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05 October 2009



Here we go again. Another DL black men gone wild, supposedly a pillar of the community and and the biggest liar, hypocrite and criminal of course. So tragic and so sad.


Rod, i heard about this earlier. I was sure you would have it before everyone else. maybe you are getting tired of these DL crime stories, I know i am...

yea and he says he is innocent too


Our society is a house of cards. This would be funny if it weren't so sad.


It may be sad to hear, but those who administer justice should be held to a higher standard than the common thug. If you can't rely on those who are sworn to uphold and obey the law, then who can you turn to. Of course, the prosecution has to prove its case against Thomas, but paperwork can be easily presented that corroborates the inmates comings and goings. How can this judge be so stupid? Didn't he realize that this would come back to bite him in the butt? People get so caught up in their own delusions that they often forget there is a real world out there. He could have picked up trade off the street corner. But I guess that was beneath his dignity. Boy, doesn't he have some impressive set of standards. I don't feel sorry for him. The only way I can feel for him is if he is proven to be innocent. Otherwise, he stooped to a new low.




This isn't about the DL. It's about being blinded and corrupted by one's own power.

"Tough on crime?" "Law and order?" I bet this guy went into law as payback for the type of "thug" that teased and tormented him when he was younger (note that "each of the victims is black").

Only putting these "thugs" in jail wasn't enough, so he showed them who (he thought) had the power by making them perform acts that most of them weren't inclined to do (and those that were, probably not inclined to do with him) in exchange for the "favor" of his leniency.

A classic case of "power corrupts." I hope he can get a fair trial. But that's it.


I agree with the other posters that this is about gross abuse of power. He no doubt felt all powerful with these young men's lives in his hands or rather, lap.

The defense has its job cut out for it. I wanna hear how the inmate's semen ended up on the judge's office carpet. No matter what his lawyer comes up with there can be no good explanation for that.

As for all the victims being black, that's probably why he was able to get away with this for so long. I mean, do you think a black judge could be inviting young white twinks to his private chambers on a regular basis without raising suspicion? No, the judge knew that society doesn't value young black men's lives and convicts' even less. I mean, young black men don't even value each other's lives. Sad.

Rod Mc

This is going to be a nightmare case for the Circuit. If there is a conviction, all the prisoners who appeared before him and didn't get preferential treatment could appeal.

@ Byron: Of course it's about power but there is also a repressed sexuality. A totally heterosexual judge doesn't out of his way to order male prisoners ... who appeared before OTHER judges ... into his chambers where he extorted sex. If the judge really wanted to "payback' random thugs, why not give them tougher sentences? Why seek out inmates sentenced by other judges? And why travel all the way to the state prison?

Usually "payback" or revenge means something is going to hurt. A lighter sentence isn't quite payback. Oh and I think the corrupt, hypocritical former judge will get much more "fair" trial than he ever benched. -RM


Cute bow tie.
Other than that I have no comment.
He's not the first judge to do this and won't be the last.
White judges have been doing it for YEARS.
Doesn't make it okay.
Just saying.

Again cute bow tie.

I Aim to Please

Rod, when will you ever get tired of criticizing black men in closet and on DL? WHEN?? This judge,the bishop, Terrell Carter...not everybody can be out! Especially in places like Alabama and North Carolina.I can speak from experince its hard being closet and maybe this was the only way he knew how to get sex....


is this an episode of SVU or what?


@ I Aim to Please

Which one are you this time? Whenever there's a story about what some sick DL brotha did this time, one of these "how could you" comments is fired off by someone we never heard from before or rarely hear from. Let's all put our heads in the sand and pretend these things aren't happening because we can't take a chance and offend some people's sensibilities.

Frankly, I could care less about your twisted DL lifestyle. But please just keep to yourselves and don't drag other people into your demented lives. This Herman Thomas was a judge who preyed on the weak and powerless. I guess you think that's acceptable behavior. After all, he has to get his jollies off somehow. I mean, what type of life can a gay Alabaman have? Well, I'm glad that he never ran into the likes of me. Then he would have to explain how his severed penis ended up dangling from my lips.


"Rod, when will you ever get tired of criticizing black men in closet and on DL? WHEN?? This judge,the bishop, Terrell Carter...not everybody can be out!"

Wow. Where to begin?
Umm, I don't think the issue is with this blog per se. The "bishop" is on trial for murder and the "judge" is on trial for extortion, kidnapping, etc. All these men who you admire committed very serious crimes and hurt other people.

If you don't want to come out, fine. We can't have that conversation here. But if you're hurting other people whil leading a double life, then you are will have to answer to others.

But it's funny you think the blog is the problem. Sorry luv, I don't homophobia or the blogs forced Pee wee Herman to force oral and anal from inmates. And there are many ways to get male sex if you're closeted. He could have hired escorts and if he did he would still have his job right now.


Oh and one more thing : SMH


You just know some porn film director is going to do “The Life of Judge Herman Thomas” and make a small bundle. On the other hand, I think the judge was modeling his life after some trashy porn novel. Life imitates art, art imitates life.

And Mr. “I Aim to Please”: Are you just trying to bait the folks who read this blog? I know you don’t think that—even if this WAS the only way Judge Thomas could get sex—what he did was OK. Contrary to what America sells us, celibacy can sometimes be the correct choice.


Rod, I actually live in the city where this is occuring, its a sad state of affairs. Honestly

Former COGIC

Ravenback and Grant are right. Whenever these self hating closet cases make the news, all these new arrivals or DL defenders rush to their defense. This judge abused his power and preyed on the weak and made a mockery out of justice. And he was totally drunk on his power as a judge.

"I can speak from experince its hard being closet" ... Okay! Then come out! Eventually your life will be easier.


@ Iaimtoplease....This is one of the many reasons it is even harder being in the closet. The manipulation and scheming eventually cathes up with you. Three fold!! More if you're This judge,the bishop, Terrell Carter. That's bonus points for them being 'celebs' or 'public figues'. BTW I speak from experience too!
Keep serving it Rod.


Uh guys, don't try to use this incident to throw shade at Alabama into this at all. I'm here in Birmingham, and the location is just as irrelevant in this case as it is in every other case like this. I've heard of stuff like this occurring in other states and much larger cities. So cut the crap trying to dog Alabama...

Now, old dude is a trip to the zoo because he is a freak and just corrupt as all get out. He will likely get convicted because the evidence of the semen in the office carpet is irrefutable. I just don't understand how some people how they use their office as a way to act upon their twisted sexual fantasies. Regardless, he's going down for sure.


Like I said earlier, when it apparently didn't get posted. You guys shouldn't used this as a reason to throw shade at Alabama. I live in Birmingham and this clown in no way reflect the state as a whole when incidents similar to this have occurred in other states and much larger cities.

This man has used his position of power to abuse and subject those he believed lesser than him to his advantage. It's likely he'll get convicted because of the irrefutable evidence like semen in the office carpet. At the end of the day, he in no way reflect any group of people other than the sick and twisted.

Your comment was posted. I was actually trying to clean up the typo for you. Interesting blog, btw. RM


@ Kayman:

No one was "throwing shade" at Alabama, dear. We were talking about the closet case who was saying gay men in Alabama had no outlets. They do! I know this from experience!


I hope they have him on suicide precautions.

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