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01 October 2009



oh my, I didn't know that much hate was going around. I posted this in a good way, to celebrate their happiness. This is sad to hear



I need a minute to think about this..


I just wanted to celebrate love their love and I think I got about 50 comments yesterday!

Search older posts and see the firestorm of love!



Now what will the dean at Morehouse do about it?

Joseph Reaves

As a student who is openly gay and proudly attends a HBCU (Howard University) it saddens me that we, deservedly so in cases like this, get such a bad rap for our issues around sexual identity and orientation. )-:


I read with amazement and horror the similarities between this hateful speech and the one professed by Hitler 76 years ago.


I received an email on this Monday- The one I got was actually positive- I am not surprised that the homophobes and haters are saying their bit.


Forgive me, but I sort of feel misled by the MOREHOUSE slant. I mean really...those pics have been passed several times over by people...gay people included... for the past few days and I'm sure much of it was done in the workplace and I am sure it was discussed in a not so flattering way. Does that implicate the companies where this was done as being HOMOPHOBIC? I don't think so. I know MOREHOUSE has it's issues..along with other HBCU's I might add. I just don't believe this to be an example of "homophobia rearing its ugly head" on that campus. Nor do I feel singling them out helps matters any when there are so many others to implicate for doing the same thing.

Defensive much? If you don't think its newsworthy that an admin asst to the president of a major HBCU used *university* email to rant against gays ... that says a lot about your "slant". I guess I shouldn't have "singled out" Bossip either, right? lolz -RM

Chitown Kev


Uh, the person who sent this out obviously did it in the President's office as she was working. Any communication sent out (even from her own personal e-mail) would obviously be the property of Morehouse College. And in the President's office.

Now the question is to waht degree this communication will be tolerated at Morehouse. I couldn't get away with this on my job, I know that.

And Bossip...what else do you expect. Such ignorance from the black community. (Though to be fair, there are more than a few supportive posts at Bossip too.)



I get so sick of black women blaming gay men for their not being able to get or keep a man, maybe if they acted like real women and not being so catty and picking the bottom of the barrel men that so many seem to do, they would be happily occupied with a black man. Oddly, black straight men don't seem to have any problem finding women, so, maybe the sisters need to look in a mirror and see why they are undesirable.

And that lame Adam and Eve when they have kids outside of marriage, save me the hypocrisy about who does what and with whom in a consenting adult realtionship.

And I guess the Bossip crowd don't read its gay owned sister page, Queerty, since if they did, they would see that are being viewed the same vile manner for being black and straight as they try and view black gays.

Congratulations to the happy couple on their nuptials and its great to see out black gay men who are not afraid to share their love with the rest of the world.


Fail @ ALLEGRO.com

The Southern Voice LEADS with the Morehouse angle. The communication she sent was on company time and used company computers. The employees are being investigated.

You sound sooo much like so many other black gay men. You want to ignore the problem and shoot the messenger. These men are in love and had a beautiful ceremony. People are trying to tear it down. And they feel very comfortable doing it at work. Instead of defending your coworkers...you should have said something.


@ Allegro and others ...

If you saw these emails "for several days' did it ever occur to you to email Rod?

I cant believe how many black gays on Facebook are saying they saw emails but no one except this woman came forward. Shameful. We are our own worst enemies.


I saw these photos and the first thing I thought was...... What a beautiful looking wedding and couple. They created a wonderful celebration and their outfits were really well made and looked great. The decor and cake was 1st rate. This is why some people are upset. They know they don't have the class and style needed to pull such an amazing celebration off.

I know I sometimes joke about "all the cute ones being gay" and that is true in some cases, but it should never be a excuse to bash gays. There are men out there for everyone and if you aren't ready for one, then that is YOUR problem, NOT gay men. People are responsible for their own lives and blaming others for your flaws is RIDICULOUS! If women can't find a man its because of THEM and THEM ALONE!

Oh and another thing, Boyfriends hair was BAD! Thats probably why those wet hens can't stand him, because he's TOO MUCH for them, LOL!!

