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20 October 2009


Ten in My Timbz

Yeah, Jeter doesn't even flinch.

he's used to A-Rod grabbing his goodies.

Face and Waist

that's probably more meatier than grabbing madonna's beef plastic jerky. i'm just sayin'...


It is what it is, Rod.


there's nothing tentative about that grab. he seems very familiar with that ass.


That's the part A-Rod likes to grab the most. We all have that certain part of an ass we like to hold. Some like the top, some like the bottom, and some like the crack. You don't even have to think about it. And apparently A-Rod didn't have to think about it either.

Mikey--He Likes It

Um I believe it's Kate Hudson's booty he's grabbing nowadays Face and Waist. A-Rod is like "feels a little tighter Derek. Hmm will need to see you after the game. I feel a grand slam cumming on."

Xavier Deron

Really A-Rod? REALLY BOO?
You gonna grab Jeter's butt like that? O N TV? FOR REAL?

The MEATY PART of the butt?



I wish these would be a couple with out the beards. It would be beautiful. Gay men that aren't the stereo-typical permanent broken wrist queens.

James M

Yeah he definitely seems used to holding that big booty...

Derrick from Philly

"Gay men that aren't the stereo-typical permanent broken wrist queens.

Dream on, honey.

Actually, show those boys in those thug movies--like Pitbull Productions--they're rough (on video). They break the stereotypes (on video). They aint limp wristed...they don't keep anything limp.


Really? You're talking about dudes like Jovonnie, Tiger Tyson & Thugzilla, all of whom are huge queens behind the scenes? They act hard on camera because that's the demographic they sell to...people who enjoy thugs. Doesn't mean that they are hard like that in real life. They just know how to play the role.

Sasha Not So Fierce

Alex Rodriguez decided to be a little touchy-feely with Derek Jeter. Jeter appeared to be clapping away like "bring it on"!

A-Rod always likes masculine dudes and muscular women, that explains madonna.

Sasha Not So Fierce

"Gay men that aren't the stereo-typical permanent broken wrist queens."

Self hating much? That's what I think. Whatuthink?


Self hate....nope. You're the one offended, Sasha. <--girl's name.

Face and Waist

>>>"Gay men that aren't the stereo-typical permanent broken wrist queens."<<<

Give me a gay man any day who is out and proud versus DL men and "straight" men who beard. There are plenty of masculine gay men and plenty of feminine gay men. But that was a bit much too try to go there with the queens.

Sasha called it. You obviously do have some self esteem issues. You'll be okay one day, toots. You really will!

Jamari Fox

Not all gay men are feminine, and not every time some who is gay says anything negative towards gays is self hatin'. Some men in this lifestyle have a certain type and shouldn't be condemned or put into a box because of it. Truth be told I am still young and still growing, but we all have a preference.

No disrespect to the posters in the thread. I just had to get that off my spirit.


I'm gonna have to kick A-Rod's a** for touching my man...I can't blame him, cause the booty is juicy.

And all this "masculine" vs. "feminine" stuff?!? Child, please...it's 2009, can we please grow up?


@ Kevjack

You are right about all this masculine vs. feminine crap. I love all my LGBT family.


You mad?

I would lend Arod a hand, the way he has been hitting.


Honut SInti

Just think outside the buns!

Tits McGee

His other hand's sticking a thumb up his ass.

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