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28 October 2009


Baltimore Femme

Thanks so much for including the James Byrd angle. I did not know his family fought to include LGBTs in this law.

And always, thanks for remembering the "T" in LGBTs, Rod. My black and latino trans sistahs are so often bashed, brutalized and murdered and no one thinks a second thing about it. Like Nana Boo Mack in DC.

Very historic day.


I agree, what am awesome day. Now on to equal marriage rights, health care reform and the repeal of DADT.


Nice to see him pacing himself and doing the darn thing. Work it out Obama!-QH


unfortunately, this did not appear on major news organizations throughout the day...thanks for getting it out there.


Rod, thanks so much for posting this video. I didn't even know Mr President had a separate ceremony. So very touching to see thestwo families united and working together. How awesome is that?

Change comes, sometimes too slowly, but it comes.

Now onto ENDA, DADT and DOMA ... !


Oh and thanks for posting on your working vacay in Key West. Now go jump in the pool! ;)


Anything worth having or worth working for, bravo President Obama. This great leader has his heart & mind in the right place, he still needs our support and sometimes a nudge in right direction....but keep up the good fight on all ends.


This is great. Way to go, Obama.


Thanks, Rod, for providing that link to the Dallas Voice article on James Byrd's family.



One of the key things that he says in this speech is that it was the diligent work, protests, vigils, etc. of the PEOPLE that made this happen. WE are the catalysts of change. It takes time, dedication and perseverance. I hope we will remember that when we want to blame Obama for the "slowness" of change. If we cannot personally say that we have done all we can for our cause, then any "outrage" we have should be directed at ourselves.


I am so excited that we "finally" are trying to include everyone in Dr King's vision! Thank you to everyone who supported this, the congressmen and women who voted and president for signing. And all the activists and bloggers, students and warriors who helped make this happen.

Missed all your regular posts during your vacation week Rod. But knew that you would give this signing "justice" and prominence because you have been talking about this bill for years. And thank you for including the Byrd backstory! So sad and so touching!

Jim J.

The implications go beyond victims of hate crimes. Prior legal challenges to other discriminatory policies on the local and state level failed in Federal Court because of the absence of "protected class" status for the LGBT community. We now have that.

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