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09 November 2009


Sean Beasley

I'm already there, I signed up long ago.

The gAyTM is closed.


This is will not work. I'm sorry to be that person, but this is ridic. This infighting will hurt us

Andy Niable

(head in hands)

Sean Beasley

Wonderman, then continue to donate to the Democrats and encourage them to keep breaking promises. It's just that simple. Right?

I don't agree with Aravosis on everything. But he knows what he is talking about here. I stopped giving to the DNC and OFA months ago. I am giving to pro equality candidates, state committees and candidates that I believe in. Obama has enough fanboyz that are simply flattered he says "gay".


So who is this "AMERICABlog" anyway, and why should I value their opinion either way?

Never heard of them until I read this article.

Chris Cruz

@ Andy and Wonderman:

Where does it say the DNC is entitled to our VOTES and OUR MONEY? I didn't get that memo. Where does it say that?

It doesn't say that. The DNC and Obama are NOT entitled to our money. Most people do NOT donate anyway. We do NOT have to donate to the DNC, OFA or Obama. And in case both of you forget, the last time the gay community pushed back against the Democrat's bs (=DOMA brief) and withheld donations, we got some results.

FWIW, both of your comments on this blog almost always support, defend, rationalize, explain, justify anything Obama and the DNC does. Andy, going back to the primaries you have distorted Rod's words time and time again. You only chime in on stories that are remotely critical of Obama. You even started preached to imaginary DNC and Obama critics in the Ref 71 story about the good news in your own state of Washington.

I say more power to 'em. I had a little bit of money and gave to Ref 71, No on 1, Corzine and Bill Thompspon here in NYC. Only 71 passed and I feel good about that, but I'm not giving any more blanket contributions to the DNC. And sorry, but its the Andys and Wondermans of the gay community who are the reason why Democrats walk back every promise they make to us.

Greg G

@ Byron:

Obviously you don't read liberal blogs. Americablog has millions of visitors per week. Its probably a close third behind DKos and HuffPost in terms of weekly readers. Its safe to if they're saying this, millions of people are reading it. Plus the story is on the larger blogs, Towle, Pam, Joe, Rod, etc.

I'm with Chris. Interesting how some readers on this blog instinctively react as if Obama and the DNC are entitled to our gay $$$$. And as always, esp on black the gay blogs, you lash out at the gay activists that are pushing for ALL of our rights.

You want to donate to the DNC or OFA, g'ahead. Even after they say they cant get to ENDA or DADT, keep donating. I'm going to stick with my state and local candidates, and my equality organizations.

Turn off the spigot and I betcha they will change their tune, just like they started pushing hate crimes after we spoke out on DOMA. And Barney Frank started ENDA hearings after we boycotted his fundraiser.


Sean: Healthcare will benefit LGBT people just as much as marriage rights, and it will prove to be the bigger fight. Letting him get through one major battle before we start really holding his toes to the fire is about will help by showing he can tackle the biggest issue first (Healthcare is and was a political nightmare) and then he can make his way through the rest of the things he's doing.

If you've not noticed, he's got a significantly different style then bush. In general, he lets people get out in front of him making noise about whats going to happen, while the Whitehouse waits for the moment to strike. You might have noticed the he's already put out feelers and started some noise about GLBT issues, give him time to change the whole debate while he's working on this one.

King Drive

i support individual candidates and causes. i do not have to financially support the democrats. and i resent people who tell me i do. you want me to donate to the dnc so damn badly, then you do it for me.

i have no problem supporting candidates, causes or the dnc when it pushes for progressive causes and gay rights. my chicago congressman danny davis and luis gutierrez support health care, equality, immigration reform and even transgender rights. i have no problem supporting davis or guttierez.

the national party, not so much.

Sean Beasley

"Healthcare will benefit LGBT people just as much as marriage rights, "

Really? That kool aid must be mighty strong because you dont know what you're talking about.

I live with my boyfriend and his son. We won't be able to qualify for a cheaper family policy that the government will force us to buy. I can't put his name on my policy now. DOMA, you know. I can't even visit my partner or his son when they are in the hospital w/o drama. (I've tried before) If my BF dies, I can be locked out of the hospital.

So no offense, Polerin, we've been talking about HCR and LGBT rights on this blog for months. And I've been living with a partner, his son and insurance nightmares for years. I'm all for healthcare reform. But don't you dare come on this blog and pretend it is going to help LGBT families the same way it will helps straight ones.

Oh and if we were married, still would have the same problems.

I'm all for health care reform and pushed harder than most people reading this blog. But the LGBT community needs an entire suite of reform. Don't talk about "health care" when you you won't even be able to put your same sex partner on your policy. Seriously.


Polerin, no one said anything about not accomplishing health care reform. Governments can multitask. You hold politicians feet to the fire on everything.

And sorry, but if this sub par "health care reform" and give away on public option and abortion is any indication on the Democrats spine, they need to be held accountable.


Marriage and DOMA are not my priorities. I've been organizing on Facebook for ENDA.

@ Andy and Wonderman: Do you see the Democratic Congress voting on ENDA in 2010? Do you see the White House doing any "fierce advocacy" on ENDA like it has on HCR, climate, cap and trade or any of its other wish list?

If the Democrats say "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" is too "controversial" to vote on next year, do you think ENDA will fare much better? Or is that not controversial from an electoral pov?

Curious to hear your responses.


I just said the infighting will hurt us.

