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06 October 2009



What hypocrites! Children do not know hate until their parents or family expose them to hate-

Baltimore Femme

CC, Good point!

These people are the worse hypocrites and are the ones teaching bad "values" to their children.

I hope this does not pass, you shouldn't have to vote on people civil rights.


Newsweek did a story talking about how babies may be born racist?

So maybe some kids are born being homophobes and they don't want that in their schools?

But what do kids have to do with gay marriage anyway?


Well Mr. FAMU, I'm currently working on my Masters' in Urban Issues and Public Administration, and I've seen a lot of research that reaffirms that some imagery cues are being shown to children practically withing weeks of birth. That's why you should limit the amount of everything you expose the images your child to from jump.

However, in this case, these clowns are just playing to the lowest common denominator of the uninformed and ignorant. Unfortunately, that seems to be the likely ticket to work when you have a referendum. These people are just as dangerous as the hatemongers because they play to people's most common fear, the well-being of their children.


The quote in the photo is incomplete:

“...before they are old enough to have been convinced there’s another way of looking at life: through the ordained lens of Bigotry.”

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