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09 October 2009



This is truly sad for everyone involved. The defendant who clearly lived a closeted and desperate life that no amount of church could solve. His church that clearly must take some blame for NOT getting him psychiatric help and allwoing him to keep up the charade that was his life. The 'trade piece' who was playing everyone including the defendant and the victim. The victim even though she was duplicitous. The victims husband who was being played. The victims family.

Hopefully there is a moral somewhere in there


I hope it does not make me come off as a mean person, but he should have got the chair for his henious acts, the jury was right, and from the info I've read on Rod's blog, it was the right thing, put him under the prison for life.

Xavier Deron

"The Wake County jury deliberated for a day and a half."


D. Askew

let this be a lesson on the hypocrisy of the black church and the dangers of the closet.

i hope all of those church queens are reading this. THIS COULD BE YOU!


Its not the church queens that this could be @ D.Askew- its the closeted church hypocrites who need to take notice!

Dallas Cowboy

@ Luther:

I hate to sound vindictive but I was thinking the same thing. Stabbed 40 times? The death penalty would not have been a bad thing.


This ordeal is finally over with. Perhaps the family of the victim can achieve closure. Let's just hope that the judge doesn't blow this case by handing down a ridiculously light sentence. I just can't imagine the horror and pain she endured when dying from the hands of Reaves. How sad.


I am just coming to the blog after being off for several days .. omg how did I miss this? This is HORRIBLE...My prayers to the family.

If this man was such a predator,, why did the churches keep hiring him?

How could they NOT know?


Jail for Reaves' should be a long and PAINFUL ordeal. I hope he gets all the men he could ever want to have their way with him. Even that isn't enough in comparison to the pain he put his victim thru.

U Street

smh .... it's not the fault of the black church! there are some black churches that welcome gays who insist on flauting there sexuality

this was just one man with a problem. its not like these things happen every day. and what does his being closet have to do with it? many of us in closet don't kill anyone i don't see the point. but i do hear cases of gay lovers beating and killing each other.

mello...how would you like if someone said that about you?

i do hope he gets a reasonable sentence...

U Street

and rod thanks a lot for ruining my day celebrateing obama's nobel prize. couldn't this story have waited until tomorrow?

Derrick from Philly

"...gays who insist on flauting there sexuality"

Flaunting their sexuality? What they do? Jerk off while the pastor is giving his sermon?

Don't you mean that some of our more gender role non-conforming brothern (comme MOI) don't put on a masculine performance for the congregation? Why should they? Y'all like us better when we chil'ren put on a show. AMEN.



This is not an attack on the church, this was a trial of one person who did some very bad things. But the black churches 9and many others Catholics, evangelicals etc) are ATTACKING gays and lesbians. This so called bishop was just another in this clown car of hypocrites.

I'm sorry you think wanting to go to a church that accepts you is wrong. And being yourself is not "flaunting" (I think that's what you meant). I swear, some of you church queens are the biggest flaunters and you think you are being subtle.

Robert Reaves was able to do what he did because people kept COVERING UP for him. Sound familiar? And allowing it to happen. And I am not going to disparage Mr Randolph but knew this pastor was a freak and a hypocrite. Was the rent that low?

God rest the soul of this woman, as imperfect as she was. She did not deserve to die especially this way. Did this twisted closet queen really believe he would have a chance?


@ U Street:

Here is a pearl of wisdom to think on:

"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom."
-Anais Nin


@ U Street

Why do you even come here? I will never forgive you for the dispersions casted upon Nana "Boo" Mack when she was killed. You tried to insinuate that she was a prostitute and she deserved being killed because she was showing the world what gay folks do behind closed doors. So anything you say from that point on is meaningless. You are a disgrace.

U Street

What the flock? I dont believe this.First all @ CC...I don't know what you or this "Anais Nin" talking about.Is this 'bout anal? is that what this pastor did?

Ravenback.....yeah dude I remember you from before. Lots of mouth on you like many of y'all. Let me say this politely...STFU. Why do you bring up what I said before? I made an intelligent comment about what 'often' happens in these situations. Was the killer found? Okay maybe i was wrong.

As far as why I come to this blog, I really like it. despite it not really being for us DL or closeted brothas. I learn things (and I don't like the DC bashing one bit!) but I like to learn about the world. Is that so bad?

James M

Good. I'm glad Justice is served and I hope this man gets it good in prison.


@ U Street

Thank you for the compliment about having a lot of mouth. Guys have complimented me before about my wonderful mouth.

If you were a regular participant on this blog, then you should realize that telling me to STFU is futile. Your past comments are a reflection on who you are. You were way off base then, just like you are now. Different comments but still shows ignorance and a lack of sensitivity. And when you talked about hoping Reaves gets a reasonable sentence, what is reasonable for committing premeditated murder? 5 years, 15, 25, or life? Enlighten us with your intellectual acumen.

And Rod 2.0 has always been for all LGBT folks. Just because DL and closeted people can't look into a mirror and accept who they are without boundaries and reservations, that's your problem. Strive harder to get into the game rather than hope for sex to fall into your lap. No one here is obligated to keep your fantasy world alive and clutter free.

And finally, perhaps you should change your name from U Street to Dead End. Because obviously your mind is where good thoughts go to die. You had that coming and you know it.


'"dead End' LOLOLOLOL...too good

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