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02 October 2009


Andy Niable

If the LGBT agenda is so important to Senator Reid, why has he still not co-sponsored the Senate version of the Employee Non-Discrimination Act currently working it's way through the Senate?

I'm glad Reid has (finally) stepped up, but frankly ENDA would be easier to pass (as it has very high polling numbers nationwide), more widespread in it's effect (who doesn't need a job?) and finally would establish LGBT folks as a federally-recognized and protected class, which could be a skeleton key to unlocking all other sorts of help judicially for queer folks.



Hi Andy!

Are you an "intern" with the DNC? Or a "volunteer" with Obama's Organizing for America?

Because you only show up nowadays to rush to the defense of Obama. Everything is always somebody else's fault. He can't be bothered to follow through with any of his campaign promises. Blah blah blah.

Of course Reid is supporting ENDA. Rod's reported it several times and I've read it elsewhere. And I get the feeling you know that too.

Rod Mc

@Andy @Dalton: Andy is well aware that Reid supports ENDA.

The Senate Majority Leader normally does not sponsor legislation. Reid's office is quoted saying that on this blog in the post "Reid: Senate Committed to Passing ENDA" on 9/2/2009. The title speaks for itself.

ENDA hearings began in the House last week. Are you going to criticize Speaker Pelosi because she didn't co-sponsor the House version? Of course not. Because she hasn't questioned or criticized Obama (yet) on gay rights. When she does—like on the public option—you'll start criticizing her, too.

I see you Andy. I see you loud and clear. Back to DADT... -RM

Danny Rivera

Isn't Reid up for re-election next year? He is earning his progressive and pink stripes this week. After waffling on Don't Ask for all this time, he is starting to want to move, And my impression is that if Reid (or Hastings) have to ask White House for advice on how to proceed...then its obvious nothing is being done.

Oh and not sure did you know this Rod...but Reid says the Senate WILL be in session during the National Equality March. And he also endorsed the march too, I saw that over at the Blend.

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