Jamel Smith

If an employee of Morehouse made such demeaning inappropriate comments about us, that individual should be made to apologize or be fired.

These straight folks have to realize that they can't just say anything about us and get away with it.

Again, we need to demand that this person apologize. If the individual refuses to apologize, I recommend firing or suspending that person.


Hey Rod...I'm a big fan of this site and all, and I LIVE for your italicized comments on others' comments. But I have to make one correction. The young lady in the Bossip post you linked to did NOT compare gays to serial killers. She was quoting an anonymous poster. If you scroll a few posts up, you'll not only see the original anonymous post, but also another instance where the young lady actually defends SGL relationships.

And no, I am not her or her cousin, LOL.


When will the homophobia end? I saw a pic on another website and the first 5 comments were so disgusting and full of hate that I left the sight. It's two people sharing their love, celebrating their love, expressing their love - why does that have to be treated like a toxic threat? Am I wrong to be scared to love because of bull ish like this, because in all honesty, I am scared.


Well, these pictures have been circulating for a couple weeks now and I have seen it on gay and other websites as well as having other people forward them to me. I can't say that the comments were positive on some of these sites either, but they were less about the couple being gay and more about the wedding being tacky or a "hot mess". I'd be lying if I said I thought the wedding was to my taste, but so what? I'm not paying for it and no suitors are at my door.

The story of couple's meeting and courtship is actually quite sweet and touching. That Bossip has nasty, hateful, homophobic things to say about them is no surprise. I try to avoid that site because it seems to represent the worst in Black Female America. The nastiness, crassness, bitchiness, and generally ugly tone was like going to work at my old job. Ugh!! I'm not sure what these men did to these people.

Rod, you're not lying about about our celebration of "Gang bangers, criminals and babies' daddies". Look at condemnation of two black men who want to love each other and not shoot each other.

As for the Morehouse employee, when you're at work, using company equipment, the company basically owns everything you type and everything sent from that company puts that company at a liability, whether legal or social. Imagine that this woman worked as a claims adjuster at an insurance company and sent out such an email from her company email address. If this information became public knowledge, that company could find itself part of a class action suit from gay men and white women who'd had their claims denied in the past. And, the state insurance commision would have investigators at the front door the next morning. Why can't people understand that when they are at work, they should be working?

One last point, it's funny that this woman goes into the same tired tirade about gay men and white women being the reason that black women can't find a good black man. You know, we have disected all of the failings of the black man in America, but I've just about had it up to here with complaining black women too.

Yes, many black men have been seriously dropping the ball for a long time when it comes to stepping up and doing right by themselves, their families and their communities, but black women are no prizes either. Maybe the reason some of these women can't find a good man is because they're not a good woman.

Having kids with every guy that comes along and smiles at you does not make you a good catch. Saying you want to get married, but dating for baby daddies does not lead to the alter. Seriously, can a black woman in America make it to the age of 25 without popping out a kid for a loser?!

Eating yourself into morbid obesity, but contending that you're just "thick", refusing all excercise or physical activity, but spending $300 on weave and hair glue does not make you attractive. TAKE OUT THE WEAVE AND WASH YOUR HAIR!! Then, get to the gym after work. Not only will it make you look and feel better, you might actually meet a find a black man who's also there after work. See, "After Work". Get it, ladies, black man working.

Speaking loudly on the train in the most loud, profane and vulgar fashion with elderly black people sitting right across from you does not shout "Lady" or corporate wife to the world.

Mistaking Bitchiness and mean-spiritedness does not make you a "strong black woman", it just makes you a bitter, unpleasant person to be around.

Tenderness, consideration, respect and civility does not make a black man "soft", it just makes you stupid. I have heard too many black women talk from both sides of their mouths. They say want one thing, but always seem to be opening their legs for another thing. Women seem to not realize that they have the power, but when you're hooking up with hoodlums and convicts, squeezing out multiple "chirren" for them, you're just rewarding their bad behavior.

