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07 October 2009



Now a pink wig may be pushing it- but times have changed from when I was in school and resonable self expression was tolerated. Most schools around here have uniforms. This one will be interesting to follow (@ RM)


I'm not surprised considering how socially conservative Cobb County is. He likely wouldn't have encountered those issues if he lived in Atlanta City or DeKalb Counties school districts since those school districts have more LGBT-friendly facility. I hate that this teen has been forced to leave his designated school district, but somebody should have warned him how conservative Georgia is outside of core part of Metro Atlanta (Fulton & DeKalb).

There should be a protest, but I fear the conservative zealouts will drown out their cries...


How is a pink wig pushing it? Is that the same logic that goes into white people's mind when they say "dread locks in the workforce are pushing it, braids in the workforce are pushing it" why don't you wear something a little more safe. Like a nice perm.

A pink wig is a threat how? Does it shoot bullets? Does it hurl insults? Since when is HAIR dye and HAIR color a problem?

The bottom line is the kid got the message either you conform and stop identifying with a gender that WE OUTSIDERS have ascribed to you, or you suffer the consequences.

What's next girls who wear boy clothes have to stop because being a tomboy or a butch lesbian is wrong?

Guys no more skinny jeans!

Distant Lover

LGBT teens should be allowed to pack heat.
No more worries about their safety.


Drama...I went to highschool in Cobb County and a transgender young lady chose to leave our school her senior year. I wasnt close to her but I heard from certain people that she dropped out because of the serious drama she was going through with her ma and the students at the school. I didnt witness any harassment from the students, but I could tell that she was having a hard time. It seemed like every day people would bring her up in conversation and talk negative about her. I even heard a lesbian stud talking about "getting her boys" and jumping the young lady. She was notorious at our school to say the least.

I can understand the police officer being concerned for Jonathan's safety. On the other hand...if the boy wanted to continue going to North Cobb dressed as he was, then that was his choice..they should have respected that..


When will people realize that there are certain things that should remain in place. School is supposed to prepare students for the work world, and one of the things in the work world is to look professional and conform to the standards put in place. Would you wear a pink wig to a corporate job? No, you would not. Every job has a dress code. I can't go to my job with my goatee shabby and my hair matted on my head. And the dreads is a poor comparison. Dreads, if properly taken care of, look neat and clean.


Who says the kid wants to work in corporate america, and please tell me you aren't one of those corporate slaves who checks all individuality at the door? How sad.

Maybe he wants to own a book store, or a art gallery. Maybe he wants to make custom wigs? Maybe he wants to be a zombie at Halloween Horror Nights!

There are many jobs that do not require you to look like a WASP!

So please save the "there are dress codes in place." The problem isn't that the kid is wearing a wig it's that he's a male student who isn't identifying with the gender the school thinks he should and therefore is finding his choice of hair problematic.

Kevin Perez

He makes a pretty girl! And yeah, with what Mr. Famu says, would gives you the idea he wants to be some sort of yuppie? Are there any dress codes for incredibly wavy hair?


um yeah, i guess my reply is...f@ck the south? i grew up there and i got out. i'm straight btw, had nothing to do with that.


Uh James, that's not the answer to the problem because you will run in this very issue practically any state in the US. As my grandmother used to say, "When you run away from your problems because eventually your problems will find you."


It is not about being a WASP. There is nothing wrong with conforming to a certain "dress code". If you haven't noticed, there are dress codes in every job. An athlete can't show up to a press conference dressed in any attire. You can't walk into an interview dressed any sort of way. And in some clubs or bars, you are not allowed in unless you wear the proper attire. It is a fact of life.

That is what is wrong with the "me generation" now. It is all about what I want. "If you don't like it, you are a _________. (fill in the blank)"


Well Im old fashioned when it comes to dress code in schools. I still believe that children should wear uniforms. Simple easy and far cheaper than pink wigs, nikes, and designer wear.
I am concerned abouthwre this kid in terms of gender identity which i think is another issue altogether.


@ Mr. FAMU by pushing it- I mean that the schools try to keep certain things (hair, clothes, etc.) from distracting the general student while in class, as well as keep gang-related clothes and appearances out (or so they say).

Back in the day, I used to get 3 lines cut in my left eyebrow, which is now considered gang related. A nephew of mine wanted to sport the look and was sent home because of it and the potential of what it represents.

All b.s. aside, a pink wig is of no greater danger to the general public, but since we live in homophobic time, surely you know that not everyone is readily as accepting and open to that type of creative freedom. And because of that there are still some taboos or social pariahs to deal with.

Dreds and the ethnic like have expirenced the discrimination as well, but my question is are they of a less distracting color? In these cases people are more apt to accept Race over Sexual Identity/Preferences.


Not sure where I stand on this, although many, many years ago when I was in high school one guy came in drag more than once and I don't recall anything happening and it sure didn't stop him.

I guess that in this day and age maybe they should just all wear uniforms since his outfit was no different or worse from what I've seen some of these on the bus stops wearing, but, if a school does not mandate them, they should allow a student to dress his or her identity, and, if the school can't do that, especially in a major metropolitan area, they should be sued.


Yes, let the child do whatever he wants to do. Who needs discipline these days? Certainly not the youth of today, who are graduating high school with poor reading, spelling, AND math skills but can wear a pink wig because they want to.

