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05 November 2009


Lang B

Ill Breds- I am sorry it starts at home. Poor parenting is to blame 90% of the time. Society is getting way to passive and aloof. We keep turning a blind eye to rotten kids and before you know it they are grown and demonic.

T'realist One

I'm wondering specifically how (or not) will the Black Gay Community react on this one.

Far too long we as Black GLBT are silent in our own communities because we would rather keep the peace then demand respect amongst our own Brothas & Sistas.

It will be interesting to see how this will play out as far as GLBT acitivism within our community.


The frequency these stories are appearing in the media regarding black gay bashings on the east coast is making me wonder if I should still praise OR now chastise Rev. Al Sharpton for his deafening silence on these incidents. Though he has changed for the better over the years I am not comfortable with him speaking for the black gay community, not that he has.

But who else is there to turn to in order to let people know it is not acceptable for us to continue to be bashed at will by young hoodnik's who feel like stomping a punk after a blunt or a 40oz.

I think the strong possibility of 250k plus members of our comminity in the NYC and surrounding area (northern NJ and CT) is a conservative number to use.

With that in mind it is disturbing that more gay youtube.com channels exist promoting entertainment more or less than black gay organizations that can come forward to speak out against these "at will" bashing that are taking place now at a rate of two "reportings" each month. Each nearly out doing the previous one reported.

I am waiting for the day to come very soon where a gay man fought back and........Lets just say I am waiting for a very unfortunate incident to happen SOON where the wrong gay man was ran upon and the outcome MUCH more different than the outcomes we have been reading about in the media lately.

Imagine this scenario: you are a gay man walking down the street you live on and HAVE to walk past two or three young men with their pants hanging low. One decides you looked "too long" at those color BVD's hanging so low you could actually see the top part of his hairy thighs, along with that big, round bouncing butt.

Are you really wrong for looking? If you didn't advertise then that faggot wouldn't have had anything to look at, would he? I do know we are talking about young black males for the most part but I wonder everyday when I go out is common sense a thing they lack.

And since you know what has happened to others who were gay bashed do you not fight off this attack "by any means necessary"?

I don't know about the rest of you but I think the above scenario requires some serious thought for those who do think it will NEVER happen to you.

Magnify a blow you suffered on your head when you bumped it up against a kitchen cabinet by ten. Now take that ten and add twenty blows for a total of thirty and you "might" have how many blows your head suffered from one attacker before he begins to tire.

Imagine that same scenario only now you have two or three more attackers who are also using their Timberland boots to kick you in the stomach and head with the same or more amount of force.

I think it safe to say it is time to learn to defend yourself in case you have never been in a fight. Yes, it can happen to you too.

Cincinnati NAMjA

I hope they get thier just desserts


Just look at that photo of Bellamy. He is one tough young man. He is one of Jesus’ soldiers against the Sodomites.

Just like the Christians in the time of Rome, he will be persecuted by our decadent society. Instead, we need to hold him up as a hero in the fight for righteousness. He is someone all young black men — that is, all real, God-fearing young black men — can look up to with pride.

The Bible tells us so.

Or, at least, so does Pastor Harry Jackson and Senator/Pastor Ruben Diaz Sr. And who knows our loving savior Jesus better than they?


This is terrible. They were on their way to a Halloween party when these spineless cowards attacked them. They need to feel the wrath of justice; my heart & prayers go out to the young men. I wont even comment on the ignorant post of Bellamy being a soldier for Jesus against sodomites. For all of the folks that like to quote biblical scripture when causing harm to another you might also note that the bible says "Judge Not Lest Ye Also Be Judged" And vengeance is the lords

Nathan James

Thanks for posting this story, Rod. It is still unclear whether Bellamy's accomplices were also charged. All of them can be charhed with assault, as long as the Nassau County DA can prove they were aware of what was going on, and it was their intent to gay-bash people. The "In for a penny, in for a pound" provision of New York State law applies here.

It's sickening to think these four were driving around Lakeview looking to beat up gay people. This isn't an example of "lack of home training". This is an example of being trained at home to hate. I hope recently re-elected DA Kathleen Rice sees this case through to a long prison term for all of these miscreants. I hope those who taught them it was OK to hate and attack gays will one day experience the guilt of their own consciences, for encouraging bigotry.


I wish the victims would have carried a couple of "treats" with them. You cannot walk around in NY these days, especially in the evening, as a conspicuous gay male and NOT carry your special "treats."

These attacks seem to be becoming a NY norm.

Cindy Birdsong the Good Supreme

I am unsure but doesn't this man's eye brows looked "shaped"? Hmm....


This pisses me off to no end. Having been a target of gay bashing, my heart goes out to the victims. But I also share the same sentiment that Chaz has in his comment above. It's time the LGBT community starts fighting back. It's time we start hearing news stories about how a gay man or LGBT couple or transgender woman blew a homophobes brains out or changed a rooster to a hen with one shot or slice. This may sound violent, but it just reflects my frustration at this endless violence directed at our people. I understand the need for hate crimes bills and throwing people under the jail, and I encourage that. But what will stop these disease-minded animals from attacking us? Perhaps we need to put the fear into these bastards by letting them know that they won't know what they'll get by messing with us. The gay community needs to start up self-defense classes the raise awareness of anti-LGBT violence. I don't know what the answer is. But something must be done more than just wringing our hands and shaking our heads in disgust.


@ Gurlene, Thank you for breaking it down & really giving us something to think about! My heart goes out the victims of the attack, i am sick of these homophobes! About a month ago, I almost had to give tha business & brawl. I'm on the bus mindin' my biz, when a guy & two girls get on. They sit behind me & start talkin' ish. So 1 of the girls say to the guy, 'get that f--k n!@@@, i gotcha back. I'm aware & collected, they still talkin, the guy says somethin when he notice me crackin my knuckles. After that i prepare to get off the bus. Not a word is said from them. I get off, brush my shoulders, thank God, then smh. Fellas, its dangerous out here, forreal! Its a shame, but you gotta 'stay ready' for anything. Keep your goodies on you i.e. N!@@a cutta, keys, whatever is handy. I'm gonna have to learn how to use a gun, unfornately, but hey, if tested, u gotta do what u gotta do.

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