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20 October 2009



Louis Smith is DEVASTATING.
He is soooo gorgeous and sooooo talented. This was too bad.

We love you Lou! Stay strong!


Should've had a V8 lol


Ok, did I miss something? I didn't see any fall. But, then again I am not well versed in noticing that type of thing in this sport. Was it the missed hand movement? That was all I saw.


These pics are fantastic. That boy is bulging out of his sexy lil uniform. I am so sure he will top level for 2012. Better now than then.

Once again Rod, thanks from West London for keeping your eye on all the beautiful Black men on this side of the pond!


aww.. on my way to london to kiss his boo boo. don't look for me it may take awhile...

Chris Cruz

Good lawd that man is phine.

Louis Smith can practice his new routine on me any place any time!


FREELEO, you are sooooo Florence Nightingale. (Or should I say Mary Seacole?)


@ Mark

He didn't FALL in a dramatic sense, it was more that he was forced to let go of the pommel horse do to poor positioning. Once he starts his routine he should NOT let go until he is finished, the feet are to not touch the ground until the OFFICIAL dismount. This is HIS event and he is a master of this apparatus. It was very sad to see him "Fall", but no one is perfect and he should use this as motivation and keep on moving.

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