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11 October 2009



So much hate to overcome..

Audre Lorde

Communique from the Forgotten:

Human Rights Campaign HQ Glamdalized By Queers Against Assimilation

HRC headquarters was rocked by an act of glamdalism last night by a crew of radical queer and allied folks armed with pink and black paint and glitter grenades. Beside the front entrance and the inscribed mission statement now reads a tag, "Quit leaving queers behind."

The HRC is not a democratic or inclusive institution, especially for the people who they claim to represent. Just like society today, the HRC is run by a few wealthy elites who are in bed with corporate sponsors who proliferate militarism, heteronormativity, and capitalist exploitation. The sweatshops (Nike), war crimes (Lockheed Martin), assaults on working class people (Bank of America, Deloitte, Chase Bank, Citi Group, Wachovia Bank) and patriarchy (American Apparel) caused by their sponsors is a hypocrisy for an organization with "human rights" in their name.

The queer liberation movement has been misrepresented and co-opted by the HRC. The HRC marginalizes us into a limited struggle for aspiring homosexual elites to regain the privilege that they've lost and climb the social ladder towards becoming bourgeoisie.

Last night, Obama spoke at the HRC fundraising gala and currently the HRC website declares, "President Obama underlines his unwavering support for LGBT Americans." The vast amount of organizing resources the HRC wastes on their false alliance with the Democratic party leaves radical queers on the margins to fend for themselves. Our struggle has always had to resist the repression of conservative tendencies in government and society to gain liberation in our lives.

The gourmet affair was sponsored by 48 corporations including giants Lockheed Martin, Microsoft, and Wachovia Bank. At $250 dollars a plate the HRC served our movement a rich, white, heternormative atmosphere that purposefully excludes working class queer folks.

REMEMBER THE STONEWALL RIOTS! On the 40th anniversary of Stonewall, pigs raided a queer bar in Texas, arrested and beat our friends, and we looked towards politicians and lawyers to protect us. This mentality is what keeps the money flowing to the HRC and their pet Democrats, and keeps our fists in our pockets.

Most of all we disagree that collective liberation will be granted by the state or its institutions like prisons, marriage, and the military. We need to escalate our struggle, or it will collapse.

~~Love and Solidarity~~

Robert M.

Early this morning the Human Rights Campaign building was vandalized. Early police reports say that around 4am this morning the building was defaced. According to police the vandals used either paintball guns or balloons filled with paint. It appears to have been a drive by and the police have no suspects.

The vandalism occurred after HRC’s Annual National Dinner fundraiser where President Obama spoke. This was the most publicized dinner HRC has held because of the President’s appearance. Obama’s speech was televised live on Cspan and also covered by CNN.

Today is also the National Equality March where thousands of LGBT people will be marching for equal rights.

LGR will be following this story and will provide updates from the police as they come in.


At 4:30om EST today a group claimed responsibility by leaving a comment here on this post. Calling the act “glamdalism” the group states in their message that “a crew of radical queer and allied folks armed with pink and black paint and glitter grenades. Beside the front entrance and the inscribed mission statement (of the HRC building) now reads a tag, “Quit leaving queers behind.”


PS Can read the full message left by the protesters at the above link


I was going to say that this was likely to be an act caused by more radical elements of the gay movement as opposed to gay-bashers.


No matter who did it and for what reason- they need a beat down for realz!


well I was watching people like Dan Savage and Signorile taking an almost far right attitude towards President Obama on CNN the other day and I'm confused as to why?

Rome was not built in a day! I think that we , the gay community have to be careful we do not turn off the people who are on our side by 'acting the fool' unnecessarily.

We are not in fairy land ( pun intended) so there is no magic wand to instantly change laws AND ATTITUDES!

Of course it is okay and desireable to keep the pressure on Obama BUT be respectful!



The real issue is in the underlying racial "issues" finally coming to the front. We got next to nothing from Clinton, and he was never discussed the same way that Obama is (granted, those were different times and different issues, but a decent comparison can be made). I, too, and tired of waiting, but many of these people do not like the fact that they are waiting for a BLACK MAN to act. That pisses them off, and their response is to turn hostile to every other piece of his agenda-- the tone of their critiques is questionable (and I count myself among the critics).


yea ...Im just shocked that they are so blatantly disrespectful...
I hate to say it but if you are white and gay, you are STILL WHITE and if you are the President of the USA and you are black , you are STILL BLACK!


Kevjack and nathans, good stuff, thanks for saying what many have been saying, the ones speaking for the glbt community would be wise to follow the path of the HRC, IMO, as Savage and the rest of them are making Limbaugh and Beck seem normal with their hate.

Bobby R

I am all for keeping the pressure on Congress, the President and his administration. However, back in 2004, I sent emails to some big members of the LBGT political community stating that we should march on Washington. This was around the time George W. Bush was using our community as a wedge issue to get back into the office. I was told blatantly that marching was so 1990’s. I was confused and distraught about their response, especially since we were punching bags for the Bush administration. We failed to act on a President who truly was an enemy to our community. Instead, we are marching on a President who did not sign any of these issues into law. I am all for staying on him about his promises. However, we did not march on the last president so why are we marching on this one. We need to take this energy and start contacting our Congressman and Senators. We need to let them know that our votes will not be taken for granted. They are a key part to assisting the President in repealing DADT and DOMA.

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