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22 October 2009


Nathan James

As an interesting side note, Bill Thompson has made it his business to be seen publicly supporting the LGBT community, as he did last Saturday at our Rally Against Hate Crimes in College Point. Mayor Bloomberg was, once again, conspicuously absent. The only LGBT event or rally the Mayor has attended this year was the huge Heritage Of Pride Parade down Fifth Avenue. (He had to make that one--Governor Paterson, Sen. Gilibrand and Bill Thompson were there, as were hundreds of media cameras).

It is widely thought that Thompson might just pull off an upset victory on Election Day, owing to a likely low voter turnout among Republicans, and the fact that recent polls show a high level of dissatisfaction with Bloomberg over term limits. Term-limits were placed on the NYC ballot as a referendum--twice--and twice, New Yorkers voted to retain term limits. Bloomberg, unhappy with democracy in this case, went straight to the NYC Council and did a little backroom wheeling and dealing. The result was that the expressed will of the people was undermined, and Bloomberg got his chance to run for a third term.

Only two other mayors in city history have served three terms: Edward Koch and the legendary Fiorello LaGuardia. Both these mayors won their third terms by doing great things for NYC in their first two terms. Koch brought NYC out of its worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, and presided over Manhattan's second-biggest construction boom. LaGuardia started--and completed--more public works projects for NYC than any other mayor before or since. He modernized the NYPD and FDNY, opened 38 miles of new subway routes, and gave the city its first municipal airport, which bears his name to this day.

I do not believe Bloomberg, during his past eight years in office, has even come close to the achievements of Koch OR LaGuardia. The World Trade Center is still a disgraceful hole in the ground, the much-publicized Fulton Transit Center was first halved in scope, then construction was abandoned, the Municipal Bond issue is on life support, and the unemployment rate is skyrocketing. Mike Bloomberg, you're no Fiorello LaGuardia, and you shouldn't have a third term.


Wish there were more comments on this article, but then again this isnt a NYC blog per-se. Hopefully everyone will inform themselves on the candidates and make sure to vote for the one they want! It doesn't stop with Obama people. I took great pleasure recently when a Bloomberg cold caller asked if he had my support, I said "hell no I'm voting for Bill Thompson!", and he was like "uh, oh, um, ok." If you're in NYC
(or anywhere in the US for that matter) you owe it to yourselves to vote, so get off the PC now and get registered!


Good for Gay City News.

Don't forget that Bloomberg has been closing down gay businesses.

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