Scorn in the black community seems to be something soley reserved for gay men and lesbians. A Convict gets more respect than a black, gay PhD and according to this idiot at Morehouse, more blame for the withering black nuclear family.


Well, well, well

I saw this last week @ FreddyO's site and he wasn't too shady. But I think Freddy's family personally. But he only had 2 comments and YES they were shady and also by 2 women. I didn't know it was out there like that...WOW!

Very sad and as for Bossip. Rod isn't that site owned by a white person who has a black guy moderating it just like D-Listed???

BTW, They look wonderful and I wish them all the best and God's true blessings upon their lives!



I basically echo the sentiments of everyone else here. I kind of get real angry when I read stuff like this, which is why I sort of withdraw from my own community sadly.-QH


Thanks Rod, this is saddening.


I wish I could stop all the mean and hateful things we say about each other. I am a straight black female and I love this blog. It's one of the best blogs online. The comments are very respectful. I read some of the comments from Bossip and I could not believe some of the things being said there. I just want you to know that not all black females feel the same way. I am all for gay equality. We are all human beings and should be treated as such.

I served 20 years in the Navy and I knew many gays and lesbians. Onboard ship, we ate together, worked side by side, showered together and partied together, oh boy did we party.And Not once did I feel uncomfortable, quite the opposite.

I am a strong believer in God and I'm sure he knew what he was doing when he created everybody. I will continue to pray for acceptance, love, and understanding.

Keep fighting the good fight. God loves you and so do I.



I just dropped one of my GAY Facebook friends who posted the video to his page and put "LMBO...WOW."

Here's the T. He has MARRIED on his page and he's MARRIED to a man!!!! He let his friends just have at the video and make all manner of stupid comments. I wrote him a letter about how I was disappointed in him and how did he think his "friends" would react if they discovered that his MARRIAGE is to a man. One person said "ARE THEY CRYING? ARE YOU SERIOUS" about the video and I reminded him that he has cried to me over his relationship.

After that, I "removed from friends" him because it's not accepted there...here...or anywhere and lots of time, the quickest to judge and throw jabs at us is us. ENOUGH!

GOOD RIDDANCE TO BAD RUBBISH. That just really tore my drawers! WOW.

I know that some people look at smuggish at different areas of the country and different kinds of celebrations but I dislike when we laugh at the "ghetto" weddings when there are things we wouldn't do in our ceremonies. WELL DON'T DO IT IN YOUR WEDDING but most people are hating because they haven't found their special someone to marry.

As a pastor I have stood before Medieval weddings with horses and Leather in the summer and two gowns and two tuxedos and even several of those were gay and many were straight. PEOPLE HAVE THE RIGHT TO MARRY THE WAY THEY CHOSE. Don't like it...hit the X button. But to ridicule is just vile.

As for the couple, they are living in love and loving in life and saying "WE ARE CELEBRITIES NOW I GUESS" so blessings to them and Bless It to everyone who has something to say. The hair was lovely. The evening was elegant and they are in LOVE! I LOVE LOVE and I hope that when I am married and if Rod sees it worth covering, I don't have to avoid an online onslaught of people's opinions!




This is a real shame. They are such a cute couple and it looks like they are real happy. I hate to think of pictures of their big day being glared at by hateful people.

Chitown Kev


LOL- Yes, there were supportive posts at Bossip (more than I expected, actually) but there were some sistas that were supportive but HATIN' on that cake and boyfriend's hair (can't say I blame them!)

Rod Mc

UPDATE: Morehouse employee Sandra Bradley was fired. See the updated story and separate post.

@AF Thank you! I would have hated to ID an ally in that way!

@Isis @ChiTownKev: I've been taking the time to read Bossip comments. There are more supportive ones than I thought. And yes, the sistahs are hot over the hair and cake, lol.

@ Janice: Thank you for your service. And thank you for the support and inspirational words. They are actually making me tear. Bless you.

@RevKev Muah ;)

Thank you all for supporting this couple. We need more love in our community. -RM

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