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02 October 2009



dayumn boo!
who knew he was packing like that?

paul smith

I did!


I want to see more!


yea we need to see more that man is too PHINE for a white boy



Baltimore Femme

I love these Ronaldo pics.
That man is sex on a stick.

chris c

Very, Very Nice. I'm lovin' it.

yucky yuck yuck

Thats not a bugle, it looks like a tooth pick!




Just wondering . . . Why is it OK for black people to say He's PHINE for a white boy. I hear stuff like that all the time. You would never catch me saying that about other races. I mean I get that racism is a white on black thing . . . but its still not nice to say and its not going to help your cause. It makes you sound like a hypocrite, actually.

Carter G

"Why is it OK for black people to say He's PHINE for a white boy"

Racist much? Generalizing much? It really doesn't help "your cause".

I think Cristiano Ronaldo is dayumn phine. I wouldn't add the qualifier "for a white boy" cuz that is silly. But if you read Towleroad, Queerty or any gay (white) blog or messageboard, they will say same thing about black men all the time. "Reggie Bush is sexy for a black man" "I don't normally like black guys but Shematr is hot" etc.


Carter G -

If you look upthread, you will notice someone by the name of Gerrell said that. I'm sure they say those things about other races on other blogs too and I have heard it in real life.

I'm just sayin . . . it isn't appropriate to say about anyone. I think we can agree on that.

And yes . . . Cristiano is PHINE!! :)

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