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26 September 2009


chris c

The whole stunt was funny until Tyson mentioned Michelle, then it turned a bit disrespectful. I guess it's all in the name of fun though.

Chitown Kev

@The Truth

yeah, I'm reading the comments on MTO right now.

Yeah, there are homophobes there but you know, it always surprises me that there are usually a number of comments on there that are supportive and a few that are just too damn funny.

As for Miss Tyson here, well...I really didn't mind this until the part about Michelle holding the camera, that was disrespectful. Then again, it's been awhile since we had a fu*k*b*e President so we just don't know how to act, I guess.


@Derrick from philly, I totally agree with you! President Obama is fine! Y'all see that waistline? Goodness gracious! Tyson, u know if it went down Obama is the 'Top' Commander-in-Chief!


Oh please, Tyson has been caught a number of times in DC gay nightclubs "hosting" a party. I remember seeing the photos back in 2006. He is so not straight...

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