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23 November 2009



It seems like this teacher's eyes were opened by this tragedy. Most of the time, it takes a person to really get to know a gay person before they can feel compassion for them. Most black people don't think they know a gay person because so many of us are hidden in the closet. I wonder how things would be if more black people (and all races in general)had close relationships with people they KNEW were gay. I would hope we would have more people like this teacher. :'(


im still hurt over this!

Rod Mc

I'm still hurt over this, too.
Thanks for caring.


It doesn't make any sense why how often this occurs these days.


I still cry everytime I read anything about this. A child who was on his way to making an even bigger difference in the community as a doctor. He was not into gangs or drugs or other foolishness. He was into making a difference. Lord help us.


This is an awesome article...I can appreaciate your point of view. Two reasons...I am black and also gay and it's interesting to hear the comments on a daily basis...not sure when homosexuals became the end of everyone's joke. At any rate, I also write and have addressed this very issue in an online magazine ...based out of Baltimore and can be found on-line at www.excapethematrix.com

a few months ago I submitted an article entitled "Stick and Stones" it's an editorial that talks about the issues within the community and home.

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