However, I think we need to be realistic. This boycott could leave us open for more successful attacks from NOM and group like it. I'm all for addressing the issues with the DNC, but we should be civil in our approach.


Trevor: Governments CAN multi-task, and I was trying to indicate that I think he is, in his own way. What exactly do you consider the hate crimes legislation? I mean.. the first trans-inclusive bill in federal history isn't exactly small potatoes.

Sean: I "dare" to have my own opinion ;p I don't donate to the Dem's other than on an individual basis anyhow, they disgust me as a general rule. Perhaps you won't be able to benefit from the HCR bill in the house (Not true, but we'll take it there) but your situation isn't that of all LGBT people.

All the things you said are true about me as well, but of course you don't care to hear that. Don't get me wrong... I support SSM, support repealing DOMA, trashing DADT, and most DEFINITELY support ENDA.. but come on. You're telling me that LGBT people won't benefit from the increased job flexibility that comes from not having to worry about affording COBRA? Or the freedom to start your own business and be able to get healthcare for much cheaper? Or any other provision that helps even SINGLE straight people?

Normally I don't link in H(ate)RC but http://tinyurl.com/yd4wbf8 itself has some stuff in it that will directly help the LGBT communities.


@ Wonderman:

There is always infighting in party politics. Perhaps you missed the healthcare debate?

The DNC helped how in Maine, California or Washington? Better yet, did the DNC or White House even respond to the 170 something congressmen who signed on to repeal DOMA? I thought the Democratic senators said they were too busy for DADT and DOMA would never happen. Can't wait to hear what they say about ENDA, next year being an election year.

Finally, what do you mean "be civil"? The DNC and politicians took our money and votes. They work for us. You address issues with parties and politicians with votes and money. That is your leverage.

Curious tho, do you ever give money to state or local candidates? Or equality groups? Or do you place all your hope in Obama and the DNC?


@ Polerin:
How did this become an issue about healthcare reform? You're deliberately trying to confuse the issue. Stay on message.

And you're also brand new to this blog. We talk about LGBT issues and HCR all the time.

By your tone not only are you NOT gay, but you dont realize this is a black gay weblog. Don't come here and lecture us on what we have to do. If you want to donate to the DNC, do it. But they do not have a RIGHT to our money and votes. And if you only donate to the Dems on an INDIVIDUAL basis ... WTF are you trolling here for?

M. Mark

Done and done. Donate to individual candidates who are actually working for/with us. Donate locally. Donate to HIV groups LGBT rights groups, gawd knows they can use the funds. Its just like shopping, use the money you would have donated to shop somewhere besides Wal-Mart. Just don't support the DNC or GOP. That also includes other Dem committees, too, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.


Carlos: On message? I'm myself, not some droid. I'm saying that the Obama admin
1) has already passed one major LGBT bill (Shepard Act)

2) Is working on legislation that will be major political trouble if they don't get it through, and will make future LGBT specific legislation much more difficult to get through congress. This legislation also has LGBT specific provisions in it, and will benefit us as well.

3) Has already started making noise about moving on other LGBT related issues through it's proxies, which is a tactic that the admin has already used successfully on other.

Don't assume too much. I'm trans and a lesbian. Beyond that, I'm perfectly aware that this is a black gay blog, and it's one that I've read before, and recently added to my feed reader to continue doing so. I came here not to troll, but rather discuss because I found the topic interesting. If I've been less then respectful of the space, please let me know.

That being said, I'm not generally in the habit of telling people what to do.. about the only thing I can find in my comments is, "...give him time to change the whole debate while he's working on this one." If this came across as autocratic, I apologize... it was a request for consideration.

Do what you want with your money, as noted above I don't even donate to the Dems, I find them spineless and unwilling to fight for what they supposedly believe in. I simply think that there is enough to criticize them for without ignoring what they have actually managed to get done. **shrugs**


Sorry to post twice in a row, I just wanted to note that I think that Mark's statement is something I can actually get behind.

Trust me, I'm not trying to say the Dem's are working on the LGBT communities behalf... just that criticizing them for THIS individual thing is a bit off base. If you want to say they've turned their backs on us repeatedly... yeah. I'll buy that and any others like it you've got ;p


John Aravosis (his last name is misspelled in this post) is a "former Republican."

Chris Cruz

@ Harlemboy:

So what? Aravosis was a Republican 15 or 20? years ago. So was Markos. Since then both have become huge liberal activists. Americablog was among the first blogs to support Obama and they raised tens of thousands for Obama. They also raised hundreds of thousands for ACT Blue candidates. And you've raised how much for candidates? Or done what for gay rights? Or helped elect how many candidates?


Become informed.
@those afraid of conflict: sometimes you have to tell your otherwise-occupied relatives: PAY ATTENTION TO ME, DAMMIT!

j barnes

ypu know what. its acts like this that only make us look worse. I know the DNC is off there rocker in the past two months but between gay rights , the economy, and healthcare, they have a terribly confusing time mulling over the issues. all this for for don't ask don't tell. I say down with the military en general. its a vulgar institution that promotes new wave colonialism and imperialism.

A. Martinez

No one said to not donate money to ANY Democrat politician who's running for office and who actually supports the gay Community. They said to not donate to the DNC. If we continue to support so-so Democrats who do NOTHING for us, how does that help us? It doesn't.


Ah, the land of an alternate universe, where the most important legislative initiatives for the black community, gay or straight, are DOMA, DADT, and ENDA.

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