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19 October 2009



HA HA! There have been queens at Morehouse since the school laid its foundation. They might not have been officially out but even Ray Charles could see them.

Is the school within their rights to ban women's clothing? Yes, although I doubt it is as much as a problem as sagging pants and pajamas, though. I live in Atlanta and can tell you that the image of the Morehouse men really has gone down.


i don't really see this as homophobic, since they r banning do rags and baggy pants too. i think Morehouse suffering an identity crisis, how to stay very traditional yet modern too. sorry but i don't think dresses, purses and high heels belong at morehouse or any other male school.

Baltimore Femme

i want to see how selective is senforcement?

were the pajamas and do-rag wearing middle class thugs escorted by security for wearing their gear?


This is ridiculous. If they are so eager to enforce something, why don't they make it mandatory for students to be fluent in a second language, since it would give students an edge in the job market?


Morehouse would do better to focus their energies on its failing academic programs and less-than-stellar accommodations/facilities. All this attention to the fashion or "image" of its student body seems misplaced- kinda like rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.


LOLMAO @ all the sissy queens who can't wear there high heels or get away with wearing make-up to cover up ugly blemishes.

Maybe they will butch up from this enforcement.

Morehouse should make them sissies butch up!


This is downright funny. That school has so many problems and it is dealing with all of the issues facing black men. At one extreme you have the glorification of thug and prison culture among a mostly middle class student body, and you have gay (trans?) students who are pushing the envelope in the opposite direction. At least the policy was an attempt to bring some level of formality to the way too informal nature of college campuses these days.


I am willing to give this policy the benefit of the doubt. It doesn't appear to discriminate against any individual group of people. If the policy is fully enforced, then it would affect more people dressing in baggy pants and throwback jerseys than those who wear dresses or other women clothing. We'll see how effective the new policy will be.

I don't trip on how people dress in college. College is supposed to be a place where students gain a bit of freedom and independence. You learn how to monitor yourself and take care of your own responsibilities without an adult breathing down your neck. I graduated from UC Berkeley where clothing was not an issue at all. As a matter of fact, the Naked Guy was the big topic a few years after I had graduated. Regardless of how people dressed, many graduates went on to lead in public policy, engineering, science, research, and business. To me, a high quality of education is the most important thing a college can provide as well as student retention and assistance. I always thought the advantage of a HBCU was to help build strong black leaders and provide a family-like atmosphere so students won't fall by the wayside. As long as they do those things, then the dress code is a moot issue.


The dress code is very WEB DuBois, Talented Tenth, no? Which more or less was how Morehouse and many Spelman were founded, with a "paper bag" test and as graduating the who's who of colored society.

In some ways it seems the bigger crime is the gay students going along with it. It's not unlike how many/most black gay men want to play nice with black straights so they will "like" us more.


What does a standard of dress have to do with a "paper bag?" You say "gay students" as if they are monolithic. I'm sure there are a lot of gay students tired low standards and won't mind the change. If they don't like it, there are hundreds of other colleges to choose from.

Apparently things have gotten so out of hand with sagging pants, gold fronts, cross dressing, and pajamas being worn to class and on campus that a policy had to be created. I'm sure it was not created because the faculty had nothing better to do.

Morehouse's historic legacy was at stack because many don't know how to self regulate.

The code of conduct is basic and should be easy to adhere to. I see no problem.


There's nothing the Morehouse administration can possibly do to de-gayify the school's reputation. Especially that of the Alphas.

Bobby R

Morehouse as a private institution is well within its legal rights to enforce a dress code. However, the language of the dress code could have been phrased differently as to not offend. They could have just stated what is considered appropriate attire instead of stating what is not. This would have avoided this controversy surrounding wearing women’s attire. Personally, I believe college is the last place where young adults can explore their individual identity before the world and the workplace begin to put constraints on that expression. Some of the comments above which references butching up sissy queens are the exact reason why some effeminate gay men dress in women’s attire. It is a big middle finger to a traditional societal norm that seeks to enforce traditional masculine roles upon them. This is about gender expression and not about being gay on Morehouse campus. We struggle with this same issue in the GLBT community as well. We uphold the masculine over the feminine. It is a complex issue that is now being pushed to the forefront thanks to this incident at Morehouse.


