyness--of ALL the previous U.S. Presidents. Before Obama, JFK, Jr. was the handsomest, but he certainly was not "sexy"--not to me anyway. (Moreover, I wasn't born until the 80's.)



Tyson Beckford dodge a question like that? He's been more descriptive than that on "Supermodel" what he would do with certain guys, lol.

Very very very gay vague.
And very cool about it.
But a straight as an arrow hetero?

If he says so, lol

Shane Moseley

What Rigga said.

I love the fact we have a handsome prez with some swagger.

And yes I think Tyson B has been asked this a question a few times, lol. But the man has good taste.

apres moi

Keep that man from the Obamas. Those eyes on Tyson could tempt Michelle into doing a 3some with them. Before we know it, we'd have a very hot scandal on our hands. Black America would basically think "what man could resist Tyson Beckford?"

Shane Moseley

LOLMAO @ Apres Moi

i was thinking the same thing, heehee. we don't need now bisexual sex scandal with our fabulous black president! tyson, choose somebody else, chile, we know you got some jumpoffs lol


Rigga, actually, Grover Cleveland was kinda cute.

The Truth

This story is on mediatakeout as well...and of course blow out of proportion. It still amazes me how many homophobic comments people always share.



who you foolin'? str8 women, yes! men, no!


Jim, maybe. But, not really. No remembers (or cares about) Grover Cleveland--apart from you apparently.
Obama is sexy (and doable) and that's the point. Good call, Tyson! You've said whats been on a lot of women's (and men's!!) minds: the fantasy of having sex with President Obama.

Apres Moi: hilarious.

Tyson Beckford does have an irresistable sexy about him! I've TRIED not to find him sexy. I only have failure to report.

Grover Cleveland? Wow!

Honut SInti

Ya'll SMDH (starting much dish here)! ;)


LOL @ Rigga

You are a hoot. Come and pool a chair up next to me anytime, lol

Rod Mc

Oh Jim, you're such a tease! ;)

Former COGIC

This of course operates under the assumption he hasn't slept with a man...


Sit down Tyson.....

Derrick from Philly

Hey, Jim:

Actually, I'd prefer Anwar Sadat (after President Obama), and a young Fidel Castro(tough Papi). Why limit yourself to American presidents?

Go international, baby. Hell, that's how we got somebody as good-looking as Slim Ji...I mean, our beautiful President.

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