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29 October 2009



Yes, this ends another chapter that brought so much darkness and confusion to Birmingham. Hopefully, the new election will bring somebody progressive and isn't such an asshole. He would say "Hallalejuah" in one breathe and "f**k you" in the next breathe. He will not be missed at all...


That serves his ass right!


Never been to the PRAYZE HYMN site before, Rod. It's a revelation: In a recent poll on the site, only 45% believe we are all automatically going to Hell. 42% believe we'll manage to escape if we're "saved." And ony 12% are "unsure."

Meanwhile, Mayor Langford has been put into jail by the Pharisees, but he will get his heavenly reward some day for standing up against the Sodomites. You can count on it!




(And before any of you get all bent out of shape about the above remark, yes, this news item has put me in a really snarky mood this morning.)

Face and Waist

isnt this the same one who said
"a world without jesus is a mess waiting to happen"

well, he (supposedly) had jesus and was a big ole mess waiting to happen!


kayman wrote: He would say "Hallalejuah" in one breathe and "f**k you" in the next breathe.

Great observation, kayman. I cannot tell you how many "Christians" I have met like that, kayman. It really does seem to be the norm.


Well, at least there's some justice in Alabama.

It's cold comfort though. Whether for financial gain or for sexual gratification/humiliation of others, abuse of power is abuse of power. Only the financial abuses will get you jail in 'bama.


Yes Jim, unfortunately it is the norm these days. Our world is going to hell in a handbasket thanks to those faux Christians along with bigots based on race, sexuality, etc.

I'm saddened that Birmingham will be faced with confusion through years' end because the stupidity of a few and the voter apathy of the majority who chose not to vote in October 2007.

Larry Langford is a textbook example of what is wrong with some black folks who think they have been "appointed" Jesus complex, yet discriminate against others.

We need to get back to the basics where everybody should be respected regardless of who or what they are. That is the true mindset of Jesus.

Honut SInti

He was on the Tom Joyner morning show the other day and sounded quite cavalier about the whole thing when asked about the guilty verdict and even the potential "850 years" when he heads to sentencing next year.

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