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07 October 2009



While Judge Thomas has been accused of exchanging leniency for sexual favors, I wonder how many of the inmates who will testify have been offered leniency by the prosecutors in exchange for invented or luridly embellished stories.

Regardless of what Judge Thomas has actually done, I am sure the prosecutors see him as big trophy to hang from the wall—a big, black Democratic trophy. I doubt much can save him now.


Cute bow tie.

Carter G

The bowtie is cute and "white judges have been doing this for years." Thanks for your contribution. Gotcha FAMU

Jim: "Regardless of what Judge Thomas has actually done..."

He's not a judge anymore. He was forced from the bench and disbarred. That probably had a little to do with the numerous complaints of forced sex against him. So it's all about what he has done and I'm really sick of our community giving a free pass to someone who is black or blaming racism.

Police officers, attorneys, judges...they're supposed to uphold and enforce the law. If they use the law as their own personal weapon, they're not different than the criminals who they are supposed to punish.

And so sorry, but I sincerely doubt young black men are making up lurid stories and testifying ON TELEVISION about forced gay...just for reduced sentence. There is also the matter of the seminal fluid, the similar descriptions, the MO and the inmate check out log.

Nathan James

Stick a fork in Thomas, he is done. "He denies he is gay or bisexual"...uh, yeah, OK. I don't think the prosecutor even needs an expert witness in this case. Thomas used his position of power to satisfy his needs. In so doing, he has not only destroyed himself, but also publicly reinforced the stereotype of gays as sexual predators. The damage is done, all that remains is to see how many centuries behind bars he is sentenced to.



chris c

We should be careful not to equate this man's sadistic sexual perversion with being homosexual or bi-sexual. Some of the comments about this post sound exactly like those ignorant people who confuse pedophilia with homosexuality, right? It's difficult to know if he is homo or a criminal sexual pervert. Though, I imagine he could be both.


I didn't know that he was married with children, wow, why is it that the biggest closet freaks are married? Oh yeah, they can marry and creep and yet, two loving same sex couples don't have that right. The hypocrisy of marriage in this country is as vile as this creeps actions and abuse of power.


Chris C:

Umm, I think you're the one confusing things here. This has NOTHING to do with pedophilia and no one mentioned it. Perverts and criminals come in all sexualities. It's not against the law to be a perv or have a fetish. If you like to spank men, that's fine (and kinda hot sometimes!!) Doing it while you're a judge and they are an inmate in handcuffs ... that's definitely beyond a mere fetish. That's called extortion and kidnapping.

Some of you acting like these men were willing partners and the judge was just "a little freaky." Wow. No wonder our black gay community is so effed up, every day we hear about disgraced judges, pastors who kills, men who claim to be straight but are sucking every you know what ... and people have defense after defense.

chris c


You are more concerned with making a personal attack against me rather than reading what I wrote. In my comment, I differentiated sadistic perversions from homosexuality. I wondered aloud whether this man was really a homosexual or a sick pervert.

Furthermore, perversion IS in some cases against the law. Look it up. Being "little freaky" is NOT the same as being a pervert. I think you are the one who is confused.

Finally, there is nothing "effed" up about the black gay community as you suggest. What is effed up is the culture of venomous queens who hide behind their computers attacking from afar.

Lang B

I'll go with homo- freak- wicked and married in that order.


Carter G: I am not giving a free pass to Thomas. In fact, in the last post about Thomas, I lit into someone for doing just that.

Even a serial killer is supposed to have a fair trial without trumped up testimony. I have no idea why you would doubt an inmate would falsely testify against Thomas in exchange for a reduced sentence. Such things happen every day in the U.S.A.

Rod’s post tells us that Thomas was elected judge in a predominantly Republican county of Alabama. You don’t think that counts for anything in how this plays out? Have you already forgotten Governor Siegelman? It doesn’t help, either, that a bunch of these folks probably think Thomas is an uppity Negro.

My comment made no claim to Thomas’s innocence and made no excuses for him. It was just an observation of the situation he is in.

Rod Mc

Just a heads up. Not sure why but some comments are being automatically held. I'm trying to work on this ... -RM

Former COGIC

i'm reading comments here and some of them are similar to comments in the pastor murder case. i could be wrong, but i think there are two dymanics. many black gay men want to put distance and say "he is not, we are all not like this" and on the other side closted men look at this as an attack on them. they miss don't see the criminal element .

gays may be sometimes stereotype as predators but there are a helluva lot of straight predators too. there are many cases of black and white STRAIGHT men who abuse their power like this!

this story is about a judge who abused his power to fulfill his repressed closeted sexual desires. fetishes. stop trying to dismiss the sexuality and the sexual angle. this was not a straight guy. but you can beleive me that many a policeman has done the same thing with women they have pulled over!


I am really curious to know what exact acts were done...... How can they prove this? There are alot of factors at play on this one, and I can say that if he wanted to go up for re-election, he can forget that for now. In any case, I wish him well- guilty or innocent.

Cindy Birdsong the Good Supreme

Is it possible that his acts of rape (how I see it) are not homosexual but about power and abuse of other men? Obviously there is some homosexual arousal for him but could it be more connected to his fetish? Just wondering.
Then again he could just be on the low and used his robe and power to get access to men for his sexual pleasure. Perhpas his only true fetish is his desire to spank...men? Hmmm I vote for closeted gay male.