Kevin Perez

Discipline on what? Is he causing problems of any sort intentionally? Is he doing to cause a scene. Nothing has been said about his academic peformance, so what are you whining about. What the f*ck does poor reading, spelling and math skills have anything to with this kid not wanting to conform to the "gender norms" the school wants to impose on him? Hmmmm...

So many of you are high and mighty about dress codes but there's no mention about that in the school. Rather, it's people with a discomfort around that are fussing over this. Yeah, not wanting to conform to gender norms because people are uncomfortable with transgendered people screams "it's all about me" and need of discipline.

The T folks are hated by gays and lesbians to a point, so I wouldn't be surprised if there are people here who are uncomfortable with the fact he's transgendered. We sometimes are our worst enemies.


Nobody is being high and mighty about dress codes, Kevin. These dress codes are in place for a reason. And in the article (since you failed to read it), there was a fight because of his attire. The school is worried about his safety.

And the dress codes are put in place so the school will not take time away from academics to deal with these problems. And it is about the "me generation" because everything is expected to conform to what they want or you get cussed out. It is ridiculous.



Off topic, but you didn't happen to go to Campbell did you?!


@ Campbell

Yes I went to Campbell..do you know who I'm talking about??


I'm of many minds about this. This is not a clear-cut case of discrimination.

As others have already pointed out, an inextricable function of schooling IS conformity; one goes to school to learn how to speak, write, behave and be capable and functional in a society--in other words, you learn the codes and values of that society and you learn to value them.

Moreover, a school or place of business or any independent institution DOES have the right to impose rules regarding the dress and behavior of the population that people these places. Why? Because institutions are by definition hubs of order and manic conformity. Otherwise? Chaos.

While a virulent strain of homophobia in Cobb County may be a primary motive in the harassment of this young (wo)man(?), I don't necessarily believe the school staff acted in bad faith. The fact is a child--male or female (identifying)--who wears a pink wig or dresses outside the school's norm IS disruptive and will be a target of teasing, fights, and other bad behavior-- an animated object of distraction. A genuine concern for this boy's(?) and other's safety could've been the major motivation for the advice of the assistant principal.

Baltimore Femme

CC and Kevin : Thank you! Thank you! Thank YOU!

Aint this a blip. Prince is soooo "fierce" for his Chanel drag and heels. This young person not so much!

I never knew so many people in Rod 2.0 family were concerned about gender identity and "safety"..I can think of quite a few recent cases were trans sistas were shot, killed or attacked and there were crickets in comments. there must have been five or six stories about Nana Boo Mack and i dont think she got 20 comments in total.

And what the eff does a pink wig have to do with academics?

I'm not even going to talk about what I went through at school growing up. But I am so sure many of you were called names or bullied, too. Imagine this...instead of the teachers and principal telling him that he had to dress more manly, what if they told him he had to ACT more manly? Yea I bet many of you would protest that bs.

Another black T sistah shot in Milwaukee the other day, only a few people here supported. I appreciate reading that story at this blog and this one too despite comments. I really like Rod reaching out to the "Ts". So I will bite my tongue. But the comments in our black gay community are anti femme and anti trans. SMH @ discipline


In an ideal world children would be born with values discipline etc and they would be no need for school rules at all.

In an ideal world neon green wigs and assless skirts could be worn by any one to school and no one would care. Other children would be mature enough to handle extreme difference AND they would be counsellors, psychologists and police to ensure that everyone is protected to express themselves however they want even if they chose to come to school nekked.

But this is not an ideal world and I think that sometimes LGBT people have to chose their battles carefully.

The school is in a no win situation. The kid is not doing himself any favours. Most importantly I dont see how a pink wig is so important to his sense of self that HE HAS TO wear it to school. Its not like PINK Is his natural hair color. Eralier I spoke about his transgendered issues because I see no problem with him dressing as a woman if that is how he self identifies BUT I think that a pink wig in school is a bit much... I'd rather see him in a girls uniform or less ridiculous female clothing. As I said earlier... school is about learning NOT a PRIDE PARADE


but let me bow out here because as I said earlier I am very conservative when it comes to children and school. With adults anything goes!

Kevin Perez

T folks truly get the short end of the stick.

And Zambos89 and Rigga, if both you are so concerned with dress codes and conformity, why not expect others to do same who may dress in manner that could be bothersome to others, excluding this kid. And that BS about being a discraction soley lies on the @$$hole who couldn't handle his dress. Blaming him because of OTHER students discomfort is such a valid reason.

I think any one who is expected to conform to gender norms suddenly because of "dress codes" and "norms" has every right to give the finger/cuss out folks. Especially if they're being criticised by GAY MEN, such as here. That's ridiuclous and that people will aways find fault with those who refuse to conform BASED on discomfort. YOU failed to mention that school said there would be no problem with his attire or pink wig, either.

Oh, there are academic instituions that put importance on conformity than anything else, so please save me the BS and lecture.

CC d'Afrique du Sud

now doesn't this jsut hit home huh?

anywayz, i firmly believe in wearing whatever you want but someone here mentioned something about becoming a target when you don something too 'out there'. true! you have a good point. then again, if he is aware of the dangers and is prepared to accept all the stares, critic, insults, go ahead then, put on your wig LOL!

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