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27 October 2009



Farm animals and dogs? That's what she compares us to?

Grandma is off her rocker!

God bless u Earnestine but you are crazy


and same sex marriage affects her how?


If she wasn't so vile I would actually feel sorry for her. Sometimes you see someone act such a fool that you end up feeling embarrassed for them. See this is what happens when you don't have any home training. Sad and pathetic.


Well as long as she serves a "just" god I suppose all is well.


The day I embraced the fact that I was an atheist and kicked all the suepernatural fearmongering out the door.


I think people like her are good for the cause. She was sooo incoherent with her message of hate,that she is helping in her own way. Go girl, and dont go changing, people need to see what a walkin talkin Bigot looks like. Fashion tip; better wig, obtain a good upper denture..............


I love it when she loses her place in her dramatic writing.

Nathan James

Once again, in this video we are reminded that hatred knows no boundaries. I was once asked, am I "a gay person of color, or a person of color who is gay?" My reply was that I am a gay person of color because the bigots among us will single me out for ridicule for my sexuality even before they attack me for the color of my skin. As Ms. Copeland demonstrates in her testimony, people will continue to invoke God's name in their attempts to dehumanize and demonize us in the eyes of our society.

Ms. Copeland might be a bit touched in the head, but to many she is speaking their own bigoted attitudes towards the LGBT community. As long as people like her foment bigotry, it will be up to us to respond by speaking out for our own dignity and survival.

Derrick from Philly

She either drank too much in her youth, or she shoulda' never stopped drinking.

All the men she had in her life probably knew she was a nut back when she was getting banged by every "dawg" in the neighborhood (and some from the suburbs). It took religious fanaticism to finally get her over the edge. Now she's one of these holy whores--you see 'em all over the place. She can be Biblically crazy and satisfied...for a while.

A former whore turned holy mama is a pain...hilarious, but a pain.


Bless her Heart! She is as Nutty as Fruit cake! Poor thing! Girlfriend needs a new wig if shes gonna be on TV! Just cause you sound like a Fool doesn't mean you to look like one too, LOL! She probably can't help herself. I agree with BLKn DC, she is NOT helping the Anti-Gay movement and further shows just how OUT OF TOUCH those people are! Carry on I say....


INSANE-extremely foolish; irrational or illogical --SEE VIDEO ABOVE....


LOL Christian indeed...

Thank God I dont believe in 'God' ...I might leave home looking like her a hot mess


My Lord in Heaven.

I would start to preach right about here but the word of God says "THEY WILL KNOW YOU BY THE FRUIT YOU BEAR."

I am so floored by "Christians" who profess to speak on a subject IN THE NAME OF JESUS that Jesus himself NEVER spoke on, not one time! The arrogance and audacity of it is MIND BOGGLING!

I got a letter on Sunday before service from a man who heard me on Tom Joyner's Show and said I was leading people down the road path and God would deal with me on it. Then he went on to say that my kind of teaching is what got women in the pulpit, which is apparently something else that he doesn't believe in.

Women who speak out so vehemently about God and homosexuality so clearly haven't read the Bible because THE BIBLE says they should be silent, head covered and in the rear of the church. JESUS, however, called upon more than one woman to minister and tell of the good news.

I am a follower of the powerful, poignant and prolific teachings of Jesus Christ. I am not a Christian, in that Christians are often people who have NO IDEA IN HEAVEN what Jesus actually said or taught. They are often people who are regurgitating things that they have been hearing in church buildings. I often remind myself that church folks killed Jesus, so I can't panic when they come after me.

But on Christ the solid rock I stand...all other ground is sinking sand!

It's funny to see HATE SPEWED IN THE NAME OF GOD! WOW...it's the most ridiculous thing in the world and I am praying everyday about how to make church a new living and loving experience for people.


I am an Out, Gay Black Preacher and God knows my name and every hair on my head and, guess what, GOD KEEPS ON DOING GREAT THINGS FOR ME.

