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08 October 2009



Trying to give you "all man" and "top" but very much the pushy butch bottom!


You can call him names if you like. I respect what he said. He's not a model. His career won't be made because of the clothes he's wearing. He knows his style and he looks great in the clothes here. If he didn't like the clothes picked by the stylist, then he shouldn't have to wear them. Does he have control issues? Sure. He's a short, black, prize fighter. I would be surprised if he didn't have control issues. Usually it's the women who get accused of being a bitch because they assert themselves. Are we starting to do it with men?


@ sadiq: thank ya very much!!!


I don't blame him.

The skinny jeans are for women. back in the late 80's those jeans were popular. Women/girls wore them then.

Not everyone looks good in skinny jeans. If you got stick legs, skinny jeans aren't for you.

Not every gay guy (Floyd) follows the trends. Some gay guys wear make-up and some don't. Some wear tank tops and other wear a "tube" top.

Being a control freak doesn't make you a bottom.... look at Puffy.


...he has a point.

And as someone above stated, skinny jeans aren't for everyone. I personally can't (and won't) wear them. Because of sports (and genetics), my lower body is entirely too big. Maybe the same goes for him.

Andy Niable

There's the nice way to say no to a stylist. And there's the Diva way to say no to a stylist. Here, we have...


Skinny jeans do cut off blood from circulating through your body. It's not healthy.

Derrick from Philly

"Skinny jeans do cut off blood from circulating through your body. It's not healthy."

Then all of us who lived through the late 1970s must be the walking dead---especially, the straight guys with their thaings imprinted on the side of their tight jeans covered thigh. Oh, those were the days!


now derrick, i was there with you in the 70's and in even in philly, and you know the cut of calvins, jordache and even sassoons were not like these jeans they wear now. lol.

i have to agree with mayweather. he's not a a model. he's a short, black, prize fighter. i expect him to have control issues. if he's not comfortable with the clothes pulled for the shoot, he doesn't have to wear them, and he didn't, and he looks great.


I like what he said, I think he's right- there's nothing hot about looking just like every other pretty boy model out there- it's generic and uninspired. Its his image- why should he feel uncomfortable and look ridiculous just because some so-called stylist picked out some trendy mess for him to wear.

Sasha Not So Fierce

umm, i don't think the point of the story was mayweather wearing the jeans. it was him threatening to shut down the shoot and throwing a tantrum.

i mean, not even beyonce would go that far, not that she looks so great nowdays anyway!

total beoytch move imho


I think the consensus, so far, is that what he said was not over the top; that he alone has to control his image; and that a lot of current fashion and style are ridiculous (especially the tattoo thing).
Indeed, I respect him for standing up to a bunch of fashion facists.

(And there was a time when the word "diva" was not a negative. Maybe Diana Ross' crappy attitude changed it.)


LOL..wow seahawk. i was with you until you took a swing at the iconic innocent miss ross. she's home reading aarp literature and preparing to receive social security and she still can't catch a break...lol

Chris Cruz

The scans are fabulous and I'm with you Rod, the man does take some killer photos.

Sorry, not going to give this pintsize butch queen his props or defend his b!tchy tantrums, not after the way he keep making gay jokes the other week. No ma'am.

Not very manly Floyd. A real dude could make his point without the drama. But I guess all the queens who ignored his gay baiting can appreciate his "divatude"....


Can't say I blame you at all Floyd. To avoid all of this drama in the future simply tell whoever it is you are modeling for to send you what it is they expect you to where and agree or disagree before you arrive for the shoot.

Certain types of clothes are not meant for everyone. I personally don't think real men wear earrings either.

Xavier Deron

"He refused to wear a single piece of clothing that was handpicked by celeb stylist Malcolm Phipps. Instead, he wanted to be photographed wearing his own designer duds and threatened to shut down the shoot altogether is he was forced to wear anything that might make him resemble a certain hip--hop superstar from Chicago."

is this how REAL men and hardcore "real" nikkaaz act? REALLY?

Did he insist on CHANEL mosturizers too? FOR REAL?

Perfect 10s for Butch Queen REALNESS!

Lang B

Where is the compromise- I am sure there was a piece or two that could have been incorporated with his clothing. I mean it is an honor to grace a magazine. Should have told to him to get dressed and give him a digi cam and tell him to do self portaits in the mirror instead.

The only thing I agree with is his take on tats and everything off being style.

DW Jazzlover

I seriously think he did the right thing, no one even for celeb stylist Malcolm Phipps, should be made to be uncomfortable, to fit some Stereotype of who we are.. There has not been a good rep for choosing fashion for Black men.
Just my opinion. He spoke up for himself, accept it.


Im digging Floyd's sense of individuality. He is a black man who actually has a back bone! *shock* We need more men like him, and less robots. However, he needs counseling. Homosexuality is consuming his mind, and he is kind of reminding me of a guy who is resisting his own urges.....

(PS.I see Beyonce hate was eased into this topic....a mess *smh*)


laughing... y'all funny as hel but i agree with him least on the shoot. i had to do this shoot for a designer on Sat & they was trying to put some thing around my neck called an a_ss cot & I was aw hel no that puffy thing. I ended up giving in but only because they did the rest in more reg clothes like nice shirts and jeans.

btw Floyd is a good boxer but it seems like he's avoiding serious contenders like Pacquiao


Individuality or not, there is a tactful way of expressing your difference of opinion with the stylist or anyone running a shoot with out acting like a royal ass. Floyd is a such a drama queen and obviously a sexually confused, inch-height private eye, boxer.

Face and Waist

>>Being a control freak doesn't make you a bottom.... look at Puffy.

That was a joke right?

What Kayman and Mellovirgil said. There is a time and place for everything. I like him (he is gawgeous!) and his style, I just wish he didnt gaybait soooo very much and were more secure about his masculinity. I think he has some "issues" tho nahmean...

But going on all Dominique Devereaux at the shoot? Butch it up, baby boy....

And the skinny jeans would like cute on him w/ his tiny waist and lil bubble butt. Maybe he knows that...

Just a thought...


i dont understand his behavior he calls himself prettyboy but he isnt not the face or the way he dresses if u dont like something thats fine but to insult others for liking it is where i have a problem


This is one of the funnier threads we’ve had in a while.

FREELEO: I’ve read a lot of adjectives to describe Ms. Ross, but this is the first time ever for me to read the word “innocent.”



You remind me of the older, bitter Black gay men who because they are no longer young, IN and down with the times always have a nasty, condescending or patronizing remark for what the kids of today do, wear, etc. Stick to your husky pants, your bootcuts, your Rocawear specials. Skinny jeans are here to stay for the handful of people that can pull them off.

@ CJ I agree with you. Floyd is a cornball. What gives him the right to act like a diva? He didn't want to wear a skinny pant because he is homophobic, UNCOMFORTABLE with his sexuality and though skinny jeans/pants are spawn from 70's punk/indie/hipster culture, they have grown into a go-to clothing piece for most gay men. Floyd didn't want to be photographed in anything that his more ignorant fans would see and totally peg as indicative of his sexual orientation. He isn't fooling me. Funny and IRONIC enough, I've seen plenty of photos of him dressed in the same negrodian Gucci belts and tacky Supra duds you see on the average pseudo-BQ trendy straight man. Where is all of this "individuality" coming from? Girl, sit down.

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