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01 October 2009



WOW! That body is bangin'

Sexy, great body, athlete, progressive and pro gay.

Be still my beating heart!

Derrick from Philly

This is great. One athlete speaks out against anti-gay hatred and then a few more begin to show that courage. I'm grateful to men like Mr Ayanbedejo(Lord, I have to keep scrolling up and down the page to see the spelling of his name), Will Demps, and juicy Charles Barkley, and Scott Fujita. It does take courage to speak out against the expected and usual homophobia in professional sports.

Oh, and Rod, you did have to find a photograph showing Mr Ayanbedejo's physique from the side view, didn't you? And here I am suffering from my mid-week withdrawal. Oh, well, I'll have to deal with it. With his juicy self. That's not disrespectful, is it?...oh, I don't care...He's Juicy!


I feel all warm and Fuzzy all over...

chris c

His willingness to publicly articulate that being gay is as normal and natural as being hetero is impressive.


Great pic!! I love these men for being the pillars that they are in showing others that this really is a human issue. Your (hetero-men) manhood was never in danger, if you are secure in your self.

On a side note: most of these men who are speaking out are hella phyne!!


I am so proud of this brother and these others (Barkley, et al.) who are standing up in this issue. One of the main reasons I find it so refreshing is that they are also breaking the stereotype of athlete as immovable Neanderthal, who can't see other people or opinions. Many athletes (Tiki Barber for example) are now really consider LIFE BEYOND THE FIELD and they can't all be sports commentators. Will Demp could easily model or act and Dhani Jones is clearly prepping himself for brilliant things after the body says ENOUGH.

They are prepared or preparing to live in the real world and the real world has issues that they have to be able to articulate. I remember that brother that was featured here who want to go into fashion! That's just smart and open to the world.

Yes, its wonderful that these brothers are so physically gorgeous, but their strong sense of self and self-worth is making them BEAUTIFUL to me!

More light on people who lift and support up and let's leave the idiots IN THE DARK!!!!

Thanks Rod...and Brendon...and Charles...and Will...and Dhani...and athletes who are strong enough, nay MAN ENOUGH to say HEY WHATEVER'S CLEVER! DOESN'T SCARE ME! I AM A MAN! So are we and we stand man-to-man to say THANKS FOR THE LOVE!


This is the type of black man I like hearing from. Not these dumb-headed rappers and so-called men of God.


I hope this encourages other members of the NFL to make supportive statements. I know for a fact that there are other Ravens who have gay friends they grew up with, but they have not been as vocal in their support as Brendon -- come on guys, step up!


I remember this guy has a black planet page several years ago (I am thinking somewhere between 2000-2002. This was hen he was in college, however on his page he mentioned that he was not gay, and that he did not want gay men coming onto him via is black planet page (a roung paraphase). I am not trying to imply that he was being homophobic, and if he was I guess he has matured somewhat since then.

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