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10 October 2009


Former COGIC

"Patterson said Thomas also ordered men to masturbate or engage in oral sex with him. As Patterson detailed Thomas' alleged indiscretions, Thomas' wife looked on."

That's a low down dirty shame. But doesnt the good political wife always stand by her man when her husband is accused of doing wrong?

Can we say enable? I'm so sure she knew all about it, just like Suzanne Craig, Dina Matos and Wendy Vitter.

Liars and hypocrites. One and all!


cute bow tie!



That's not fair to implicate this man's wife in any wrong doing he chose to engage in. You don't know that she knew nor has any evidence been put forth to suggest she knew about her husband's illicit activities. This would make her an accomplice and expose her to criminal charges.

Let's assume that she's playing the part of the good wife and is supporting her husband. Odds are if this woman knew about any of this, she would've left him long ago since there would be for her no gratification or benefit to be got from this--only embarrassment. I doubt this woman would knowingly let her husband play and lay down with other (convicted) men only to come home and lay with her. Mind you, this man and his family are pillars of the community, and had a pristine reputation up until his exposure.

Former COGIC

@ Rigga

Excuse me? I did not "implicate this man's wife" in the very wrongdoing he obviously was engaged in. I said she was in court standing by her man. As the political wives always do.

You're probably right that the Missus didn't know her man was getting jaulhouse trade on the side. But I have seen toooo many judges, ministers, doctors and bishops wives look the other way. And I feel sorry for her, her husband did this bs and dragged their family into it and now she has to sit in court and listen to the XXX details. Because if she isnt there, that becomes an even bigger story and he looks guiltier than he already is.

"Pillars" of the community" LOLz
Now you're sounding very wannabe black bourgeois. You must be new to the life or this blog. It's ALWAYS the "pillars" of the community who do stuff like this.


is naacp still defending "here cums the (disbarred) judge"? instead of fighting real racism and homophobia in our black community, there are back to crying wolf and claiming racist conspiracies. again.

in a few previous posts we saw that even our own black LGBTs feel they need to defend this bs.

if this were a white judge accused of abusing white boys or white women we would not have this convo. he will be found guilty. unless you think a black church going jury will believe the white republicns planted those inmate's sperm in his office? chile....


Dang, someone else giving bowties a bad name!

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