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06 October 2009





Prince has his usual LSLH swirl


Xavier Deron

is this how jehovah's witnesses are supposed to dress? reallY boo? really?


Any man that doesn't go for full-drag, but still wants to put on women's clothes anyways deserves the side-eye...

Prince most definitely gets the side-eye.

Sean Beasley

Well preserved closet queen. NEXT!


I love Prince's sense of style. I have a problem with his Jehovah views and how they mesh with his persona, but the clothes are fierce. He does look better than most of the models and most of the audience.

Chitown Kev

If Miss Prince can't do anything else, she can work you with some pumps.

Distant Lover

Prince is the ______! OK!
This man is 51 years old and is still setting the standard for fashion and music!
And as for how Jehovah's Witnesses dress. We are not Amish my dear!
He is not in field service so he does not have to wear a three piece suit! He is in Paris at Fashion Week so he can rock a fabulous outfit and make the runway models jealous!
Prince, as usual, DO YOU and shake them haters off!!!


Prince always was fabulous.


The half-hearted drag queen persona is not cute.
He has a Liza Minelli vibe.
It's hard to truly be fab as a four-foot tall male.
He's taken over Michael Jackson's status as the weird closet case effeminate super-rich 80's icon settling into a bizzare middle-age.

But "Purple Rain" was cool!


Prince is so cool! He has always been a leader, avant garde, provocative etc, He's always surrounded by beautiful women and his musical talent is unparalleled. I'm not pre-occupied with or about his "SEXUALITY" he sang about it on CONTROVERSY in 1981...give the man his props!


I just can’t believe all the things people say . . . Controversy.
Am I black or white? Am I straight or gay? . . . Controversy.
Do I believe in God? Do I believe in me? . . . Controversy.

There seems to be a diversity of opinion about Prince on this blog. . . . Controversy.


sorry gays, prince is very straight
he is a lil out there and no doubt freaky ... but he is all man and loves women.



I should have just posted this, instead of the other one:

“Controversy,” Rod 2.0 2009 edition . . .

I just can’t believe . . .
. . . all the things people write . . . Controversy.
Am I fierce in pumps? . . .
. . . Am I hiding my height? . . . Controversy.
Am I fabulous? . . .
. . . Am I Jehovah’s hypocrite? . . . Controversy.



"but he is all man and loves women."

I know this will shock ya, but it's possible to be all man and love men.

Come on girl. Join the 21 century.


He is wearing the hell out of those heels!!


OK so he is straight eh..I am a Prince fan but why did I see him and late great Billy Preston in the Horizon Bar in LA often during the early eighties before he really made it big.

Honut SInti

Prince, admired by millions, has stood out for over 25 years with his own style. It is interesting that this same independent budding quality in the young man a few stories back was not well received at a Georgia school.

S. Flemming

I haven't been feeling him in years ...


Damn, seahawk. Did you have to break "The Artsist Formerly Known As Prince" down like that? lol.


Ericka: your comment reveals a pronounced streak of scorn for (and bold ignorance of) the "gays" to whom you generically refer. Which is fine, I suppose (you can scorn whomever you like).

However, the implication that that only a man that loves women is "all man", and that a man who loves another man is not, is incorrect and insulting.

Let me inform you--since you clearly don't know--the "gays aren't exactly beating a path towards short, effete men who styles his hair, moisturizes, and wear women's clothes and shoes better than women. Sorry.

Since you seem to know a lot about Prince, you should ask him to better educate you about ignorant assumptions regarding gender stereotypes and sexual orientation.


When it's all said and done.... The gurl is FIERCE!!! If any of you all are wearing $6,000 of anything hand made for you..... then judge


Lol, Prince is a beast. Work it out!-QH


Hasn't she had negative things to say about gay men in the past and present? Isn't this the same Jehovah's witness that said God is against homosexuality? Didn't she also say gay marriage is wrong? Why are some of you sitting here praising a half-behind row at some groundbreaking style. Maybe on some other man this would work, but on Miss Prince I just don't see it.


Prince is ALL man......

....oh, sure.

That's exactly what I was thinking when I saw the gray ruffles on his jacket, the fluted high collar on his shirt and the four inch high-heels. And I haven't seen that much pancake at any one time unless it was smothered in syrup. Yep, all man...that's for sure.

By the way, a real man is honest...not a closet case who smacks down the rights of the LGBT community while hiding under his queen-ish bushel.

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