Derrick from Philly


Again, I think the nut used to be a hooker. Nothin' worse than a reformed hooker...holy whores.


I can't stop laughing!! What a hot mess!


See La Nocca send everybody to HELL in the short film...JESUS' SECRETARY on YouTube.com


Like I always said, one of the worst things that ever happened to Black people was the introduction of Christianity. I don’t practice Vodou but I have more respect for Vodou. We were better off with our West African traditional religious beliefs than this slave religion like Christianity.

If this crazy woman wants to hold this warped perspective of Sodom & Gomorrah, then she should accept the Curse of Ham and the Bible's acceptance of slavery on so called dark-skinned people. According to the bible, if she wants to be closer to God and be a real Christian, she should find a benevolent White man and become his slave and obey this white man for the rest of her life. Even if this white man mistreats her, it says in the bible that you still have to obey your master. This is also for the rest of Homophobic Christian blacks. In many ways you can tell this crazy woman is enslaved. This poor crazy woman is an example of some Blacks that are still colonized. Sad indeed!

This is an example of why I am finished with the Judeo-Christian Institution. It no longer represents the peaceful and compassionate ways of Jesus. The Judeo-Christian institution is obsess with power, proselytizing, money, hypocrisy, and controlling the means of reproduction, which justifies women being submissive and becoming robotic breeders for a Church. I’ve seen many black churches kill the soul of fellow Black LGBT folks. Nowadays, I’m looking forward to the end of Christianity, for a better world 

James M

This women is a HOT MESS. She wanna sit there and judge people when she really need to worry about her damn self. She probably has two, three baby daddies somewhere, not married, and her kids are probably on the low. I wish someone would throw her a few scriptures on what shes done or better yet, give her a mirror so she can see how much of mess she is!


I agree Cynthia.


WOW, those are the crazies, but what can we do about other than prove them wrong and afterwards ignore them.

The DC same-sex unionship ordinance will be come law and there is nothing her or the good bishop from suburban Maryland can do about it.


I don't want to put it this way, but I hate that she made a fool of herself like that in front of white people. And they're just laughing at her.......


I LOVE this woman. She's like a drag queen, but serious. I almost felt sorry for her between my fits of laughter. Gay marriage in DC is envitable and bursting over the horizon.

The gay marriage opponents were promising a storm of people speaking out against the measure, but all they could muster was 15. Not suprising at all. The reality of the matter is that this is a non-issue for the majority of black DC residents. They just don't care, despite what the 'Good' Rev. Bishop from Maryland might say otherwise.


When will people learn. I feel ashamed that my own people would have such hatred towards the gay community. It was not that long ago that African Americans in this country didn't have the same rights that the LGTB community are fighting for. Blacks in the country were thought of as animals (sometimes less than that), and they have the nerve to want to hate another group of people. All the hate is built on fear. I don't know what they're afraid of, but that is the only explanation that I can come up with. This is the problem with forgetting your history, because you're destined to repeat it. What group will be next. Gays lets show them how it's done. When we get the rights we deserve. Let's not turn our backs on the next group to be hated, because their will be a new group to hate. That's just the way this country is. Their is enough room for ALL of us to have rights. Not just some. Me having rights will not lessen yours, but me having no rights, will. If we allow one group not to have rights. This will only backfire on all the other minority groups. Don't be stupid.


Praise Jeezzzz-usss!
Statues? Male dogs?
I think she was smoking "boat" back in the day. Poor thing.
(And on a serious note, with that boy being beaten to death in Chicago, and that girl being gang raped in California, I think we have MUCH MORE SERIOUS ISSUES to address. Come on, people.)

jacob williams

i feel sorry for her gay son.


**Throws head back and cackles like an old wicked witch**


She is hilarious. Nothing like a good comedienne to pick one up during a glommy, rainy day. People like her will forever exist, so you must learn to find the humor in these psychotically homophobic comedic rants.

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