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03 October 2009



Rod just to clarify, Kandi and AJ don't have any kids together, but it was said that she was the guardian of 2 of his daughters.

Glad they have someone in custody! All to often you have situations where people wont speak up about the crimes they witness. I hope justice is served.

Rod Mc

Isis, thanks very much. I was confused for a minute. And what a tragedy no?


Its a terrible tragedy Rod! It was so random and unexpected. Six kids will now be Fatherless and he was in his early 30's. RIP.....


May the victim RIP. Arresting a suspect is one thing. Getting witnesses to testify under oath in a court of law, however, is something entirely different. There's that little thing called the "no snitching" rule that exists in some so-called "black communities", you know.

A.J. Jewell is described as Kandi's "ex-fiance". I suppose it doesn't matter now but I think it's incredible that Kandi had been engaged to a man with SIX children. What was she thinking? But she appears to be really broken up over her ex-fiance's death. I hope she recovers soon. I wonder how (or if) the "Atlanta Housewives" producers will work this incident into the show.


I figured they wouldn't have found a suspect if someone hadn't said anything. We will have to see what happens.

James M

She really did love this man, even with the six kids. You could see she really did love him on the show. It was just her mother and A.J did not get along and Kandi couldnt handle that. Kandi will be alright and she will move on eventually and I guess that means a new inspirational album will be coming out soon.

Atlanta roofer

I don't know how I missed this!
Very sad. sigh

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