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05 October 2009


Derrick from Philly

"oh, keep on eatin'
Yes, keep on eatin"
Keep on eatin', Brotha' till enough." by Memphis Minnie

Enjoy yourself, Straight Boy. But take it from us homos, don't forget to brush your teeth AND TONGUE, if not, a proper young lady aint gonna' kiss ya'.

Automatic Prince

Thanks Rod.. that's definitely a good way to start the day :-)


"It don't take a whiz to know that only a desperate man would drop his pants (OR DEMONSTRATE HIS ORAL TECHNIQUES FROM THE STAGE)in showbiz"
...Lorel (from Dreamgirls).

But then ANYTHING GOES today!


I can remember Stevie Wonder and Donnie Hathaway stripping and doing this back in the day.
Keeping it classy, young folks!!!


Umm, yeahy. Him. That one!

The Truth

I just exhaled...


Now that singers are doing this sort of thing regularly, we really need a new name to characterize it. In sports it is called "sporno". - this sort of super-sexualization of performers is another incarnation of psuedo porn.


Ps: I do love it 


I'm so glad he's growing up. He's becoming a very handsome man.


Now, I know Tremaine is getting desperate for attention. Apparently, he fails to realize the "less is more" principle and that this antics is so unnecessary.

Markus T

Does anyone know who made the jeans that he is wearing. They are HOT! oh and yea he looks hot in them. But I want the jeans...HELP!

Rod Mc

@ Markus:

Oh you know I noticed those jeans too. I'm going to find out who made those, stat! -RM


I am going to sleep with that man.
I am calling it into existence.

Don't make me start chanting lol ;-)

Markus T

@ Rob
Once you find out please let me know. lol

CC d'Afrique du Sud

he's trying too hard... really...


Everyone has a right to their insaitable appetites. Trey Songz makes it all the more delectable, with a banging body to boot. Carry on!

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