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09 October 2009



Humble and gracious. I loves me some him.


Aww Rod I really took you for an MSNBC kind of guy, never thought you'd be screen grabbing from CNN lol.

Congrats to Obama though!


Just read this quote: "Somewhere, Bill Clinton's head just exploded." LMFAO!!!!

Derrick from Philly

A US President that most of the world adores. Unbelievable! But I'm going to believe.


Hopefully, this will help push a few policies. The republicans and others are dogging on him like "white on rice", because none of them can believe this Black man got this after 9 months. Hahahahahaahhahaaa!!!! I live it!!!!


A fair balance of MSNBC and CNN works for me!


Congratulations to President Obama. It was an award that he neither sought after nor campaigned for. I have no reason to criticize him for getting this award. And I'm glad that the DNC has taken off the gloves in their response to the Republican vitriol they are spewing out over this award. The DNC has said that the Repubs have consistently rooted against America in the past few weeks. They have also pointed out that the GOP has thrown in their towel with the Taliban and Hamas. I certainly hope they keep up this aggressive effort against the GOP. Patriotism is not something you turn on and off like a water spigot. But I do enjoy watching the Repubs' heads explode.


@ Kool:

Stupid much?
How about, "Everywhere the Republicans and George Bush's heads are exploding"

Stop trying to stir up trouble between DEMOCRATS!



You'd better work it out Rod with this Obama Nobel coverage!

Give us our president in all his glory!

Tomorrow we press ahead and fight for change and more gay rights. Give us to celebrate this honor! The first black president is the first sitting presient in almost a century to win a Nobel!


I am so happy and proud of our President. I cannot help but wonder how long it will take fox news to turn this into a negative story...


A totally different reaction at Towleroad and Queerty. Perhaps because their audience isn't biased? Just a thought...


YES! YES! YES! Take that GOP who tried to spin the Olympics in a negative fashion. Looks like him doing that shows he cares about the international relations. Congratulations Barack Obama!-QH


@ Faison

I don't have stir up anything that they some to be doing pretty well themselves.

Stupid always?

James M

I have to say I was a little surprised a this when I first heard this news. I am so happy to be able to witness this!

alicia banks

"when global coddling goes wrong"


now the racists have one more horrid example to harp on when they are slandering the merits of affirmative action...

like obama, this prize is a bloody joke!!!




The awarding of the Nobel Prize to an American President should be a time of great pride and celebration for all citizens. The vitriolic and poisonous response from conservative media personalities is a sign of the sad state of partisanship that dogs our Country.

Gone are conservative calls for 'patriotism' and 'Country first.' In its place is a phony patriotism - existing only for conservative Presidents. An appalling example of this ultra-partisan rancor was Rush Limbaugh actually remarking that he agrees with the Taliban and Iran. He laughed at the 'irony' of this.

In their eagerness to attack and demean the U.S. President, Limbaugh and Hannity have become nearly indistinguishable from America's enemies. These are people who once equated questioning the President in time of war to being a traitor. The hypocrisy is either lost on - or very deftly hidden by - these men.

These same folks recently displayed unequivocal joy at America's loss of the 2012 Olympics. Their myopic partisanship places the United States interests second to that of the Republican party (if not third, behind their own careers).

It is one thing to campaign and vote for the opposition party - it is something else again to root against the interests of the United States.

What might be next? Will Rush Limbaugh play the fiddle as nuclear missiles strike Israel? Will Sean Hannity's eyes sparkle with glee at burgeoning unemployment rates?

It is time for a some so-called patriots to do a little old fashioned soul searching.

Sam Kaufman

I suspect that the Nobel Peace prize was given to Obama to send a message... to whom and for what purpose, who knows

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