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05 October 2009


truly, q


& i had been pondering a visit out that way...

NO MA'AM ms. milwaukee

Jamel Smith

This was a hate crime committed on a transgendered person. I hope they punish whoever did this to the victim.


Here we go again. My heart goes out to the victim of this evil act. I wonder if anyone will have the guts to turn this SOB in. Or will it end up being like the case of Ms. Mack in DC.

And to truly, q: Don't let this incident keep you from living your life. Unfortunately, there is no place that is shielded from the scourge of hate crimes and violence. Not even in gay-friendly San Francisco.

Amorous Eyes

That article is written like they've never even heard of transgender. Ugh.

"A man, wearing women's clothing? Does not compute! *explodes*"

That almost makes me more sad than the shooting itself.


"Initially, officers thought a woman was shot in the leg. It turned out be a 27-year old man. The confusion came because the victim was wearing woman’s clothes."

BS-- the person who was shot was a transgender woman. Get your shit right. Read a book.

You're absolutely right but no profanity please, thanks! -RM


I wrote an article for my school paper and one of the comments said "blacks are the most accepting of homosexuality of all races"

HA, I encourage them to read this article.


People are so ignorant. The cops need a gender identity sensitivity class.

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