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17 September 2009



Looking good, sounding good-- Whitney is back! I'm so happy for her...

And the wigs are off the chain!!


i lovethis video!


Whitney soounds and looks like a million dollars...she is a godess! We love you Whitney!


Meh. Don't really get why gay men idolize this woman.

Mr. Gay Seattle XXXIII

TB it's not just gay men who love this woman. She is truly talented


what is going on with her tongue?


LOVE THIS!!! GO WHITNEY!! I still have yet to get the album, but I will this weekend!!


It's just good to see her back!

Rod Mc

BTW, the video is not synched.
It looks a little odd here and there. Oh well, still love it. -RM

James M

I hate to be the Debbie Downer of Ms. Houston but I did not like her Cd. "Million Dollar Bill" is great but the Cd is very lacking.

Her voice has changed dramatically and she is just singing not SANGING like she did on the last albums. Especially for "I look to you" That song is beautiful but I was just waiting for her to bust out and OWN that song.


@ Steve

She has always sang that way with her tongue. I think its just more noticeable now that ever. Check out her video for "Im Your Baby Tonight" or "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" and you will see.

CC d'Afrique du Sud

i'm so happy she's back, missed her voice on radio and all.

bought her album yesterday and it's truly a return to form for her.

love Million $ Bill, Call U 2nite (brilliant), For Da Haterz & For Da Luverz. well done Whitney, it's nice to have you back!

Justin S

Im sorry yall, but this song sucks as well as the album... I do wish her success for this project, but im definitely not feeling it... :/


I have been notincing something wrong with her tongue now for a while..cant pin point it, but something isnt right, she even does it when she speaks now and no, she didnt always do that!

As for this song..eh..its a throw away to me, and as for her looks, she seems to have finally gotten the make up right, but her wigs look like.well..WIGS!! she has never been on top of the hair game! She is the diva that never got it right, much like Aretha and Dionne! LOL


I love this song! It is by far the best on the album. I also am digging the Freemasons' remix of this song being bumped at the bars and clubs.


Loving the video! It does remind me of Rihanna's "Don't Stop The Music" though, that's my only criticism. But Whitney looks and sounds great! No, she's not gonna blast out and SANG like she used to do back in the day; come on, she's smoked and abused drugs, it does affect the voice. But even with her past abuse, she still sounds good! Let's support Whitney in her effort!

Great comment. Now, are you going to be an adult and choose a screen name and your comments will finally be published? Or continue to leave comments daily as "Rod M" that no one will ever see? Your call. -Rod M


I really love this song and the video is so mold skool throwbacck it is exactly what Whitney needed to comeback! She can still sing, maybe not 'saaang' like she did before, but give the woman credit. She is still here with that lovely gift!

Oh and Pbutr. Really? I remember reading those warnings from Rod months ago. SMDH

Honut SInti

I like the video. I suspect that Whitney will come out "sanging" the next round.

Here is a link with samples from her new album: http://www.buy.com/prod/i-look-to-you/q/loc/109/211559426.html

Soda Pop Curtis

I agree, she is doing something odd with her tongue. It was very noticable in her Oprah interview also. It appears that she has bitten part of it off in a "junky" episode.

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