This is nothing more than just a series of events that has placed the school in the limelight on how it treats its gay student body. Several situations have risen recently within the school, so it would stand to reason that this sudden “ban” on certain types of clothing is nothing more than just a quick PR way to suppress any possible gay related incidents in the future. Why some people refuse to understand the true reason in behind the purpose of the ban is truly beyond me.

How ironic is it that After a baseball bat beating, an employee firing over a homophobic email, AND a sudden dress code enactment that all of these events just happen to correlate all together with one common theme; which is repressing the gay student body within a conservative black university!

The “thug” persona and look has been around for decades, but Morehouse chose NOW to respond to it?
IF dress was such an issue, WHY wasn’t there a dress code being enforced BEFORE a more visible gay presence showed up at the campus? WHY NOW IS THERE A PROBLEM???

Then to top it off, why are some of the gay students voting in support of something just to turn right around and speak against the very thing they claimed to support? The truth of the matter is we know what’s REALLY going on but we’d rather throw up these smokescreens to cloud the main issue.

Sure, I know the bottom line is that Morehouse is a private institution and can set rules and regulations as they wish. However, when piecing the timeline of events together clouding this school in regards to gay-related negative incidents, its very telling of the university to enact something as drastic as this with the intention of “watering down” the wording so that it will encompass a wide range of dress, rather than just one
(which we all know as what portion (s) of the dress code is going to be heavily enforced anyways so the wording is really fooling no one).


While I think its pretty ridiculous as I doubt if it was ever even an issue, but, if they are banning those silly do rags and saggy jeans, its worth it, even though I would rather see a man tastefully dressed as a woman over someone in the do rag and drawers showing.


Actually I'm very much in favor of strict dress codes in K-12 education. I'm all for school uniforms. If you fail to institute discipline when growing up, then waiting until college is a wee-bit too late. But Morehouse can do whatever they want to do. I really don't care what dress code they have. I'm tired of seeing the saggy pants amongst our young ones in public. The style has gone way too far.


As usual morehouse is just being morehouse. They are always in the news for SOMETHING hardly ever good. They are relying on legacies to much and not adding to them. The ultimate FU would be to hit em wear it hurts in their POCKET BOOK Morehouse ise strapped for cash as it is, I'd just take my tuition dollars elsewhere. I bet GSU don't have no crazy dress codes.

The future is in multiculturalism and diversity. They can hold on to homogeny all they want. But they will only suffer for it.


Morehouse just don't make it easy for a gay student. I saw go to another, if not prestigious university like Howard, Cornell and Harvard. At least, you are allowed to express yourself.


I meant say not saw

Honut SInti

Damn! Now I gotta return the silver clutch and sling backs I bought my nephew for passing his finals. He is such a fine and wonderful young man...

...Where in the world did I put that receipt?


I for one appluad Morehouse.This should have been done 10years ago. Some people take it waaaay to far and it is a DISTRACTION!!

Mr. Alexander King

Fcuk Morehouse! I'm one very happy and openly black gay man that is very glad I attended NYU & Columbia Universities over this archaic, backwards, full-of-fear and limited-scope-of-black-men college. Is Morehouse doing anything about combating the large DOWN LOW populace in their student body?? YES--all of us young and beautiful black gay men that have moved to Atlanta have easily encountered the sexually ambiguous Alphas and rampantly undercover self-hating "Morehouse Men" who've slept with gay men like me. Give me a break Morehouse! LOL. Obviously, there's an "image" you're after...but dear, the GAY & Bisexual is so there already and been so for years. We'll just continue to perpetrate "masculine" with our gay, happy now?

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