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09 October 2009



I hope he chokes. This guy makes me ill.-QH


What a fat loser! Didn't they also just announce he will be a judge for Miss America Pagent 2010?


so he agrees with the groups that sheltered al qaeda? the same people who tore down the trade center?

fat drugged out hateful sob..


We cant even be glad for our leader when another nation gives him an award....

You know what the world is saying about us.....

"stupid Americans"

I weep for America

Honut SInti

I hope the racist cow chokes on a hamhock!


Maybe if we just don't post and give him any media attention just maybe he will run along home and hide!

Limbaugh has millions of daily listeners. That's plenty of attention. Look at what Think Progress and Color of Change are doing with Glenn Beck. They're encouraging thousands of people to contact his sponsors, who are dropping like flies. -RM


Let's see. The Taliban just attacked the Indian embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan and killed at least 17 people. Iran just sentenced activists to death. And Rush Limbaugh brags that he agrees with them. At least he finally admits what many people had been saying about him. He and his fellow rethug inmates side with the extremists of the world. They root against America and oppose anyone that supports peace efforts and respect towards others. If President Obama admits to America's failings, then he's accused of kissing ass, apologizing to the world, and showing weakness. The world is not acting crazy over President Obama receiving the Nobel Prize. It's the many stupid Americans who are showing the world their ugly sides. But I do enjoy watching the rethugs implode. It's like watching the movie "Scanners" with the heads exploding.


Limbaugh is an idiot...he needs to jump of a building. I promise I won't miss him at all.

Face and Waist

Cedric, it doesn't work like that. That's like saying ignore racism, homophobia or gaybashing and they will stop. When you hear stuff like this, you're supposed to fight back not pretend it isn't happening.

Rush is a big fat loser. Always has been, always will. And Rod I live "live" for you always calling him a pill popper. I hope he chokes on an Oxy and dies. THERE! I SAID IT!


Notice the only people that whine and bitch about stuff all the time are the same ones that NEVER offer any real solutions. I'm not saying, but I'm just saying...


It's obvious that Rush and his ilk are those types of people...


Rod, please don't place that pig's face on the site again. I threw up a little.

James M

All this old man wants is attention cause. He will be forgotten tomorrow.


And also this nutcase wants to buy The St Louis Rams...Rod are you aware of that?

Lord for once we would have an ALL WHITE FOOTBALL team!



I am sure that, as Rod implies, there many areas in which Limbaugh and the Taliban agree.

We could start with their shared belief in the inferiority of women and the need to exterminate gay people, and then move on to their shared desire for totalitarian rule.


OK he has millions of followers because of what? The media!!! I did not say ignore him I said lets not give him what he needs is fuel for his own fire. I have this chick at work who LUVS his dirty drawers. I tell her if he is so great then why doesn't he run and win for presidency? If you put that much faith in one man then why do you worship? She could not come up with a good answer. Think for yourself and let others give you factors. You take in what you have before you and you determine what is right. Of course she has not mention his name since. OH we know RACISM LIVES EVERWHERE!!! I cannot stop that nor have the time to change your mind when I have such a short time on this Earth. If you want to have those beliefs who I am to judge.

alicia banks

rush is a bloated bigoted buffoon

but even he is right about obama's nobel prize being a global guffaw!


see more:

Distant Lover

Boss Limbaugh and Glenn Beck will never shut up because their racist base hates President Obama and pandering to their racist views is big money for these media whores.
But, as Rod suggested, boycotting their sponsors is a way for us to show our displeasure at their treasonous, racist, divisive rhetoric.

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