Well, here a little more incite from an Alabamian. Until about last week, he has been rolling around town in Mobile like it was alright. He even participated in the Obama inaugral celebrations to Mobile Mardi Gras parade to the annual dinner for the Mobile County Democrats with his wife and daughters. Also he still well liked by most of Democratic voters in Mobile County. His license to practice was suspended in late 2007 by the Alabama Bar Association, so it's been nearly 2 years since he has been in the microscope. So go figure...

Now on to the evidence: CC, the evidence is the seminal fluid found in the carpet of his former office.

From what I've heard here locally, these select 15 inmates testifying chose to engage in these sexual acts whereas the majority refused to oblige his twisted sexual advances for leniency. To Jim, you hit the nail on the head because they are being offer a plea bargain for a reduced sentence for their testimony.

Yeah, this case is too crazy for even me.


@kayman : I did read about the seminal fluid of an inmate in the article- which would be one count of the charge I suppose- but what I was meaning was is there any more evidence found, and DNA testing, etc.? Surely Forensics can find more- (i'm all about the extensive details)

When passing this type of judgement and trying this case, the evidence should be more than just testimonies and a spot of sperm. Alot of change is being held in the balance from this outcome. People whethere guilty of crime or not can be freed.

Just my opinion and observation, of course.


...oh and the logs about the visits to the office etc. (evidence)

Honut SInti

I guess his wife refused to role play.

Rod Mc

The comments and defense of this predator and disgraced, disbarred former judge are bizarre. All of you agree that Thomas abused his position and extorted sex from inmates. That negates everything else you have said.

Kayman: How does an inmate "chose" to engage in forced sexual acts with a judge who can send them away for life? Are you trying to say it was consensual sex and not like "rape rape"? That's called "extortion" and that's what Thomas is charged with, among other things. (The sodomy and kidnapping charges are for the several "rape rape" cases.) The law license was not "suspended". He was "disbarred." And if defendants said "no", that's still extortion.

Jim/Kayman: So random inmates, thugs and hardcore criminals, are all making up stories about spankings, B/Js and anal sex (where they were the bottoms) to testify on TELEVISION for a lighter sentence? Embarrassing, no? And what do the FORMER inmates get out of this?

The state is throwing the book at Thomas because his entire caseload is tainted. Every defendant who went before him can potentially appeal their case. I'm assuming the prosecutors are giving away dozens of deals. It's either that or eventually fight appeals and potentially RETRY hundreds of cases. Plus lawsuits. A few shaved sentences are a luxury.

Black gay men are programmed to accept mediocrity and reward the closet. It's amazing reading some of the comments at this blog. Stories about closeted actors, anti-gay DL pastors charged with murder and predatory judges receive dozens of supportive comments. Trans women killed in broad daylight, health care reform that will affect us, black athletes who support gay men, DADT which disproportionately impacts gay/bi black men, bloggers and activists trying to get laws passed to protect out community ... not so much. -RM


Rod, you are on fire and so right. I would say I'm suprised by the crazy defenses being brought up for this judge or the support of this predator, but it is as you write, so common on this blog. You are wrong about one thing, though, black gay men are programmed to accept LESS than mediocrity. We are programmed to beg for table scraps and consider it filet mignon. Some of us will defend this delusion even when facing an army of truth.

Former COGIC

what Mjolnir said.
and I know you don't go there often and probably don't want to. but sometimes "we" need reminders.

every deserves a fair trial and is innocent until proven guilty. but its pretty obvious what the story is here. i have no idea why gay men are rushing to defend this closet queen and wannabe spankmaster, there are more worthy people who need our support. but typical, the out black LGBTs are scorned, the closet cases are defended.

if this were a straight white man who was a judge or police accused of doing this to women, with this much evidence, we wouldnt even be having this conversation!

Derrick from Philly

I've read all the comments on this thread. I truly can't see where KAYMAN or JIM are defending this kinky judge. They are questioning the legal system in Alabama, and the hypocrisy of hetero and DL men.

I'm must be a jaded old queen because I find the whole thing hilarious and full of hypocrisy and irony. I have no sympathy for anyone involved--not even the judge's carpet.


Thank you, Derrick.

Let me repeat: “My comment made no claim to Thomas’s innocence and made no excuses for him.”

I am not defending Thomas in any way or saying he is honorable, and I am not saying that all the stories about him are made up. What I’m saying is that he is chopped liver. The prosecutors are going to use this whole situation, gleefully, to hang this guy’s head high on the wall, and I doubt they would hesitate, given the nature of the case and the anti-gay and anti-black prejudices of much of the population, and given Thomas’s political party and skin color as opposed to their own, to trade favors to current inmates in exchange for exaggerations, embellishments, and even whole new stories. Who is going to contradict these stories besides Thomas? And why not do this, if it gets Thomas’s sentence extended a few more months or years?

That is not a defense of Thomas, but a description of the situation he is in.

No. That's a defense b/c Thomas created the "situation" ie "kidnapping" and "extorting" sex from inmates for leniency. If you're admitting the abuse probably happened, there is little else to discuss. Current inmates "embellishing" stories for reduced sentences? The vast majority have the same story (=paddling, no sex) but the extortion, whether carried out or not, automatically qualifies defendants for NEW trials. And the three former inmates ... they are testifying and/or "embellishing" stories to gain ... ? -RM

Sean Beasley

Uhh, no.

If Thomas even pressured or threatened defendants for sex, without even getting it,, he is guilty. What is all this other stuff about?

The fact it happened many times is a travesty of justice. Who is to say he didn't lock up innocent men who didn't give him sex?

Rod definitely called it. Whenever these DL brothas are in the news, or just black men behaving bad, we will excuse and defend them to the end. Chris Brown, OJ, Terrell Carter, yada yada. And it's usually the same people too.

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