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09 October 2009



It's the tattoos around the neck. They cut off the blood flow to the brain.

Face and Waist

oh you were wrong for that, lol

but yes indeed, deandrre is rocking dem twist rolls


Miss Sista SouljaGurl

They will turn you in jail Boo.. be careful daughter!


I like Soulja Boi I think he is a talented young man with a ear for hit songs. Not sure why he fleed the scene? If it was just a party he should have just hungout and chilled and told the officers as such.

Oh well he's a cutie and unless he's beating women or molesting children I really won't come down on him to hard.


Mr. FAMU, Soulja Boi is talented? LOLOLOLMAO....sigh..tears. Well, he's cute in a black twink way, but for God's sake, the stupid tattoo trend has to end. It looks like dirt on his neck.


I'm not exactly sure why Soulja was arrested. Did the police arrest everyone else at the party? Did the police actuslly identify him as one of those who fled? Questions, questions.

Unless he was found with illegal drugs or firearms, I have a feeling that the charge(s) will be dropped. This doesn't make any sense as of right now.

Class of  '11

"This weekend he performs at the Sprite Step Off at Morehouse College ... where he should be very popular among the all-male student body."

NO! Not ALL the men at Morehouse get down like that! Stop bashing the HBCUs. The only one you haven't clowned on yet was CAU because your BQ Trey "Song" (he only has one!) was there. smh
ZZZzzz -RM

alicia banks

dyam this is hilarous rod


u made my day early

this talentless fool gets an A for effort



what was it?

a crack house groupie orgy?


@ mjolnir202

He might not be what you consider talented but the boy is good producer. Say what you want about Soulja Boy rhymes, but his productions are lethal. He can give you pop or hood, but both will surely be a hit.


I cant stand Soulja Flop..
Anybody who is a bad influence for my younger bro is on my _____ list.
About time he got some kind of punishment for all of his ignorance.
If he wasn't doing anything wrong, he could have stood there like a man and asked the police what they wanted. However he chose to run like a coward. smh


I'm so glad I'm of that age that I have no clue as to who he even is, and, some of the comments are a hoot! I don't know if he can "rap" or not as i don't listen to that, but, he is kinda cute, other than those silly neck tat's in that trade way of looking.


Mr. FAMU said: "Say what you want about Soulja Boy rhymes, but his productions are lethal."

I agree. Every time I hear his music I want to kill myself.

Rod Mc

Y'all are clowning up in here. Thanks for the laughs on a stressful night. I promise post more SB. -RM

Jamari Fox

He needs to go on a very long vacation.

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